AVTpro Badge to Appear on The POOOL and ProZ.com Profiles

AVTpro徽章将出现在The POOOL和ProZ.com简介上

2024-04-11 13:48 multilingual


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The AVTpro Certification badge will be visible in translator profiles on both The POOOL and ProZ.com, highlighting the expertise of professionals who have successfully completed this industry-specific certification. AVTpro is the first ever professional qualification in media localization. The initiative offers certifications in Subtitle Translation and Subtitle Creation, reflecting the most common tasks performed by subtitle translators. Developed by OOONA, a leading provider of professional management and production tools for the media localization industry, The POOOL was the world’s first online directory dedicated to professionals working in the media localization industry. It facilitates the identification of suitably qualified media localization talent specializing in different audiovisual fields, genres and language pairs. Moving forward, The POOOL will update its talent profile details to include their ProZ.com profile information and links to ProZ.com profiles. ProZ.com aims to empower language professionals by helping them achieve their business objectives and realize their full potential. The company boasts approximately 1.5 million registered users and is the number one source of new clients for translators, interpreters and language professionals. ProZ.com is dedicated to supporting the success of its members through a variety of services, resources and experiences. “AVTpro Certification will allow ProZ.com language professionals to differentiate themselves from others when potential clients are searching for media localization experts,” says Mike Donlin of ProZ.com. “Credentials are an important part of complete profiles at ProZ.com. It’s exciting to add this certification that has been recognized by outsourcers in the industry.” “Our mission at The POOOL is to increase the visibility of media localization professionals so they can be discovered quickly and easily by language service providers requiring specialized support,” adds Shlomi Harari, Global Account Manager at OOONA. “Integrating the AVTpro badge in The POOOL directory was a priority for us. Cross-referencing member information with ProZ.com, the world’s most comprehensive platform for language professionals, will further enhance the value we offer both to professionals and to language service providers who use our services.”
AVTpro认证徽章将在The POOOL和ProZ.com上的翻译人员简介中可见,突出显示成功完成此行业特定认证的专业人员的专业知识。AVTpro是有史以来第一个媒体本地化专业资格。该计划提供字幕翻译和字幕创作方面的认证,反映了字幕翻译人员最常见的任务。 由OOONA开发,OOONA是媒体本地化行业专业管理和制作工具的领先供应商,The POOOL是世界上第一个致力于媒体本地化行业专业人士的在线目录。它有助于识别专门从事不同视听领域、流派和语言对的合格媒体本地化人才。展望未来,The POOOL将更新其人才档案详细信息,以包括他们的ProZ.com档案信息和ProZ.com档案的链接。 ProZ.com旨在帮助语言专业人士实现其业务目标并充分发挥其潜力。该公司拥有约150万注册用户,是笔译、口译和语言专业人士新客户的头号来源。ProZ.com致力于通过各种服务、资源和经验来支持其会员的成功。 ProZ.com“AVTpro Certification will allow “证书是ProZ.com完整个人资料的重要组成部分。这是令人兴奋的添加此认证已被认可的外包行业。” OOONA全球客户经理Shlomi Harari补充说:“我们在The POOOL的使命是提高媒体本地化专业人员的知名度,以便需要专业支持的语言服务提供商能够快速轻松地发现他们。“在The POOOL目录中集成AVTpro徽章是我们的优先事项。将会员信息与世界上最全面的语言专业人士平台ProZ.com进行交叉引用,将进一步提高我们为专业人士和使用我们服务的语言服务提供商提供的价值。”