Top 10 Worst Localization Influencers


2020-08-17 18:10 multilingual


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Nimdzi’s top localization influencers list has garnered a lot of online debate and commentary over the past few weeks. Who’s on it? Who’s not on it? Nimdzi has just released an updated version, so MultiLingual is following suit with the list that everyone will be relieved to be excluded from: the worst localization influencers. All of these are real in a purely abstract way, and some are even real in a real-world way. 1. Voldemort. The attempt to localize Hogwarts for serpent culture, through language and changing his own facial structure, didn’t win this guy any popularity points. 2. Dracula. He never really bothered to adapt to centuries or locales that weren’t Medieval Romania. Plus the eating people thing. 3. Fans of Esperanto who think everyone should learn Esperanto to communicate across cultures. Localization? More like nope-alization. 4. The true villain: the Bad Manager. Most notably, the “seagull” project manager who flies in every few weeks, makes a lot of noise, craps all over your work, and then flies out. 5. Donald Trump. Under his astute global-businessman leadership, in which he has blamed his competitors (Democrats, other countries) for his own performance, all but a handful of countries have closed their borders to Americans. Not great for international exchange. 6. Stalin. That guy was really opposed to people keeping their native languages. Two thumbs down. 7. Regarding the prohibiting-native-language thing, see also: Franco (Franscisco, not James), Andrew Jackson, and most other dictators and/or genocide enthusiasts. 8. Saruman The White. His rebrand did not cater to most of the peoples of Middle Earth, and his thirst for innovation was expressed in new, improved Orcs. Very culturally insensitive — and environmentally destructive. 9. Scammers who steal translator resumes, clog your inbox, and even drain your bank account. 10. That one guy. Don’t be that one guy.
在过去的几周里,Nimdzi的本地化影响力排行榜已经在网上引起了大量的讨论和评论。谁位居榜首?谁未列其中?Nimdzi刚刚发布了一个更新版本,许多语言服务商也在密切关注着这个让所有未上榜者都松一口气的榜单:最差的本地化影响者。所有这些都是以纯粹抽象的方式真实存在的,有些甚至是以真实世界的方式真实存在的。 1.伏地魔。通过语言和改变他自己的面部结构,试图将霍格沃茨本土化以适应毒蛇文化,但这家伙并没有赢得任何人气。 2.德古拉。除了中世纪的罗马尼亚,他从未真正费心去适应几个世纪以来的环境。再加上吃人那件事。 3.世界语爱好者。认为每个人都应该学习世界语进行跨文化交流。本地化?更像是无效化。 4.真正的坏人:糟糕的经理。最值得注意的是,那个每隔几个星期就飞进来,大吵大闹,在你的工作上乱扔屎,然后又飞出去的“海鸥”项目经理。 5.唐纳德·特朗普。在他精明的全球商人领导下,他把自己的表现归咎于他的竞争对手(民主党人,其他国家),除了少数几个国家之外,所有国家都对美国人关闭了边境。不利于国际交流。 6.斯大林。那家伙真的反对人们保留他们的母语。鄙视! 7.关于禁止母语的问题,另见:Franco(Franscisco,不是James),Andrew Jackson,以及其他大多数独裁者和/或种族灭绝狂热者。 8. 萨鲁曼。他的改头换面并没有迎合中土世界大多数人的需求,他对创新的渴望通过新的、改良的兽人表达出来。对文化极不敏感ーー对环境极具破坏性。 9.盗取翻译简历,堵塞你的收件箱,甚至榨干你银行账户的骗子。 10.那个男人。别做那种人。