Five Ways to Make Your Localization Vendor Love You

五种方法 !让本地化供应商爱上您

2020-08-25 15:50 Andovar


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By now you've heard us talk extensively about finding the right localization partner. Being able to find that one special provider who is a pleasure to work with AND who can successfully take your content to the global market is quite the achievement, and one that shouldn't be taken for granted! So let's say you've found that language service provider (LSP) who ticks all the boxes and you want to show your appreciation. Beyond a box of chocolates... beyond a bouquet of flowers... beyond that ring you saved two months of your salary for... the one gift all LSPs will appreciate and love you for is a little help making the localization process smoother. And that's it! We swear! Just one or two adjustments here and there can make life a little easier for your localization vendor and can save money, headaches and time for yourself too. Here are the top five ways you can show your appreciation to your LSP by helping to make the localization process that much easier.   1. Specify the exact languages required Spanish used in Spain and Spanish used in Mexico are quite different, and so are the translation rates for them. Also, there is no such language as “Chinese” in the world of translation. There is either Simplified or Traditional script used for writing, and many distinct dialects as well, the most common ones being Mandarin and Cantonese. If possible, try to let your LSP know exactly what language you need right off the bat (with the specific region and dialect) so that there isn't any confusion going forward. If you are not sure which one you need, feel free to ask! LSPs do not mind helping you with this type of information as it benefits everyone to know in the long run.   2. Provide editable source files Yes, it is possible to translate text from a scanned JPEG or PDF, but it does mean transcribing it first (the act of writing the whole document out again manually)... And yes, it is possible to replace English text with the Japanese equivalent on an image or graphic file by plastering over the old one... But keep in mind that not only can this end up costing more, but both these options can take far longer to do and can introduce many new errors. For your benefit as well as your LSP's, do try to share actual source files where the text and other content can be extracted or edited directly. This makes the entire process much easier.   3. Make sure everything is finalized and well communicated This happens all too often. We receive one set of files, create a quote based on it and then the client adds another file or two, or removes three, or updates five, or changes the languages needed for the first set, or any combination of the above.  Sooner or later, with several different versions of the quote flying around, it's easy to get confused about what the total task amounts to or what it involves. In some pretty bad cases, it can even result in the two sides talking about completely different scopes of work without even realizing it. When possible, please try to finalize all of the files and the task itself before passing them on for quotation. Now don't get us wrong, if a scope of work needs to be adjusted or last-minute changes need to be introduced, we are more than happy to accommodate them. We only ask that, if possible, the complete list of changes be finalized and well communicated to all involved parties so as to avoid any confusion. We understand the changes a project can undertake, but if even one person on either side is left in the dark then it can end up being potentially disastrous later on.   4. Inform in advance when a new request or project is on its way When do clients want their translations done? ASAP, most of the time. We understand, we really do, and like every vendor, we will do all we can to deliver as quickly as possible (and without any mistakes of course). But is there something the client can do to make the turnaround time even faster? Yes, there is. If we know that a translation job is coming, we can line up translators, editors, project managers, and whoever else is needed, so they can get started without any delay the moment we have the signed quote. As soon as you know, let us know. Preparation is the key to success! If we have ample time to get our ducks in a row, then turning that project around ASAP should be no problem at all.   5. Show appreciation when it’s deserved We all like to be acknowledged when we've done a good job, it's human nature! And for an LSP that handles hundreds of jobs every month, some small, some big, some for old clients and some for new ones, there can be a lot of people involved. We all do the best we can to meet the clients’ expectations in terms of quality, time and price. Sometimes we succeed in a spectacular fashion, sometimes it can be a struggle. But if your LSP manages to send you that last file at 11:30 pm on a Friday night, do try to tell them you appreciate it. It will wash away the fatigue and make everything feel like it was all worth while.  Please? This one is just for us.   The Andovar advantage If you're thinking of treating one LSP especially nice in your future, why not make it us? Beyond just writing the odd blog about good practices in localization, we are also a specialized translation and localization provider with years of experience across a range of industries, including media, games and eLearning, among others. We have offices located across Asia, the Americas and Europe, giving round-the-clock assistance for all of your localization needs. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your next localization project to see how we can help your organization grow. We look forward to hearing from you!   hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(6085627, '377ab199-f6a5-4365-8bc7-273fe5898506', {});
到目前为止,您已经听了不少我们广泛讨论如何寻找合适本地化合作伙伴的问题。能够找到一个合作愉快、成功地把你的内容带到全球市场的特别供应商非常不容易,这事儿不应让人觉得理所当然! 假设您发现语言服务提供商(LSP)符合所有要求,您想表达您的感激之情。除了一盒巧克力……除了一束花……除了那只你存了两个月薪水购买的戒指……其实让本地化过程更顺利的一个小小帮助就是一份礼物,能让所有语言服务提供商对你充满感激和爱。就是这样!我们发誓!只需一两处调整可以使您的本地化供应商的工作更轻松,也可以为您节省金钱、减少时间和不必要的麻烦。 以下是您对语言服务提供商表示感激的五种方法——帮助本地化过程变得更容易。 1.指定所需的确切语言 西班牙使用的西班牙语和墨西哥使用的西班牙语差别很大,对它们的翻译率也是如此。还有,翻译界也没有“中文”这样的语言,文字要么是简体中文,要么是繁体中文,“中文”也有许多不同的方言,最常见的是普通话和广东话。 如果可能的话,尽量让你的语言服务提供商从最开始就知道你需要什么语言(包括特定的地区和方言),这样就不会有任何混淆。如果您不确定需要哪种语言,尽管开口问!语言服务提供商并不介意帮助您获得这类信息,因为从长远来看,这对每个人都有好处。 2.提供可编辑的源文件 的确 ,从扫描的JPEG或PDF翻译文本是可行的,但这确实意味着要先转录(手动将整个文档重新提取出来)……的确,在图片或图形文件上用日文代替英文文本是可行的。但是请记住,这不仅会导致成本增加,而且这两种选择都可能花费更长时间,并可能导致许多新错误。 为了您和您语言服务提供商的利益,请尝试共享实际的源文件,其中的文本和其他内容可以直接提取或编辑。会让整个过程变得容易得多。 3.确保每件事都敲定并得到良好的沟通 这种情况经常发生。我们接收一组文件,在此基础上创建报价,然后客户端添加另一个或两个文件,或删除三个文件,或更新五个文件,或更改第一组文件所需的语言,或以上任何组合。 很快,随着几个不同版本的报价变来变去,我们很容易搞不清整个任务到底有多大、涉及哪些内容。在某些相当糟糕的情况下,它甚至会导致双方谈论完全不同的工作范围,却甚至没有意识到这一点。 可能的话,在发送文件获取报价之前,请尽量敲定所有文件和任务。说到这里,您不要误会——如果工作范围需要调整,或者需要在最后一分钟有所变动,我们都非常乐意配合。我们只要求在可能的情况下,拿到修改后最终确定的完整清单,并将其顺利地传达给有关各方,以避免混乱。我们理解项目变动的需要,但是只要任何一方有人被蒙在鼓里,那么这都可能会在以后成为潜在的灾难。 4.准备开展新的请求或项目时,请提前通知 客户希望他们的翻译什么时候完成?大多数时候答案都是尽快。我们对此表示理解,非常理解,跟所有供应商一样,我们将尽所能以最快的速度交付(当然,确保内容正确无误)。但是客户可以做些什么来减短周转时间吗?答案是肯定的。 如果知道翻译工作即将到来,我们可以将翻译、编辑、项目经理,以及其他所需人员安排好,这样他们就可以在报价签署之后无缝对接开始工作。所以你一得知消息就请及时告知我们。准备是成功的关键!如果我们有充足的时间来做好准备,那么尽快完成这个项目应该一点儿问题都没有。 5.在适当的时候表现出感激之情 我们出色完成任务时,都希望得到别人的认可,这是人之常情!语言服务提供商每月要为新老客户处理数百个大大小小工作,可能会有很多人参与其中。我们都尽最大努力满足客户在质量、时间和价格方面的期望。有时我们惊人地成功,有时却很艰难。但是如果你的语言服务提供商在周五晚上11:30把最后一个文件发给你,一定要告诉他们你对此很感激。这会让他们一扫疲倦,觉得一切都值得。 可以吗?这点我们很需要。 Andovar优点 如果你想在未来优待你的语言服务提供商,何不考虑一下我们呢? 除了写关于本地化良好实践的博客,我们还是一家专业的翻译和本地化供应商,在媒体/游戏和电子学习等一系列行业拥有多年的经验。我们在亚洲,美洲和欧洲设有办事处,为您提供全天候的本地化服务。 欢迎您与我们取得联系,讨论您的下一个本地化项目,看看我们如何帮助您的组织成长。期待您的回音! hbspt.cta._relativeURLS=true;hbspt.cta.load(6085627,'377AB199-F6A5-4365-8BC7-273FE5898506',{});