Every three months, the CEF Dashboards give an update on the uptake, service availability and the financial management of Building Blocks, Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) and Connectivity initiatives of the CEF Telecom Programme and provide information about the reuse of the CEF Building Blocks. 查看全文

We are excited to present to you the ClickHelp Rainbow update! We have considerably broadened the possibilities of our documentation platform through a brand new translation module and powerful features that are ready to fascinate you. One of the most 查看全文

In 2024, technical writers will have better tools than ever to create, edit, and publish professional documentation and other complex content. Read on for an inside look at the very best authoring solutions that technical writers should have on their 查看全文

Why do we recommend using visual elements in technical documentation? Well, the answer is simple - the human brain is very good at distinguishing colors and understanding patterns. So, when you add maps, graphs, charts, infographics, dashboards, etc. to text 查看全文

In today’s podcast, we invite TAUS founder, Jaap Van der Meer, who discusses why the Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF) is so important for measuring quality in all aspects of the language industry. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss!                                […] 查看全文