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2024-04-08 16:25 GALA


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Sarah Presch started off life as a military trained translator, before doing a masters in digital marketing. Now, she is Digital Marketing Director at Dragon Metrics and studying towards a BA in Psychology and Sociology at Dublin City University. She has been working in international digital marketing for 10+ years now, and previously founded her own boutique marketing agency which was named Ireland’s 2nd best start-up. Her campaigns have won numerous European awards and saw her named Northern Ireland’s Young Business Personality back in 2019. She also teach digital marketing to Masters students at the University of Strasbourg. We caught up with her to talk about the state of international SEO, trends for 2024, the use of AI for SEO, and what to look out for when working with a digital agency. 00:20 Catching up with Sarah Presch 01:10 What has psychology got to do with SEO? 03:10 AI-generated content, yes or not? 08:22 SEO Trends 2024 - Technical SEO 10:22 Collaboration between language service providers and SEO agencies 13:27 White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO 15:49 Choosing the right SEO tool 19:56 Using keywords with zero search volume 21:52 Neurodivergents in SEO We’re always on the lookout for informative, useful and well-researched content relative to our industry. Write to us.
Sarah Presch在获得数字营销硕士学位之前,曾是一名受过军事训练的翻译。现在,她是龙的数字营销总监,并在都柏林城市大学攻读心理学和社会学学士学位。 她在国际数字营销领域工作了10多年,之前创立了自己的精品营销机构,被评为爱尔兰第二大最佳初创企业。她的竞选活动赢得了许多欧洲奖项,并在2019年被评为北爱尔兰的年轻商业人物。她还在斯特拉斯堡大学为硕士生教授数字营销。 我们采访了她,讨论了国际SEO的现状、2024年的趋势、人工智能在SEO中的应用,以及与数字机构合作时需要注意的问题。 00:20追上莎拉Presch 01:10心理学和SEO有什么关系? 03:10人工智能生成的内容,是或不是? 08:22 SEO趋势2024 -技术SEO 10:22语言服务提供商和SEO机构之间的合作 13:27 White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO 15:49选择正确的SEO工具 19:56使用搜索量为零的关键词 21:52神经diversification在SEO 我们一直在寻找与我们行业相关的信息丰富、有用和经过充分研究的内容。 写信给我们。