10 Free Stakeholder Management Templates for Excel & Word


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Stakeholders are anyone who has a vested interest in the project. They can be internal, such as project managers, teams, owners or investors, or external, such as clients, customers or suppliers. There can be a lot of stakeholders in any project and managing them requires stakeholder management templates. ProjectManager is project management software that helps you manage projects and stakeholders. If you’re not ready for a free trial of the software, we also offer dozens of free project management templates for Excel and Word that can help with every phase of your project. Here are some free stakeholder management templates. 1. Stakeholder Analysis Template There may be many stakeholders in any project, but your job as a project manager is to identify them. Each stakeholder can have a different interest or those interests can evolve over the course of the project. Using our free stakeholder analysis template for Excel helps you devise an effective stakeholder communication plan to keep them properly informed. There are fields to capture basic stakeholder information, including their title, contact information and influence or power over the project. Then you can place each stakeholder as they stand in relation to the project, noting their priority, if they have subject matter expertise and whether they’re decision-makers. Then you can assess each stakeholder’s commitment to the project and better manage them. 2. Project Status Report Template Stakeholders need to stay informed throughout the project. Depending on the stakeholder, however, that level of information and the frequency in which they’re updated can change. Whether they need details or just an overview, project managers still must report regularly. Using our free project status report template for Excel is a great tool to capture a period of time in the project. The trouble with a static template is that it has to be manually updated and the information can’t be customized to reflect each stakeholder’s concerns. Unlike static tools, ProjectManager is an online tool that delivers real-time data that can be filtered to show only the information relevant to each stakeholder. Not only can you generate a status report in mere keystrokes, but you can also generate reports on variance, portfolio and more. All reports capture real-time data so they’re accurate and can be easily shared in a variety of formats. Get started with ProjectManager today for free. 3. Stakeholder Map Template If you’re looking for a visual tool that can help you identify and chart your stakeholders, then you need to download our free stakeholder map template for Excel. You can use the stakeholder map to inform your decision-making when dealing with stakeholders. It’s essential to establishing a viable stakeholder communication plan. The stakeholder map template helps you to determine who wants to know what, when they need to know it and how they prefer to get their updates. This stakeholder map has four categories for managing your stakeholders: manage closely, keep satisfied, keep informed and monitor. Place each stakeholder you identify in the correct box and use color coding to show if they’re supportive, neutral or critical to the project. 4. Business Case Template Since stakeholders have a vested interest in the project, one of the things they’re most concerned about is the costs related to executing the project. They want to know if the investment costs are worth it. You can show them this with our free business case template for Word, which summarizes project objectives, costs and benefits. The business case is important due diligence for stakeholders by proving that their investment in the project is beneficial. They can read an executive summary, the mission statement for the project and the final deliverable that’ll be produced. There’s a place to show the project objectives and how they’ll be achieved, the financial appraisal and market assessment plus more. It’ll help get buy-in from stakeholders. 5. Cost-Benefit Analysis Template Another free template that can help prove to stakeholders that the project is worth their investment is our free cost-benefit analysis template for Excel. It helps you look at the numbers and determine if the money you’re putting into the project is worth the deliverables. A cost-benefit analysis template does this by adding a dollar amount to the project’s costs and benefits. By subtracting the benefits from the costs you can see what the profit if any, is for the project. This can be financial gains, but it can also determine if the business objectives and goals are worth the costs. This information can help get stakeholders on board with the project. 6. RACI Matrix It’s clearly important to identify and define the roles and responsibilities of your project team, but often project managers will neglect the same exercise when dealing with project stakeholders. After that, your project team is just one of likely many stakeholders in the project. Using our free RACI matrix template for Excel allows you to categorize everyone involved in the project, including stakeholders. RACI stands for responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. On our free template, you list all the stakeholders (or the entire project team) on the left side, while atop the chart is their title. In the corresponding box, you note if they’re responsible, accountable, consulted or informed. Now you have a document to guide everyone on the team, including stakeholders, who have different levels of involvement and impact on the project. 7. Requirements Gathering Template Stakeholders want to know the problems being solved by the project, how it plans to achieve its objective, what condition or capacity must be met and more. That’s all addressed in our free requirements gathering template for Word. This is a key document for stakeholders and captures vital information about the project in one place. There’s a lot covered in the free template. It lists the project requirements, from user, functional and system to software, interface, workflow, change and risks. This is more of a high-level view, which is appropriate for most stakeholders and avoids getting into the weeds. There’s even a section for everyone to sign off on the document to ensure they’re informed and in agreement. 8. Team Charter Template Team members are stakeholders, though not the only ones in a project. The free team charter template for Word is mostly focused on them, but it’s another essential stakeholder management template. It explains how the team fits into the larger context of the project, such as the project stakeholders. Besides that, the free charter lists everyone involved in the project and provides contact information. There’s a section to outline the background of the project, its mission and objective, budget and resources and the decision-making process used by the team. There’s information on scope, performance assessments, activities and milestones and much more. It’s a great tool to communicate and get everyone on board with the project. 9. Communication Plan Template Speaking of communication, you need a communication plan to get information to your project team. Using our free communication plan template for Word will help you define objectives and schedule communication updates with stakeholders. It’s one of the more important stakeholder management templates in that a well-informed stakeholder is easier to manage and less likely to interfere in the project. Besides objectives, the communication plan template helps you define how you’ll achieve those objectives, in what timeframe and with what metrics to measure your success. You’ll figure out the staffing and tools associated with disseminating information as well as reviewing its effectiveness. Once you have a plan, it’s apt to change in order to remain relevant and effective. 10. Organizational Chart Template While it might not seem like a key stakeholder management template, knowing the organizational makeup of a company or project is how everyone in the organization or project team knows to who they report. Use our free organizational chart template for Excel. It’s a flowchart that shows the hierarchical internal structure of an organization or project. This document is an easy-to-digest visual of the chain of command. While smaller organizations, such as startups, or projects might not need the tool, the larger and more complex the organization or project is, the more essential this stakeholder management template becomes. It’s imperative that everyone knows who they report to and who has authority, which is exactly what this template illustrates. ProjectManager Helps With Stakeholder Management Once you’ve downloaded and used our free stakeholder management templates, you’ll quickly find that they can take you only so far. Templates, after all, much be manually inputted and updated, they’re not collaborative and are isolated from the rest of your project management tools. ProjectManager is project management software that helps you plan, manage and track your stakeholder management in real time. Share Project Plans With Stakeholders Projects need plans, but plans don’t work without your stakeholders. Creating a schedule on our robust Gantt charts allows you to manage the stakeholders on your project team, organize their tasks, link dependencies to avoid costly delays and assign them to work that you can track in real time. The project plan can be easily shared with the project team and stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page. Monitor Progress and Performance in Real Time Once you set a baseline on the Gantt, you can track your planned effort against your actual effort. Not only does this help you keep to your schedule and budget, but stakeholders want to be updated on that valuable data as well. The real-time dashboard requires no setup, as with lightweight tools, and tracks everything from workload to cost and time in easy-to-read graphs and charts. It’s a great way to get a high-level view of the project whenever you want. Project managers can use resource management features to keep their teams productive. Availability can be set in advance to make scheduling simpler and our color-coded workload chart helps you see your team’s allocation. You can then balance their workload from the chart to keep them working at capacity. They’re not overallocated and stakeholders are happy to see productivity. Related Content If that’s not enough stakeholder management for you, our site is loaded with free content. There are weekly blogs, guides, videos, and, of course, more free project management templates for Excel and Word. Here are some resources to learn more about stakeholder management. Stakeholder Management Guide Stakeholder Analysis 101 What Is Stakeholder Theory Stakeholder vs. Shareholder: What’s the Difference? Stakeholder Mapping 101: A Quick Guide to Stakeholder Maps ProjectManager is award-winning project management software that empowers teams to work better together. Task management tools add to productive and risk management features to help you identify, track and mitigate risk. Join teams at Avis, Nestle and Siemens who are delivering success with our software. Get started with ProjectManager today for free.
涉众是在项目中有既得利益的任何人。他们可以是内部的,如项目经理、团队、所有者或投资者,也可以是外部的,如客户、顾客或供应商。任何项目中都可能有很多涉众,管理他们需要涉众管理模板。 ProjectManager是一款项目管理软件,可以帮助您管理项目和利益相关者。如果您还没有准备好免费试用该软件,我们还提供了几十个免费的Excel和Word项目管理模板,可以帮助您完成项目的每个阶段。这里有一些免费的利益相关者管理模板。 1.利益相关者分析模板 在任何项目中都可能有许多利益相关者,但是作为项目经理,你的工作就是识别他们。每个涉众可以有不同的兴趣,或者这些兴趣可以在项目的过程中发展。使用我们免费的Excel利益相关者分析模板可以帮助您设计一个有效的利益相关者沟通计划,让他们适当地了解信息。 有一些字段可以捕获基本的涉众信息,包括他们的头衔、联系信息以及对项目的影响或权力。然后,您可以根据每个涉众与项目的关系来定位他们,注意他们的优先级,如果他们有主题专业知识,以及他们是否是决策者。然后,您可以评估每个涉众对项目的承诺,并更好地管理它们。 2.项目状态报告模板 涉众需要在整个项目中保持知情。然而,根据涉众的不同,信息的级别和更新频率可能会发生变化。无论他们需要细节还是仅仅是一个概览,项目经理仍然必须定期报告。使用我们免费的Excel项目状态报告模板是捕捉项目中一段时间的好工具。 静态模板的问题在于它必须手动更新,并且信息不能定制以反映每个涉众的关注。与静态工具不同,ProjectManager是一个在线工具,它提供实时数据,可以过滤这些数据,只显示与每个涉众相关的信息。您不仅可以通过简单的击键生成状态报告,还可以生成关于差异、投资组合等的报告。所有报告都捕获实时数据,因此它们是准确的,并且可以以各种格式轻松共享。立即免费开始使用ProjectManager。 3.利益攸关方地图模板 如果您正在寻找一个可视化工具来帮助您识别和绘制您的利益相关者,那么您需要下载我们免费的Excel利益相关者地图模板。在与利益相关者打交道时,您可以使用利益相关者地图来通知您的决策。建立一个可行的利益相关者沟通计划是至关重要的。 涉众地图模板帮助您确定谁想知道什么,他们何时需要知道,以及他们希望如何获得更新。这个利益相关者地图有四个类别来管理你的利益相关者:密切管理、保持满意、保持知情和监控。将您确定的每个利益相关者放入正确的方框中,并使用颜色编码来显示他们是否支持、中立或对项目持批评态度。 4.业务案例模板 由于涉众在项目中有既得利益,他们最关心的事情之一是与执行项目相关的成本。他们想知道投资成本是否值得。您可以使用我们免费的Word业务案例模板向他们展示这一点,该模板总结了项目目标、成本和优势。 商业案例是利益相关者的重要尽职调查,证明他们在项目中的投资是有益的。他们可以阅读执行摘要、项目的使命陈述以及将要产生的最终交付成果。有一个地方可以展示项目目标以及如何实现目标、财务评估和市场评估等等。这将有助于获得利益相关者的认同。 5.成本效益分析模板 另一个可以帮助利益相关者证明该项目值得他们投资的免费模板是我们的免费Excel成本效益分析模板。它帮助你查看数字,并确定你投入项目的资金是否值得交付。 成本效益分析模板通过向项目的成本和效益中添加金额来实现这一点。通过从成本中减去收益,你可以看到项目的利润(如果有的话)是多少。这可能是财务收益,但也可以决定业务目标和目的是否值得。这些信息有助于让涉众参与到项目中来。 6.RACI矩阵 识别和定义项目团队的角色和职责显然很重要,但是项目经理在与项目涉众打交道时通常会忽略同样的工作。之后,您的项目团队可能只是项目中许多涉众中的一个。使用我们免费的Excel RACI矩阵模板,您可以对项目中的每个人进行分类,包括利益相关者。 RACI代表负责任、负责、咨询和知情。在我们的免费模板上,您可以在左侧列出所有利益相关者(或整个项目团队),而图表顶部是他们的标题。在相应的框中,您可以注明他们是否负责、负责、是否被咨询或告知。现在您有了一个文档来指导团队中的每个人,包括涉众,他们对项目有不同程度的参与和影响。 7.需求收集模板 涉众想知道项目正在解决的问题,它计划如何实现其目标,必须满足什么条件或能力等等。这些都在我们免费的Word需求收集模板中得到了解决。这是涉众的关键文档,在一个地方捕获了关于项目的重要信息。 免费模板涵盖了很多内容。它列出了项目需求,从用户、功能和系统到软件、界面、工作流程、变更和风险。这更像是一个高层次的视图,适合大多数涉众,并避免陷入混乱。甚至有一个部分供每个人在文件上签字,以确保他们了解情况并达成一致。 8.团队章程模板 团队成员是涉众,尽管不是项目中唯一的涉众。Word的免费团队章程模板主要关注他们,但它是另一个重要的利益相关者管理模板。它解释了团队如何适应项目的更大环境,比如项目涉众。 除此之外,免费宪章列出了参与该项目的每个人,并提供了联系信息。有一部分概述了项目的背景、任务和目标、预算和资源以及团队使用的决策过程。有关于范围、绩效评估、活动和里程碑等信息。这是一个很好的沟通工具,可以让每个人都参与到这个项目中来。 9.沟通计划模板 说到沟通,你需要一个沟通计划来把信息传递给你的项目团队。使用我们免费的Word沟通计划模板将帮助您定义目标并安排与利益相关方的沟通更新。这是一个更重要的涉众管理模板,因为一个消息灵通的涉众更容易管理,也不太可能干预项目。 除了目标之外,沟通计划模板还可以帮助您定义如何实现这些目标,在什么时间范围内,用什么标准来衡量您的成功。你将弄清楚与传播信息以及审查其有效性相关的人员配备和工具。一旦你有了一个计划,为了保持相关性和有效性,它很容易改变。 10.组织结构图模板 虽然它可能看起来不像一个关键的涉众管理模板,但了解公司或项目的组织构成是组织或项目团队中的每个人知道他们向谁报告的方式。使用我们免费的Excel组织结构图模板。这是一个流程图,显示了一个组织或项目的内部层次结构。 这份文件是指挥链的一个易于理解的可视化。虽然较小的组织(如初创公司)或项目可能不需要该工具,但组织或项目越大、越复杂,这个涉众管理模板就变得越重要。每个人都必须知道他们向谁报告,谁有权力,这正是这个模板所说明的。 ProjectManager帮助进行涉众管理 一旦你下载并使用了我们免费的利益相关者管理模板,你会很快发现它们只能带你到此为止。毕竟,模板大多是手动输入和更新的,它们不是协作性的,并且与项目管理工具的其余部分是隔离的。ProjectManager是一款项目管理软件,可帮助您实时规划、管理和跟踪您的利益相关者管理。 与风险承担者共享项目计划 项目需要计划,但是没有你的利益相关者,计划是行不通的。在我们强大的甘特图上创建时间表,您可以管理项目团队中的利益相关者,组织他们的任务,链接依赖关系以避免代价高昂的延迟,并将他们分配给您可以实时跟踪的工作。项目计划可以很容易地与项目团队和涉众共享,以保持每个人都在同一页面上。 实时监控进度和性能 一旦在甘特图上设置了基线,就可以根据实际工作量跟踪计划工作量。这不仅有助于你遵守你的时间表和预算,而且利益相关者也希望更新这些有价值的数据。与轻量级工具一样,实时仪表板不需要设置,并以易于阅读的图形和图表跟踪从工作量到成本和时间的一切。这是一个很好的方法,可以随时获得项目的高级视图。 项目经理可以使用资源管理功能来保持团队的生产力。可以提前设置可用性,以简化日程安排,我们的彩色编码工作量图表可帮助您查看团队的分配情况。然后,您可以根据图表平衡他们的工作量,以保持他们满负荷工作。他们没有被过度分配,利益相关者乐于看到生产力。 相关内容 如果这对你来说还不够,我们的网站上有免费的内容。每周都有博客、指南、视频,当然还有更多免费的Excel和Word项目管理模板。这里有一些资源可以帮助你了解更多关于利益相关者管理的知识。 利益相关方管理指南 持份者分析101 什么是利益相关者理论 利益相关者与股东:有什么区别? 涉众映射101:涉众映射快速指南 ProjectManager是一款屡获殊荣的项目管理软件,能够让团队更好地合作。任务管理工具增加了生产和风险管理功能,可帮助您识别、跟踪和降低风险。加入Avis、Nestle和Siemens的团队,用我们的软件取得成功。立即免费开始使用ProjectManager。