Slator Launches the Language Industry Investor Map


2020-09-15 20:50 slator


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The Slator Language Industry Investor Map (SlatorPro) is a dynamic database of investment transactions and investors in the translation and localization industry, investments and investors in the interpreting and interpreting technology industry, and investments in the broader language technology and machine translation industry . From Acton Capital to Zetta Venture Partners, the Language Industry Investor Map includes details of more than 180 individual transactions, both active and exited, across private equity, venture capital, and strategic investors. The Map features: The Slator Language Industry Investor Map is a source of information for prospective and existing investors in the language industry as well as language service providers evaluating how to raise capital, bring on a financial partner, and understand what drives investment in the translation and localization industry. The map will be updated regularly to include new language industry investments (entries and exits). Subscribe to SlatorPro to scroll through the interactive database and access insights relating to investors (AUM, funds, portfolio companies, etc.), target companies (year founded, company type, revenues, CEO), and individual transactions (sum invested, stake held, valuation, etc.). All fields are searchable, sortable, and filterable. Contact Slator if you require more detailed information particular datasets, or bespoke advisory services.
Slator语言行业投资者地图(SlatorPro)是一个动态数据库,其中包括翻译和本地化行业的投资交易和投资者、口译和口译技术行业的投资和投资者以及更广泛的语言技术和机器翻译行业的投资。 从Acton Capital到Zetta Venture Partners,语言行业投资者地图包括超过180笔交易的详细信息,其中有活跃交易和退出交易、涉及私募股权、风险投资和战略投资者。地图功能: Slator语言行业投资者地图为语言行业的潜在和现有投资者提供信息,同时也为语言服务提供商提供评估如何筹集资金、寻找金融合作伙伴以及了解是什么推动了翻译和本地化行业的投资。该地图将定期更新,以包括新的语言产业投资(进入和退出)。 订阅SlatorPro可滚动浏览交互式数据库,并访问与投资者(AUM、基金、投资组合公司等)、目标公司(成立年份、公司类型、收入、首席执行官)和个人交易(投资总额、所持股份、估值等)有关的见解。所有字段均可搜索、可排序和可筛选。 如果您需要更详细的信息(例如特定的数据集)或定制的咨询服务,请联系Slator。