Acolad Renews Contract With City of Brussels


2023-11-08 08:56 multilingual


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Acolad was awarded a contract for 48 months to support the transversal localization needs of the Brussels City Council, delivering translation and revision services in over 10 language pairs. With the renewal of the contract, the global content and language services leader becomes the single provider of localization solutions for Ville de Bruxelles. November 8, 2023 — Acolad, global leader in content and language solutions, is proud to announce the renewal of its contract with the City of Brussels, following a competitive public tender process. This renewed partnership, effective from November 1, 2023, will extend for the next four years and is aimed at providing translation and revision support to all communications of the Brussels City Council across more than 10 language pairs. Under the new contract, Acolad will be working on a 360º approach to all language needs of the City, translating and revising all types of documentation for all departments of the organization: from city news to political updates, annual reports, contracts and legal agreements, cultural information, and press releases. Acolad’s success in securing this contract renewal can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to meeting the specific requirements outlined in the tender, as well as our extensive track record of providing invaluable support to the European public sector and international organizations. Additionally, the exceptional quality of our services, complemented by the capabilities of our cutting-edge customer interface, the Acolad Portal, has provided us with a competitive edge throughout the tender process. The Portal offers an intuitive, user-friendly platform that facilitates seamless collaboration between our clients and our team. It allows for efficient project management, the submission of new requests, and real-time project monitoring. Sylvie Versteylen, Executive VP Europe at Acolad, expressed her enthusiasm for this renewed collaboration, stating “We have been working with Ville de Bruxelles since 2019 and the renewal of this agreement for another four years speaks to our ability to meet customer needs and serve the European public sector and government institutions, upholding the highest quality standards and providing a service of excellence. We are very much looking forward to further developing our successful cooperation in the coming years.” Acolad is honored to continue its partnership with the City of Brussels and remains dedicated to delivering linguistic excellence and unwavering support to the Brussels City Council. The tender and award notice are available for public consultation here.
Acolad获得了一份为期48个月的合同,以支持布鲁塞尔市议会的横向本地化需求,提供10多种语言对的翻译和审校服务。 随着合同的续签,全球内容和语言服务领导者成为布鲁塞尔市本地化解决方案的唯一供应商。 2023年11月8日-内容和语言解决方案的全球领导者Acolad自豪地宣布,经过竞争性公开招标程序,与布鲁塞尔市续签了合同。 这一新的合作伙伴关系将于2023年11月1日生效,并将延续四年,旨在为布鲁塞尔市议会10多种语言对的所有通信提供翻译和审校支持。 根据新合同,Acolad将致力于全方位满足城市的所有语言需求,翻译和修订组织所有部门的所有类型的文件:从城市新闻到政治更新,年度报告,合同和法律协议,文化信息和新闻稿。 Acolad之所以能成功续约,是因为我们坚定不移地致力于满足招标书中列出的具体要求,以及我们为欧洲公共部门和国际组织提供宝贵支持的广泛记录。 此外,我们卓越的服务质量,加上我们先进的客户界面Acolad Portal的功能,使我们在整个投标过程中具有竞争优势。该门户网站提供了一个直观的,用户友好的平台,促进我们的客户和我们的团队之间的无缝协作。它允许有效的项目管理,新请求的提交和实时项目监控。 Acolad欧洲执行副总裁Sylvie Versteylen对此次合作表示了极大的热情,她表示:“我们自2019年以来一直与布鲁塞尔市合作,此次协议的续签证明了我们有能力满足客户需求,为欧洲公共部门和政府机构提供服务,坚持最高的质量标准并提供卓越的服务。我们非常期待在未来几年进一步发展我们的成功合作。” Acolad很荣幸能够继续与布鲁塞尔市政府合作,并继续致力于为布鲁塞尔市政府提供卓越的语言服务和坚定的支持。 有关招标及批出合约的公告可在此浏览,以供公众查阅。