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Toronto, Canada, March 22 – The distinguished platform for industry discourse, Localization Fireside Chat, is excited to announce that Don DePalma, renowned Chief Strategist at CSA Research and author of the book Business without Borders: A Strategic Guide to Global Marketing, recently engaged in a profound dialogue with host Robin Ayoub. The conversation took place as part of the recording of YouTube and Podcast of episode #59. ? Watch the full episode here: Boasting a career spanning over two decades, Don DePalma is celebrated not only as a foundational figure at CSA Research but also as a leading voice on global marketing strategies. His insights have significantly influenced the localization research landscape by founding the first research company focused on the Localization industry and capitalizing on his experience at Forester Research. His unparalleled expertise, enriched by his authorship, has been crucial in providing depth and perspective to the field. In their discussion, Ayoub and DePalma covered a wide-ranging subject, from the ramifications of artificial intelligence (AI) on localization to the advent of technologies shaping the industry’s future, and the innovative concept of post-localization. DePalma underscored the critical role of human expertise in tandem with technological advancements, advocating for a synergy that enhances both efficiency and quality in localization processes. Highlighting the industry’s current challenges, including workforce dynamics, investment necessities, and the imperative of ongoing innovation, DePalma explored the transformative potential of emerging tools like no-code platforms and sophisticated translation management systems. These advancements, he noted, are key to modernizing and streamlining the localization workflow. The concept of post-localization, creating content directly in the target language to bypass traditional translation, was also discussed. DePalma emphasized the importance of comprehensive asset management, shared glossaries, and style guides to maintain consistency and quality across varied languages and dialects. Host Robin Ayoub expressed profound appreciation for DePalma’s insights, stressing the significance of adapting to the ever-evolving localization landscape. He highlighted the imperative for organizations to distinguish themselves and pursue digital transformation to remain competitive. Localization Fireside Podcast Chat remains dedicated to providing a venue for sharing expertise and fostering innovation within the localization industry. Episode #59 featuring Don DePalma exemplifies the platform’s commitment to promoting insightful discussions that propel the industry forward. For further details about Localization Fireside Chat and to view the episode featuring Don DePalma, please visit
加拿大多伦多,3月22日-行业话语的杰出平台Localization Fireside Chat很高兴地宣布,CSA Research的著名首席战略师、《商业无国界:全球营销战略指南》一书的作者Don DePalma最近与主持人Robin Ayoub进行了深入的对话。这段对话是YouTube和播客第59集的一部分。 ?观看完整的情节在这里: Don DePalma拥有超过二十年的职业生涯,不仅是CSA Research的基础人物,也是全球营销战略的领导者。他的见解对本地化研究领域产生了重大影响,创立了第一家专注于本地化行业的研究公司,并利用了他在Forester Research的经验。他无与伦比的专业知识,丰富了他的作者,一直在提供深度和视角的领域至关重要。 在讨论中,Ayoub和DePalma涵盖了广泛的主题,从人工智能(AI)对本地化的影响到塑造行业未来的技术的出现,以及后本地化的创新概念。DePalma强调了人类专业知识与技术进步相结合的关键作用,倡导在本地化过程中提高效率和质量的协同作用。 DePalma强调了行业当前的挑战,包括劳动力动态、投资必要性以及持续创新的必要性,探讨了无代码平台和复杂翻译管理系统等新兴工具的变革潜力。他指出,这些进步是现代化和简化本地化工作流程的关键。 还讨论了后本地化的概念,即直接用目标语言创建内容,以绕过传统的翻译。DePalma强调了全面资产管理、共享词汇表和风格指南的重要性,以保持不同语言和方言的一致性和质量。 主持人Robin Ayoub对DePalma的见解深表赞赏,并强调了适应不断发展的本地化环境的重要性。他强调,组织必须脱颖而出,追求数字化转型,以保持竞争力。 Localization Fireside Podcast Chat仍然致力于为本地化行业提供分享专业知识和促进创新的场所。第59集以Don DePalma为主角,证实了该平台致力于促进有见地的讨论,推动行业向前发展。 有关本地化炉边谈话的更多详细信息以及观看Don DePalma的剧集,请访问