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2023-11-14 02:31 multilingual


阅读模式 切换至中文 provides advisory consulting and development services in the field of NLP, text analytics, and knowledge graphs to large companies, especially those in the finance and insurance sectors. Babelscape is a leading research company recognized for commercializing their innovative multilingual AI technologies to meet the growing needs of global fortune 500 businesses. Professor Roberto Navigli, a researcher, innovator, and Babelscape co-founder, leads a team of developers that include multiple PhD industrial engineers, to build cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, multilingual semantic software. Their products improve natural language processing and understanding, by leveraging the latest research and techniques, (including machine and deep learning, symbolic AI and neural networks). Professor Roberto Navigli, Chief Researcher and Co-Founder of Babelscape: “We’re excited to grow new business through this partnership with Stefan’s team. His deep professional experience selling knowledge graphs and NLP tools, uniquely positions him to understand the depth and breadth of Babelscape’s offerings, and the tremendous value we can offer together to this rapidly expanding market.” Stefan Welcker, Principle and Founder. An Executive leader with 25+ years experience in software & AI solutions advisory, consulting and development. With a focus on the process automation of unstructured data, and supporting companies with their AI activities and projects (particularly ML/DL/NLP/NLU), as well as partnering with AI vendors for GTM product support. Stefan Welcker, Founder, “Our customers have a huge demand for hybrid AI solutions. These solutions need to understand the context and meaning of a text very precisely. Simple NLP/NLU solutions can’t solve these demands out-of-the box. Babelscape’s knowledge graphs and word-sense disambiguation capabilities are state-of-the-art, and allow us to provide high quality insight on any processed document in our AI Platform. Babelscape allows us to combine these high-quality outputs with LLM’s, to build NLP/NLU solutions that work from the get-go. Their ability to also provide highly domain specialized versions makes it suitable for highly regulated industries too. We are very excited to form this partnership with Babelscape and for its future.”
U2D.ai为大型公司,特别是金融和保险行业的公司提供NLP,文本分析和知识图谱领域的咨询和开发服务。 Babelscape是一家领先的研究公司,因其创新的多语言人工智能技术商业化而闻名,以满足全球财富500强企业不断增长的需求。 Roberto Navigli教授是一位研究员、创新者和Babelscape联合创始人,他领导着一个包括多名博士工业工程师在内的开发团队,致力于构建尖端、最先进的多语言语义软件。他们的产品通过利用最新的研究和技术(包括机器和深度学习,符号人工智能和神经网络)来改善自然语言处理和理解。 Babelscape首席研究员兼联合创始人Roberto Navigli教授: “我们很高兴通过与Stefan团队的合作来发展新业务。 他在销售知识图谱和NLP工具方面的深厚专业经验使他能够独特地了解Babelscape产品的深度和广度,以及我们可以共同为这个快速扩张的市场提供的巨大价值。 Stefan Welcker,U2D.ai的创始人和创始人。 在软件和人工智能解决方案咨询、咨询和开发方面拥有25年以上经验的执行领导者。 专注于非结构化数据的流程自动化,支持公司的AI活动和项目(特别是ML/DL/NLP/NLU),以及与AI供应商合作提供GTM产品支持。 Stefan Welcker,U2D.ai创始人: “我们的客户对混合人工智能解决方案有着巨大的需求。这些解决方案需要非常精确地理解文本的上下文和含义。简单的NLP/NLU解决方案无法解决这些开箱即用的需求。Babelscape的知识图谱和词义消歧功能是最先进的,使我们能够在我们的AI平台中对任何处理过的文档提供高质量的见解。Babelscape允许我们将这些高质量的输出与LLM相结合,以构建从一开始就工作的NLP/NLU解决方案。他们还能够提供高度领域专业化的版本,这使得它也适用于高度监管的行业。我们非常高兴能与Babelscape建立这种合作关系,并展望其未来。