The Translation Management System Mosaic: Different Colors, Shapes and Sizes


2020-03-31 11:51 Nimdzi Insights


阅读模式 切换至中文

Report by Yulia Akhulkova. TMS: the name of the game TMS stands for Translation Management System. However, there’s no exact standard within the translation and localization industry as to what comprises a TMS. Some providers and users of these solutions are adamant that TMS is a system that has management functionality and does not necessarily have Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) features. But we call any such technology a Business Management System (BMS) since that’s what it does: it helps manage business operations.  Read more about the favorite naming disorder of the language industry in our Nimdzi Finger Food post. Throughout this report, we will focus on examples of systems that actually do have CAT tool, management, and QA features — those which are rightly referred to as TMS. Information contained in this report TL;DR Scope of the research: the larger mosaic The TMS mosaic, up close and personal TMS for enterprise-level buyers and LSPs: six examples Buyer-only TMS overview: two examples The missing piece of the mosaic? Takeaways: a mosaic with imperfections The full report is exclusive for Nimdzi Partners. For access to the full report, please login using your Nimdzi Partners Account. Don’t have a subscription? We’ll help you fix that. Please get in touch with us to find out how you can get access to the entire library of Nimdzi Insight Reports. This report was researched and written by Yulia Akhulkova. If you wish to find out more about the topic, please reach out to Yulia at
尤利娅·阿库尔科娃报道。 TMS:游戏的名称 TMS代表翻译管理系统。 然而,在翻译和本地化行业中,对于TMS的组成并没有确切的标准。 这些解决方案的一些提供商和用户坚持认为TMS是一个具有管理功能的系统,并不一定具有计算机辅助翻译(CAT)特性。 但是我们将任何这样的技术称为业务管理系统(BMS),因为它就是这样做的:它帮助管理业务操作。 在我们的Nimdzi Finger Food帖子中阅读更多关于语言行业最喜欢的命名障碍的信息。 在本报告中,我们将集中讨论实际具有CAT工具,管理和QA功能的系统的例子--这些功能被正确地称为TMS。 本报告所载资料 DR 研究范围:较大的马赛克 TMS马赛克,近距离和个人 面向企业级买家和LSP的TMS:六个实例 仅供买方使用的TMS概述:两个示例 丢失的那块马赛克? 外卖:不完美的马赛克 完整的报告是Nimdzi Partners独家提供的。 若要访问完整报告,请使用您的Nimdzi Partners帐户登录。 没有订阅? 我们会帮你修好的。 请与我们取得联系,以了解您如何访问整个Nimdzi Insight报告库。 这份报告是由尤利娅·阿库尔科娃研究和撰写的。 如果您希望了解更多有关该主题的信息,请联系Yulia,地址。