ORTOLANG Gains B-Centre Certification


2024-04-10 19:25 CLARIN


阅读模式 切换至中文

We are pleased to announce that ORTOLANG, platform for linguistic tools and resources for the French language, has received its first B-centre certification. ORTOLANG has successfully passed the CLARIN centre assessment procedure and can now officially carry the CLARIN B-centre label. ​​​​​​ ORTOLANG aims to construct a network infrastructure including a repository of language data (corpora, lexicons, dictionaries etc.) and readily-available, well-documented tools for its processing. You can learn more about ORTOLANG by visiting their website. CLARIN congratulates the centres and thanks all persons involved, in particular those responsible at the B-centre and the members of the assessment committee.
我们很高兴地宣布,法语语言工具和资源平台ORTOLANG已获得首个B中心认证。ORTOLANG已成功通过B-IN中心评估程序,现在可以正式获得B-IN B中心标签。​​​​​​ ORTOLANG旨在构建一个网络基础设施,包括一个语言数据库(语料库,词典,字典等)。以及现成的、有据可查的处理工具。您可以通过访问他们的网站了解更多关于ORTOLANG的信息。 B-IN向这些中心表示祝贺,并感谢所有有关人员,特别是B-中心的负责人和评估委员会的成员。