Can’t-Miss Product Update: Risk Management, Recurring Tasks & More Features to Manage Risks at Scale


2022-09-13 14:00 project manager


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ProjectManager is excited to roll out another product release designed to bring more value to our customers and help them overcome roadblocks across various industries. Among this release’s hundreds of product updates, we wanted to highlight two that our business edition subscribers and above can access: risk management and recurring tasks. Manage Risks to Avoid Unexpected Project Impacts Without the ability to identify and monitor project risks, customers can’t prepare for the unexpected. Our risk management feature allows you to track project risks in one central hub and assess the potential impact. Risks are designed to help customers identify and address risks to the project scope, costs and delivery. Users can move risks between projects to stay organized and use files, reactions and mentions to collaborate on risks with team members. If action is needed, managers can choose a suitable response and assign it to a team member to take action. Risk View Customizations & Other Capabilities This is a powerful and intuitive new task type, and risks are available in your customizable sub-navigation menu. We’ve designed risks to have their own card rich with functionality, allowing for collaboration and detailed information. Customize your risk view by choosing which fields to prioritize and display. Show or hide the columns to easily find the information you need to keep your project on track. Example columns include impact, likelihood, level, response, priority, assigned to, tags and more. Customers can take advantage of the column sort feature to sort by ascending or descending order or to clear the sort. The three-dot risk menu on the top of the card allows customers to share the risk directly via URL, move it to another project or delete it altogether. On the risk list view, you can also directly change the risk priority, impact, likelihood and response. Risks are also fully integrated with our global search functionality, making them easy to find anywhere in the software. Set Recurring Tasks to Save Valuable Time Project teams must juggle multiple projects and tasks at once to deliver success. The last thing project managers need is to spend critical time creating the same tasks across similar or repeated projects. Now, instead of creating each task or a series of tasks individually, ProjectManager users can use the recurring task feature to create and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. These tasks can repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually, and users can control the specific days of the week or how many times per month the event repeats. To better align with your team’s schedule, recurring task dates automatically reflect your established work days and holidays. It’s easy to create a new recurring task or turn a regular task into a recurring task by updating the task card settings. Simply choose when you want the series of tasks to end. Other Updates From This Release Our team has been working hard on hundreds of other minor improvements! Here are only a few of the highlights that you can explore with this release: Workload management: Any unassigned work is now displayed so you can easily allocate it to the right team member. You can also filter workload by tags and the reassignment popup is easier to use. Global search: Improved accuracy for certain terms and numbers in addition to a new keyboard shortcut. Simply press S on any page to access global search. Guest licenses: Onboarding guests and communicating with them about what they can and cannot do has improved. Task card: The actual effort panel shows the currently assigned users first. Overall performance: We’ve migrated the majority of our customers to our new AWS infrastructure for increased reliability and performance. Questions? Our Support Team Is Here to Help As you explore the new features and functionality of ProjectManager, know that our team is here to answer your questions and provide hands-on guidance. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions that you have about this release.
ProjectManager很高兴能够推出另一个产品版本,旨在为我们的客户带来更多价值,并帮助他们克服各个行业的障碍。在这个版本的数百个产品更新中,我们想强调两个我们的商业版订户和更高级别的订户可以访问:风险管理和重复性任务。 管理风险以避免意外的项目影响 如果没有识别和监控项目风险的能力,客户就无法为意外事件做好准备。我们的风险管理功能可让您在一个中央枢纽跟踪项目风险并评估潜在影响。风险旨在帮助客户识别和解决项目范围、成本和交付方面的风险。 用户可以在项目之间移动风险以保持组织性,并使用文件、反应和提及与工作组成员就风险进行协作。如果需要采取行动,经理可以选择合适的回应,并将其分配给团队成员采取行动。 风险视图自定义和其他功能 这是一种功能强大且直观的新任务类型,您可以在可自定义的子导航菜单中查看风险。我们设计的风险卡具有丰富的功能,允许协作和详细信息。通过选择要设置优先级和显示的字段来自定义您的风险视图。 显示或隐藏栏,以轻松找到使项目正常进行所需的信息。示例列包括影响、可能性、级别、响应、优先级、分配对象、标记等。客户可以利用列排序功能按升序或降序进行排序,也可以清除排序。 卡片顶部的三点风险菜单允许客户直接通过URL共享风险,将其移动到另一个项目或完全删除。在风险列表视图上,您还可以直接更改风险优先级、影响、可能性和响应。风险还与我们的全局搜索功能完全集成,使您可以在软件中的任何位置轻松找到风险。 设置周期性任务以节省宝贵的时间 项目团队必须同时处理多个项目和任务才能取得成功。项目经理最不需要做的事情就是花费关键时间在相似或重复的项目中创建相同的任务。现在,ProjectManager用户可以使用周期性任务功能同时创建和管理多个任务,而无需单独创建每个任务或一系列任务。 这些任务可以每天、每周、每月或每年重复一次,用户可以控制一周中的特定日期或每月事件重复的次数。为了更好地与工作组的日程保持一致,定期任务日期将自动反映已确定的工作日和节假日。 通过更新任务卡设置,很容易创建新的周期性任务或将常规任务转换为周期性任务。您只需选择一系列任务的结束时间。 此版本的其他更新 我们的团队一直在努力进行数百项其他小改进!以下仅是您可以在此版本中探索的几个亮点: 工作负载管理:现在会显示任何未指派的工作,让您可以轻松地将其分派给正确的小组成员。您还可以按标签筛选工作量,重新分配弹出窗口更易于使用。 全局搜索:除了新的键盘快捷键外,还提高了某些术语和数字的准确性。只需在任何页面上按S即可访问全局搜索。 来宾许可证:接待客人以及与他们就他们能做什么和不能做什么进行沟通的情况有所改善。 任务卡:实际工作量面板首先显示当前分配的用户。 整体性能:我们已经将大多数客户迁移到新的AWS基础设施,以提高可靠性和性能。 有问题吗?我们的支持团队随时提供帮助 当您探索ProjectManager的新特性和功能时,请知道我们的团队随时为您解答问题并提供实践指导。如果您对此版本有任何疑问,请随时发送电子邮件至[email protected]。