Braahman & Mediawen Launch Automated Multilingual Text to Speech Services

Braahman & Mediawen推出自动多语种文语转换服务

2022-09-19 03:43 multilingual


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Dublin, Ireland, September 16, 2022, Technology advances very quickly in this digital age. It is incumbent on businesses and services to keep current or they will be left behind. Thanks to the creation of Artificial Intelligence, Ai, voice-overs have been brought to new heights. Braahman & Mediawen, noted global leaders in end-to-end translation and media services, have launched Automated Multilingual Text to Speech Services that are proven to increase viewer response to videos while reducing turnaround time and lowering costs. Jointly, they offer automated voice-overs or bring the services of professional voice actors, whatever might be the preference. Either way, they do the translations in-house and run them through a localization, editing, and review process. Featured Service: Text to Speech – Automated VO: Includes all pronunciation corrections, post-production, and project management. Great for video clips that are less than a minute long. Female and Male voice options are available. Great for places where voice-overs in multiple languages are needed in larger volumes. Text to Speech is commonly used in: Media and Entertainment, eLearning and training, travel and hospitality, ecommerce, gaming, education, telecommunication (in the form of IVRs, call notifications), Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Home Automations and more. During a recent interview, Erwan de Kerautem, CEO of Mediawen, made these comments, “Computer-generated voices make much more video and audio content accessible to a wider audience. A person who cannot or does not know how to read subtitles can now access training, information, or entertainment content. The quality of the voices and the richness of the portfolios make this service accessible to as many people as possible at a reasonable cost.” Client Testimonials always tell the story. This is what a world’s leading language service provider had to say “We really appreciate the quick turnarounds by Braahmam, it was an extremely urgent request from our client and your team delivered on time. The quality of Braahmam’s services/products, their commitment to project/product deliveries, timeliness and their focus on client’s requirements are really commendable. It is as always lovely to work with Braahmam and will continue to do so!” For complete information, visit: Media Contact: Braahmam International #4, Digital Depot, The Digital Hub, Thomas Street, Dublin, Ireland +353 19203699 Mediawen International 10 rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris, France
2022年9月16日,爱尔兰都柏林,在这个数字时代,技术进步非常快。企业和服务有责任保持最新,否则它们将被抛在后面。多亏了人工智能AI的发明,画外音被带到了一个新的高度。 Braahman & Mediawen是端到端翻译和媒体服务领域的全球领导者,他们推出了自动化多语言文语转换服务,该服务被证明可以提高观众对视频的响应,同时缩短周转时间并降低成本。 联合起来,他们提供自动画外音或带来专业配音演员的服务,无论可能是偏好。无论采用哪种方式,他们都是在内部完成翻译工作,并通过本地化、编辑和审阅流程来运行这些工作。 特色服务: 文语转换自动VO:包括所有发音校正、后期制作和项目管理。非常适合长度不到一分钟的视频剪辑。有女声和男声选项可供选择。非常适合需要大量多语言配音的地方。 文语转换通常用于:媒体和娱乐、电子学习和培训、旅游和酒店、电子商务、游戏、教育、电信(IVR、呼叫通知等形式)、银行和金融、医疗保健、家庭自动化等。 在最近的一次采访中,Mediawen的首席执行官Erwan de Kerautem发表了以下评论:计算机生成的声音使更多的视频和音频内容能够被更广泛的受众所访问。不能或不知道如何阅读字幕的人现在可以访问培训、信息或娱乐内容。高质量的声音和丰富的投资组合,使这项服务获得尽可能多的人在一个合理的成本. 客户评价总是能说明问题。这是一个世界领先的语言服务提供商不得不说的话我们真的很感谢Braahmam的快速周转,这是我们客户的一个非常紧急的要求,你的团队按时交付。Braahmam的服务/产品质量,他们对项目/产品交付的承诺,及时性和对客户要求的关注都是值得称赞的。和Braahmam一起工作总是很愉快的,并且会继续这样做! 有关完整信息,请访问: 媒体联系人: 布拉马姆国际 #4,数字仓库, 托马斯街的数字中心 爱尔兰都柏林 电话:+353 19203699 国际媒体 彭蒂埃弗街10号 巴黎,法国的距离