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Win & Winnow赢得了DE&I类别的胜利。

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Win & Winnow has been named highly commended in the first-ever Remote Excellence Awards, in the Excellence in DE&I category. The awards, presented by Remote, recognize companies that have demonstrated exceptional commitment, innovation, and enthusiasm in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by remote work. About the Remote Excellence Awards The awards celebrate Win & Winnow’s efforts driving success in the realm of remote work and distributed teams and provide a roadmap of effective strategies and practices for other businesses to follow. The winners across 10 categories were selected through a rigorous evaluation process by a panel of judges, comprising Remote’s leaders and a panel of influential industry figures, considering factors such as employee engagement, impact on employee engagement and productivity, and technology adoption. “Win & Winnow’s achievement in the Remote Excellence Awards highlights the dedication and hard work of its leaders and teams in succeeding in the new world of work,” said Job van der Voort, CEO, and Co-founder of Remote. “Organizations like these have become the benchmark, through their commitment to excellence and their ability to thrive, paving a way forward for other organizations to confidently pursue their own remote work endeavors.” Win & Winnow’s Journey on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Win & Winnow has always been guided by the will to transform people’s lives. Our founder and CEO, Cecilia Calónico, embarked on this journey as a young freelance translator with somewhat of a business vision and the conviction that a positive impact should be made whenever a chance came across. This translated into consciously collaborating with clients that improved health worldwide, becoming a carbon-neutral company that joined forces with other environmentally responsible institutions, and fostering a work culture that celebrates diversity and innovation. At the core of Win & Winnow lies a genuine commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. In the past years, we took every opportunity to learn and promote women’s empowerment, both within our organization and beyond, and the results of our action plans were awarded by UN Women in 2019, 2020, and 2021. But our commitment extends beyond gender equality. We expanded our definition of diversity to shape and carry out more inclusive programs and practices. Our innovative education programs have broken down barriers through remote accessibility, offering professional development opportunities, regardless of economic and geographical constraints. Also, combining supplier diversity with environmental parameters led to the implementation of our Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Program. We make sure to take care of our team as well, through equitable salaries, work-life balance, and access to well-being resources. Today, Cecilia leads a thriving company, certified as a B Corporation, a Women-Owned Business and a member of the Global Compact. Such acknowledgments showcase our ongoing dedication to sustainable practices. But our story continues beyond there. Winning the Excellence in DE&I Award challenges us to broaden our horizons, keep learning, and become a better company for the world. About Win & Winnow Win & Winnow provides customized and comprehensive multilingual translation and localization solutions to support global leading companies. As a Women-Owned Business, a B Corporation, and a member of the Global Compact, we strive to generate a positive economic, social, and environmental impact. Learn more at Contact:
Win & Winnow在首届远程卓越奖中被评为DE&I类别的卓越奖。该奖项由Remote颁发,旨在表彰那些在应对远程工作带来的挑战和机遇方面表现出非凡承诺、创新和热情的公司。 关于远程卓越奖 该奖项表彰了Win & Winnow在远程工作和分布式团队领域取得成功的努力,并为其他企业提供了有效战略和实践的路线图。10个类别的获奖者是由一个评委小组通过严格的评估过程选出的,该评委小组由Remote的领导者和一个有影响力的行业人物组成,考虑了员工敬业度、对员工敬业度和生产力的影响以及技术采用等因素。 “Win & Winnow在远程卓越奖中的成就突出了其领导者和团队在新的工作世界中取得成功的奉献精神和辛勤工作,”Remote首席执行官兼联合创始人Job van der Voort说。“像这样的组织已经成为基准,通过他们对卓越的承诺和他们蓬勃发展的能力,为其他组织自信地追求自己的远程工作铺平了道路。” Win & Winnow的多元化、公平和包容之旅 Win & Winnow一直以改变人们生活的意愿为指导。我们的创始人兼首席执行官Cecilia Calónico作为一名年轻的自由译员踏上了这段旅程,她具有一定的商业远见,并坚信只要有机会就应该产生积极的影响。这转化为有意识地与客户合作,改善全球健康状况,成为一家碳中和公司,与其他对环境负责的机构联手,并培养一种庆祝多样性和创新的工作文化。 Win & Winnow的核心是对多元化,公平和包容的真正承诺。在过去的几年里,我们利用一切机会在组织内外学习和促进妇女赋权,我们的行动计划成果于2019年、2020年和2021年获得联合国妇女署的表彰。但我们的承诺不仅限于性别平等。我们扩大了多样性的定义,以塑造和实施更具包容性的计划和实践。我们的创新教育计划通过远程访问打破了障碍,提供专业发展机会,而不受经济和地理限制。此外,将供应商多样性与环境参数相结合,促成了我们的供应商多样性和可持续发展计划的实施。我们确保通过公平的工资,工作与生活的平衡以及获得福利资源来照顾我们的团队。 今天,Cecilia领导着一家蓬勃发展的公司,被认证为B公司,女性拥有的企业和全球契约的成员。这些承诺展示了我们对可持续发展实践的持续承诺。但我们的故事还在继续。赢得DE&I卓越奖挑战我们开拓视野,不断学习,成为世界上更好的公司。 关于Win & Winnow Win & Winnow为全球领先的公司提供定制的全面的多语言翻译和本地化解决方案。作为一家女性所有的企业、B公司和全球契约的成员,我们努力产生积极的经济、社会和环境影响。更多信息,请访问 联系方式: