Análisis terminológico de un corpus de derecho tributario en español


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Adopting an analytical and scientific approach, this Master’s thesis aims to develop a terminological analysis of a corpus of tax law in Spanish. The corpus was composed by extracting some official texts from the Spanish Revenue Agency website, and a linguistic analysis was carried out using various tools, including Sketch Engine. Information was collected in order to create a terminology database, which can be loaded into any computer-aided translation software. This database was then transformed into a glossary, which can be consulted in electronic format, but its layout also allows it to be printed.This work makes it possible to carry out an analysis of the structure of the language of tax law. It can be useful for translators and terminologists and all persons who need technical information on this field. In addition, it can also be used as a basis for the development of other parallel glossaries in different languages. The structure of this master’s thesis is divided into two parts: the first theoretical part of the thesis provides some general background on the terminology discipline, its history, and analyses some characteristics of the tax law language. The second part of the thesis is the glossary, the final product of this project, which can be consulted. You can access the paper here. Renata Carli University of Padua
本硕士论文采用分析和科学的方法,旨在对西班牙税法语料库进行术语学分析。 语料库是通过从西班牙税务局网站上提取一些官方文本组成的,并使用包括Sketch Engine在内的各种工具进行了语言分析。收集信息是为了建立一个术语数据库,该数据库可加载到任何计算机辅助翻译软件中。该数据库随后被转化成词汇表,可以电子格式查阅,但其布局也允许打印。这项工作使得能够对税法语言的结构进行分析成为可能。它对翻译人员和术语专家以及所有需要该领域技术信息的人都非常有用。此外,它还可以作为开发其他不同语言的平行词汇表的基础。 这篇硕士论文的结构分为两部分:论文的第一个理论部分提供了术语学科及其历史的一般背景,并分析了税法语言的一些特征。论文的第二部分是词汇表,是本项目的最终成果,可供参考。 你可以在此处访问该论文。 雷娜塔·卡利 帕多瓦大学