What is Software Localization?


2022-09-20 14:37 lionbridge


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Start Localizing Your Software Software localization is indispensable for increasing your appeal in new markets, attracting new users and setting up your company for global success. Now that programs and apps are crossing national borders by the dozens, the localization process is also a cost-effective way to appeal to new markets. Do it right and you’ll be able to significantly improve your customer experience. Do it well and your app might end up being the next worldwide viral sensation! When you’re ready to start localizing your product, you’ll need a localization specialist to help guide you through the process. Lionbridge has partnered with some of the largest enterprise software providers in the world, helping them to delight customers through our agile localization processes, extensive linguistic testing and end-to-end localization services. Reach out to us today to find out how our software localization experience can help you build great software for any market.
开始本地化您的软件 软件本地化对于提高您在新市场中的吸引力、吸引新用户以及使您的公司走向全球成功都是必不可少的。现在,程序和应用程序跨越了数十个国家的边界,本地化流程也是吸引新市场的一种经济高效的方式。做对了,你就能显著改善你的客户体验。做得好,你的应用程序可能最终成为下一个世界病毒轰动! 当您准备好开始本地化您的产品时,您需要一位本地化专家来帮助您完成整个过程。Lionbridge与全球一些最大的企业软件提供商建立了合作伙伴关系,通过我们灵活的本地化流程、广泛的语言测试和端到端的本地化服务,帮助他们满足客户的需求。 请立即与我们联系,了解我们的软件本地化经验如何帮助您为任何市场构建出色的软件。