MultiLingual announces media partnership with ANETI


2023-11-09 11:42 multilingual


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In a move that highlights the growing collaboration between media and professional associations, the National Association of Translation and Interpretation Companies (ANETI) is proud to announce its recent alliance with MultiLingual, the leading global magazine in the translation sector and an essential source of news and insights at the intersection of language, technology, international business and culture since 1987. Building off successful collaborations with other leading international associations, MultiLingual magazine brings its experience and global reach to the heart of the translation and interpretation community in Spain. The magazine is a pillar in the industry, connecting global business and the language industry for over three decades. Key details of the agreement include: Joint promotion: MultiLingual will amplify ANETI’s voice to its global audience, putting the association, its associates, and such notable events as the ANETI Congress on the map. Associate benefits: In an unprecedented offer, all ANETI members will receive a free online subscription to MultiLingual for one year, opening doors to a rich source of knowledge and industry trends. Webinars and training: Following MultiLingual‘s tradition of collaborating in continuing education, webinar series and training sessions will be offered exclusively for ANETI members. Collaborative content: MultiLingual and ANETI will co-create relevant content that addresses the challenges and opportunities of the sector, ensuring that the Spanish perspective is well represented. Joint events: Both parties will co-organize events, workshops, and conferences, promoting interaction between professionals and strengthening the network of industry contacts. This alliance not only reflects the commitment of both entities to promote excellence in the world of translation and interpretation but also underlines the importance of global collaboration in an industry that, by nature, transcends borders. For more details about this collaboration, contact Nuria Arbizu []
为了突出媒体和专业协会之间日益增长的合作,全国笔译和口译公司协会(ANETI)自豪地宣布其最近与MultiLingual结盟,MultiLingual是翻译行业的全球领先杂志,自1987年以来一直是语言,技术,国际商业和文化交叉的新闻和见解的重要来源。 在与其他领先的国际协会成功合作的基础上,《MultiLingual》杂志将其经验和全球影响力带到了西班牙笔译和口译界的核心。该杂志是行业的支柱,三十多年来一直连接着全球商业和语言行业。 该协议的主要细节包括: 联合推广:MultiLingual将扩大ANETI的声音,其全球观众,把该协会,其联营公司,并在地图上的ANETI大会等显着的事件。 相关福利:在一个前所未有的优惠,所有ANETI成员将获得一年的免费在线订阅MultiLingual,打开大门,丰富的知识和行业趋势的来源。 网络研讨会和培训:遵循MultiLingual在继续教育方面合作的传统,网络研讨会系列和培训课程将专门为ANETI成员提供。 合作内容:MultiLingual和ANETI将共同创建相关内容,以应对该行业的挑战和机遇,确保西班牙的观点得到充分代表。 联合活动:双方将共同举办活动、研讨会和会议,促进专业人士之间的互动,加强行业联系网络。 这一联盟不仅反映了两个实体致力于促进翻译和口译领域的卓越成就,而且还强调了在一个本质上超越国界的行业中进行全球合作的重要性。 有关此次合作的更多详细信息,请联系Nuria Arbizu []