Lionbridge AI Unit Acquired by Canadian Telecom


2020-11-19 15:00 multilingual


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TELUS International, a digital customer experience division of Canadian telecom giant TELUS, agreed to acquire Lionbridge AI, the crowd-based training data and annotation platform used to power machine learning. The acquisition will be at a purchase price of approximately C$1.2 billion (approximately US$935 million) and should be completed by the end of December 2020. Lionbridge AI and Appen are the two largest training data and data annotation services providers in the world. Lionbridge AI annotates data in text, images, videos, and audio in more than 300 languages and dialects for some of the world’s largest technology companies in social media, search, retail, and mobile. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Lionbridge AI has more than 750 employees working from countries around the world, including in the US, Ireland, Finland, India, UK, Japan, Denmark, Costa Rica, and South Korea. Lionbridge AI works with a community of 30,000-50,000 global crowd contributors deployed at any one point in time. Lionbridge AI has demonstrated strong financial growth, reporting 2019 revenue of approximately US$ 200 million. According to our sources, the company reported US$ 175 million in revenue in the first three quarters of 2020, showing growth even with the effects of the COVID pandemic. This transaction highlights the continuous M&A activity in the translation and localization industry, and will affect the rankings of translation companies by bringing the overall revenue for Lionbridge to the half-billion US dollar range.
加拿大电信巨头TELUS旗下的数字客户体验部门TELUS International同意收购狮桥AI,莱博智AI是用于为机器学习提供动力的基于大众的培训数据和注释平台。此次收购的收购价格约为12亿加元(约9.35亿美元),预计将于2020年12月底完成。 莱博智人工智能和奥鹏是全球最大的两家训练数据和数据标注服务提供商。莱博智人工智能为社交媒体,搜索,零售和移动领域的一些全球最大科技公司提供超过300种语言和方言为文本,图像,视频和音频中的数据注释。莱博智人工智能总部位于马萨诸塞州沃尔瑟姆,拥有750多名员工,他们来自世界各地,包括美国,爱尔兰,芬兰,印度,英国,日本,丹麦,哥斯达黎加和韩国。莱博智人工智能与一个由30,000-50,000名全球人群贡献者组成的社区合作,该社区在任何一个时间点上都可以部署。 莱博智AI的财务增长迅猛,报告表明2019年其收入约为2亿美元。根据消息,该公司在2020年前三个季度的收入为1.75亿美元,即使在新冠肺炎全球大流行的影响下也显示出增长。 此次交易凸显了翻译和本地化行业持续不断的并购活动,并将通过为莱博智公司带来5亿美元的整体营收来影响翻译公司的排名。