Weekly Shorts | April 2, 2021


2021-04-02 17:00 multilingual


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Translation management platform provider XTRF has announced the creation of a new advisory board appointed to support business and operational decision-making processes at the Krakow-based firm. This latest move comes straight off the back of the company’s decision to buy out its VC investors in late December 2020, thus enabling them to independently make and execute key decisions. A number of reputable industry professionals are set to join, and Kristina Cole, localization program manager at Medtronic, is the first of XTRF’S advisory board members to be revealed to the public. Microsoft Teams has announced a new live transcription feature that can be implemented for any meeting conducted in English on the platform. The AI-powered system identifies each speaker and transcribes their speech in real-time, creating a written record of the meeting that can be saved for later reference as well. Speakers also have the option to turn off the identification feature if they prefer not to be quoted. Globalme, which was acquired by Summa Linguae Technologies in 2019, will no longer be known under the name of Globalme. The companies had been operating as one unified company for a while now, announcing in a blog post that the name change is one of the final pieces of the puzzle to complete the merger of the two companies. Take 1, a company providing transcriptions, translations, and access services for the entertainment industry has announced two new appointments to its leadership, effective April 1. Adam Hewes is joining the company as its new chief technology officer after spending more than 17 years working in broadcast engineering for companies such as Scripps Networks International and TVT. The company also welcomes broadcast localization expert Yelena Makarczyk to serve in the newly-created position of VP of localization and post-production. Falling in line with the upward trajectory from the first three months of the year, April 2021 is set to be another good month for job prospects in the language industry. Slator’s Language Industry Job Index has reached its all-time high this month, an impressive recovery after the index fell to record lows last summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The index rose just around 10 points, from 122.49 in March 2021 to 132.66 in April — this is the highest uptick in hiring activity recorded on the index in more than 18 months.
翻译管理平台提供商XTRF宣布成立一个新的咨询委员会,负责支持这家总部位于克拉科夫的公司的业务和运营决策过程。这一最新举措是在该公司决定于2020年12月底收购其风投投资者的基础上做出的,从而使他们能够独立做出和执行关键决策。一些有声望的行业专业人士将加入,而美敦力本地化项目经理克里斯蒂娜·科尔(Kristina Cole)是XTRF第一个向公众披露的顾问委员会成员。 微软团队宣布了一项新的实时转录功能,可以在平台上用英语进行的任何会议上实现。人工智能供电的系统可以识别每个发言者,并实时转录他们的讲话,创建会议的书面记录,也可以保存起来供以后参考。如果不想被引用,说话者也可以选择关闭识别功能。 Globalme于2019年被Summa Linguae Technologies收购,将不再以Globalme的名义出现。两家公司已经作为一个统一的公司运营了一段时间,在一篇博客文章中宣布,更名是完成两家公司合并的最后一块拼图。 以一家为娱乐业提供笔录、翻译和访问服务的公司为例,该公司宣布从4月1日起对其领导层进行两次新的任命。亚当•休斯(adamhewes)在斯克里普斯网络国际公司(Scripps Networks International)和TVT等公司从事广播工程工作超过17年后,将加入该公司,担任新的首席技术官。公司还欢迎广播本地化专家Yelena Makarczyk担任新成立的本地化和后期制作副总裁一职。 与今年前三个月的上升趋势一致,2021年4月将是语言行业就业前景的又一个好月。Slator的语言行业就业指数本月达到了历史最高水平,这是一个令人印象深刻的复苏,此前该指数因COVID-19流感大流行而在去年夏天跌至创纪录低点。该指数仅上升了约10点,从2021年3月的122.49点上升到4月的132.66点——这是该指数18个多月来记录的招聘活动的最高升幅。