The Nimdzi 100 ranks the top language service providers (LSPs) on the market by revenue as well analyzing trends in the language industry. 查看全文

In this webinar co-hosted by Nimdzi and Xillio, we look at technology around localization and connectivity. 查看全文

The UK Language Services Industry Report by ATC is the go-to publication on the size and state of the UK market for language services. 查看全文

Continuous growth and fragmentation have been the key characteristics of the language services market. Let's see what the data says. 查看全文

In this episode of the Unbabel Podcast, Steve Clayton, Chief Storyteller at Microsoft, talks about his work experience and how storytelling is important. 查看全文

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In this feature discovery webinar presented by Konstantin Dranch and Tucker Johnson, we examine ten popular translation management systems and compare them step-by-step by the functionality they offer. What are the unique features that differentiate one system from another? The information will be useful for both TMS users and developers.            […] 查看全文

In this episode of the Unbabel Podcast, Lori Thicke, founder of Translators without Borders, talks about her life-long goal of breaking language barriers. 查看全文

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Language has always been part of resistance movements. But how can secret languages, like Polari and Cant, survive without being widely spoken? 查看全文

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The results of the Slator 2020 survey of Indian translation companies reveals machine translation adoption, top translation tools, e-learning and e-commerce localization trends, and much more. 查看全文

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