The Boardroom Beat #25 - 3 Ways that Coaching Increases…


2023-11-07 18:03 GALA


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Clients track coaching success metrics but EMPLOYEE RETENTION is a missing part of the value equation. Here’s why; By contractual agreement and in accordance with professional ethics the company is the sponsor, the coachee is the client, and confidentiality is between coach and client. It is not uncommon for clients to bring issues to coaching which result in a decision to “stay” and not “go.” But bound by confidentiality the coach does not share that info with the sponsor who tracks the metrics. Here are three scenarios that often have a “decision to stay” outcome. Whether conflict, or actually smoldering discontent, the path is the same and it starts with ownership. What about this might you control or influence?” Ownership of the situation means initiating conversations or actions to address and to target resolution. In many many cases, lo and behold, this works. Although leaving a role and starting a new one may not be comfortable, you would be shocked how many times clients might choose this path of perceived least resistance to dealing with what is bothering them. Sometimes client bring career inertia to coaching. Some report feeling leveled out and unseen for opportunities. Others are on a linear ascent but seek new areas of challenge. Some have a vision of work with more purpose. These explorations start with ownership. A coach will not point in one direction or another, but through questions and guided reflection my experience is frequently a client “ah ha.” The elect to design a way forward in an organization where they are already known and valued. Being intentional in relationship with internal champions and creating a regular cadence of career touch-points with their lead energizes and expands career possibilities. I’ll never forget the goal alignment meeting with the CEO of a Fortune 500 who told me there one measure of success for the engagement; If the employee was still employed when our six month engagement was complete, it was a success. Period. Staving off burnout of the incredibly intense high performer was what mattered to the CEO. This instance of focus on balance and wellness as the prescription for retention was cited and teed up for measurement. That is not usually the case. Wellness and balance surface in a high percentage of engagements, and it is one of the most challenging areas to get traction for change. Clients start with ownership of boundaries that align with values. Coaching is not a guarantee of employee retention. It is a guarantee of guided ownership of situations that may otherwise derail a valued and tenured employee. Without attaching judgment to any outcome, what I observe in the vast majority of cases is a testimony to the old adage: The grass is not always greener one the other side of the fence. Coaching clients conduct agricultural samples on each side of the fence and make an informed choice.
客户跟踪教练成功指标,但员工保留率是价值等式中缺失的一部分。 原因如下:根据合同协议和职业道德,公司是赞助商,被辅导者是客户,教练和客户之间保密。客户向教练提出问题,导致决定“留下”而不是“离开”,这种情况并不少见。但是受保密约束,教练不会与跟踪指标的赞助商分享这些信息。 这里有三种情况通常会有“决定留下来”的结果。 无论是冲突,还是真正的不满,道路都是一样的,都是从所有权开始的。这是你能控制或影响的吗?“掌控局面意味着发起对话或行动来解决问题。在很多很多情况下,你瞧,这是可行的。虽然离开一个角色并开始一个新的角色可能不舒服,但你会震惊地发现,有多少次客户可能会选择这种被认为阻力最小的方式来处理困扰他们的事情。 有时客户会给教练带来职业惰性。一些人报告说,他们感觉平安无事,看不到机会。其他人则在线性上升,但寻求新的挑战领域。有些人对工作有更多的目标。这些探索从所有权开始。教练不会指向一个或另一个方向,但通过提问和引导思考,我的经验经常是客户“啊哈”选择在一个他们已经为人所知和重视的组织中设计前进的道路。有意识地与内部冠军建立关系,并与他们的领导建立职业接触点的常规节奏,可以激发和扩展职业可能性。 我永远不会忘记与一家财富500强公司的首席执行官的目标调整会议,他告诉我有一个衡量参与成功的标准;如果在我们六个月的雇佣期结束时,员工仍然被雇佣,那就是成功的。句号。对这位首席执行官来说,最重要的是避免这位极度紧张的高绩效员工精疲力竭。这个关注平衡和健康作为保持的处方的例子被引用并准备好进行测量。通常情况并非如此。健康和平衡出现在很高比例的参与中,这是最具挑战性的领域之一,以获得变革的牵引力。客户从拥有与价值观一致的界限开始。 辅导并不能保证留住员工。这是对情况的引导所有权的保证,否则可能会使有价值的终身员工脱轨。在不对任何结果作出判断的情况下,我观察到的绝大多数情况都证明了一句古老的格言:篱笆另一边的草并不总是更绿。辅导客户在围栏的每一边进行农业取样,并做出明智的选择。