Explaining what Explainable AI (XAI) entails and diving into five major XAI techniques for Natural Language Processing (NLP). 查看全文

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The world’s largest NLP conference, EMNLP, announces the winners of the 2019 awards for Best Paper, Best Paper Runner-Up, Best Demo Paper and Best Resource Paper. 查看全文

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The world’s largest NLP conference, EMNLP, announces the winners of the 2019 awards for Best Paper, Best Paper Runner-Up, Best Demo Paper and Best Resource Paper. 查看全文

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Amid tales of language AI that can write its own poetry, crack its own jokes, and spin up a plausible, if not realistic, response to prompts that we usually expect people to struggle with, it is easy to wonder what practical good there is in such intensive development of natural language processing (NLP) systems while […] 查看全文

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This year in language AI, we have followed many newsworthy developments in natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation (NLG), and natural language understanding (NLU), highlighting the most impressive trends and technological advancements in the process of machine learning (ML) for language-based applications. Throughout this discussion, our focus has been on the effectiveness of these […] 查看全文

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Definition and common use cases of intent recognition as an essential element of NLP. 查看全文

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How can NLP be deployed along side MT, AI data creation and annotation services, targeted LQA content selection, sensitive content detection and other applications? 查看全文

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What can word clouds driven by NLP tell you about your training datasets? Here is how we create word clouds on TAUS Data Marketplace. 查看全文

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As we have explored extensively in our recent posts on advancing language AI, the most dynamic developments in areas like NLG and NLP have tended to come via large language models (LLMs) that require massive and high-quality datasets to train, which naturally favors large companies and software groups who alone manage access to these datasets. […] 查看全文

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As NLP developments march on unabated, recent news reflects the state of research, investor excitement, and production deployment levels for current technologies. 查看全文

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Three key NLP tips on how to process text data for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application, including pre-processing, feature extraction, and model selection. 查看全文

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A tutorial on automatic domain classification with NLP: from data preprocessing to the training and evaluation of an artificial neural network. 查看全文

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Technological innovations like voice-based digital assistants have changed the ways that users search for and interact with content. Search engines like Google have sought to adapt to these changes by upgrading their algorithms to produce more relevant and user-friendly search results. Google has achieved this with its recent unveiling of BERT. 查看全文

Modern language AI is advancing at an unprecedented pace as innovation and research drives developers to create state-of-the-art language models that continue to inch closer to natural human speech patterns and cognitive reasoning. In our ongoing discussion on language AI and natural language processing (NLP), we have discussed ways in which these technologies have expanded […] 查看全文

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Scientists propose new system to standardize automatic evaluation of NLP systems by adding humans in the loop; encourage fellow researchers to submit text generation models for evaluation. 查看全文

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