The Nimdzi 100 ranks the top language service providers (LSPs) on the market by revenue as well analyzing trends in the language industry. 查看全文

Introducing your product or service to a new market is exciting. Presenting it in a foreign country... now that can be scary. So we strongly recommend creating a solid localization strategy. Not sure where to start? Continue reading. 查看全文

In this webinar co-hosted by Nimdzi and Xillio, we look at technology around localization and connectivity. 查看全文

If localization is a pain in the neck, you're not sure who you can ask to "just do the **** translation," deadlines are always missed, and quality is a lost cause, this article is for you. If you've read books on HR, chances are they've recommended... 查看全文

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, computers and smartphones are one of the few mediums people use to stay connected. This presents ripe website traffic opportunities. 查看全文

According to App Annie’s “The State of Mobile” report, in 2018 games accounted for 74% of consumer spend in app stores. Games are huge, which is why MultiLingual's latest issue, which just went live, focu... 查看全文

Continuous growth and fragmentation have been the key characteristics of the language services market. Let's see what the data says. 查看全文

Does your company need localization at all? Well, back in 2014, research put together by OneSkyApp revealed that 56.2% of consumers prefer the ability to receive information in their native language to the pric... 查看全文

SlatorCon toured three global cities across Europe and the US in 2019 and featured 28 speakers representing the full breadth of the language industry. 查看全文

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