New Terminology without Borders Projects Launched


2020-09-14 16:50 terminology Coordination


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You may already know Terminology without Borders, a collaboration project between Parliament’s Terminology Coordination Unit (TermCoord) and universities, EU/UN agencies and international civil society organisations. The aim is to provide terminology resources that meet a range of day-to-day needs of the citizens. This collaboration reflects and supports DG TRAD’s goal of communicating with EU citizens in clear language. The main goal of the project is to enhance communication across a number of domains by tailoring terminology to people’s needs. This is achieved through several multilingual projects. The projects contain a range of terminology resources for education, medicine, culture, women’s rights, and marine and fisheries. The terminology work is being carried out by university linguistic departments, as well as freelance terminologists and linguists. We welcome any suggestions for participants and collaborators. Everyone is invited to cooperate on this project and applications can be submitted online. All entries will be revised by experts from the participating international organisations. In order to pursue further the goal of providing terminology on the widest range of subjects as possible, two new projects have just been created: YourTerm ENVI and YourTerm FOOD. ENVI is a project aiming at creating multilingual glossaries for the environmental field and promoting the harmonisation of environmental terminologies. YourTerm FOOD aims at promoting the high quality European food that is deeply linked to local traditions and cultures. If you want to participate in any of these projects, please fill in the collaboration form available on University professors and individuals are welcome!
您也许对无国界术语早有耳闻,这是议会术语协调单位(TermCoord)与大学、欧盟/联合国机构和国际民间社会组织之间的合作项目。旨在提供满足公民日常需求的术语资源。 这项合作反映并支持DG TRAD以清晰易懂的语言与欧盟公民沟通的目标。该项目的主要目标是通过根据人们的需求量身定制术语来增强跨多个领域的交流。这可以通过几个多语言项目来实现。 该项目包含一系列教育、医学、文化、妇女权利、海洋和渔业的术语资源。大学语言学系以及自由术语学家和语言学家正在开展术语工作。我我们欢迎与会人员和合作者提出任何建议。 邀请大家就这个项目进行合作,可以在线提交申请。所有参赛作品将由参赛国际组织的专家进行修改。 为了进一步实现提供尽可能广泛的主题术语的目标,我们刚刚创建两个新项目:YourTerm ENVI和YourTerm FOOD。ENVI是一个旨在为环境领域创建多语种词汇并促进环境术语统一的项目。YouTerm FOOD旨在推广与当地传统和文化紧密相连的高品质欧洲食品。 如果您想参与其中的任何一个项目,请填写YourTerm.org上可用的协作表格。均欢迎大学教授和个人踊跃参加!