New Subtitle Format on Netflix – Statement


2024-04-04 07:34 multilingual


阅读模式 切换至中文

The Czech Association of Interpreters and Translators (JTP), which also represents audiovisual translators, is deeply concerned about the recent emergence of a new format of Czech subtitles on the Netflix streaming platform. These appear once Czech subtitles are selected together with Czech audio. These subtitles, generated automatically from dubbing scripts, fail to adhere to standard subtitling practices. They are often poorly structured, excessively fast, out of sync, and suffer from phonetic transcriptions of proper names. Regrettably, viewers are not made aware that the subtitles have been generated automatically, and incorrectly assume that they have been produced by an incompetent subtitler. This not only damages the reputation of subtitlers and their profession but also reflects negatively on Netflix itself. While we acknowledge Netflix’s efforts to provide a wide variety of formats to cater to audiences with different needs (subtitles for hearing audiences, dubbing, subtitles for the d/Deaf and hard of hearing, audio description), the introduction of this new subtitle format has caused confusion, particularly among d/Deaf and hard of hearing viewers. These subtitles do not meet their accessibility requirements. In light of these issues, we urge Netflix to inform viewers about the different types of subtitles available, clearly labeling them and allowing the option to combine Czech dubbed audio with standard interlingual subtitles. This would ensure a better viewing experience for all audiences and uphold the integrity of subtitling standards.
捷克口译员和笔译员协会(JTP)也代表视听翻译人员,对Netflix流媒体平台上最近出现的一种新的捷克语字幕格式深表担忧。一旦选择捷克语字幕和捷克语音频,这些就会出现。这些字幕是从配音脚本自动生成的,不符合标准的字幕制作规范。它们通常结构不良,速度过快,不同步,并遭受专有名称的语音音译。遗憾的是,观众没有意识到字幕是自动生成的,并错误地认为它们是由不称职的字幕制作者制作的。这不仅损害了字幕制作人及其职业的声誉,也对Netflix本身产生了负面影响。 虽然我们承认Netflix努力提供各种各样的格式来满足不同需求的观众(听力观众的字幕,配音,d/聋人和重听人的字幕,音频描述),但这种新字幕格式的引入引起了混乱,特别是在d/聋人和重听观众中。这些字幕不符合其可访问性要求。 鉴于这些问题,我们敦促Netflix告知观众可用的不同类型的字幕,清楚地标记它们,并允许选择将捷克语配音音频与标准的跨语言字幕相结合。这将确保所有观众获得更好的观看体验,并维护字幕标准的完整性。