iTranslate Launches HIPAA Compliant Translation App for Healthcare Professionals Worldwide


2020-04-14 20:29 prnewswire


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iTranslate Medical free to all medical professionals and institutions in need of translation services GRAZ, Austria, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- iTranslate, the leading independent translation app with over 200 million downloads owned by IAC, announced today the launch of iTranslate Medical. iTranslate Medical is a translation app specifically designed to meet HIPAA standards and serve as a vital communication tool for medical professionals. The launch, originally slated for later this year, was accelerated in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to enable existing devices to facilitate cross language communication and reduce the exposure of human translators to infected individuals. By simply tapping to speak on an iOS device, medical professionals will instantly have a translation tool in the palm of their hands. By creating the app to meet HIPAA standards, iTranslate Medical will help minimize the need for in-person translators and empower doctors, nurses, and staff to communicate clearly and quickly with patients and their families. The app also functions exclusively on-device, requiring no WiFi or cellular connection and no translation information will be sent to any cloud services. To maintain privacy and security of conversations, iTranslate Medical will not store any translations; words and phrases will disappear from a user's screen in thirty seconds. The app is launching with the most requested five languages (English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese Mandarin) with more to roll out throughout the year. "At iTranslate we are constantly looking for new ways to make our technology work for people, businesses and communities at large. It is our hope that iTranslate Medical can serve as a valuable communication tool for medical workers and first responders on the front line of this pandemic," said Alexander Marktl, CEO of iTranslate. iTranslate is offering hospitals, doctor's offices and medical institutions free access to iTranslate Medical to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. To get your medical institution set up with iTranslate Medical, with full HIPAA documentation, please contact For all individuals looking to utilize the app it is available now for download in the app store - tap here to download now. To learn more about iTranslate's enterprise offerings, please visit About iTranslate: iTranslate is the leading independent translation and dictionary app with over 200 million downloads with the goal of enabling everyone to communicate in any language. iTranslate enables users to translate text, pages, photos, or start voice-to-voice conversations in over 100 languages. Since its launch in 2009, iTranslate has enabled travelers, students, business professionals, employers, and medical staff to read, write and speak in all languages, anywhere in the world. iTranslate is part of Mosaic Group, an IAC (NASDAQ: IAC) Company. View original content to download multimedia: SOURCE iTranslate
iTranslate Medical免费向所有需要翻译服务的医疗从业人员和机构开放。 iTranslate, 是IAC集团旗下领先的独立翻译应用,拥有超过2亿下载量。iTranslate医疗版于今天宣布上市。iTranslate Medical是一款专门为满足HIPAA标准而设计的翻译应用程序,也是医疗从业人员的重要交流工具。该项目原定于今年晚些时候启动,但鉴于COVID-19大流行,为了使现有设备能够促进跨语言交流,并减少翻译人员接触受感染人员的机会,不得不加快该项目进程。 医护人员只需要在iOS设备轻点、交谈、便可启动这个掌上翻译工具。通过创建符合HIPAA标准的应用程序,iTranslate Medical将有助于减少对现场翻译的需求,并使医生、护士和工作人员能够与患者及其家人进行清晰、快速的沟通。该应用程序也只在设备上运行,不需要WiFi或蜂窝网络连接,也不会向任何云服务发送翻译信息。为了维护对话的隐私和安全,iTranslate Medical将不会存储任何译文;单词和短语会在30秒内从用户的屏幕上消失。该应用程序推出了最受欢迎的五种语言(英语、西班牙语、法语、德语和汉语普通话),全年还将推出更多语言。 “在iTranslate的研发过程中,我们一直在寻找新的方法,让我们的技术为人们、企业和整个社区服务。iTranslate的首席执行官Alexander Marktl说:“我们希望iTranslatemedical能够成为医疗工作者和疫情一线急救人员的宝贵交流工具。” iTranslate为医院、医生办公室和医疗机构提供免费的iTranslate医疗翻译服务,以帮助抗击COVID-19。为了让您的医疗机构与iTranslate medical一起建立合作,请与medical@itranslate.com联系,并提供完整的HIPAA文件。对于所有希望利用该应用程序的个人,它现在可以在应用程序商店下载-点击这里下载。要了解更多关于iTranslate的企业产品,请访问。 关于iTranslate: iTranslate是领先的独立翻译和词典应用程序,下载量超过2亿次,致力于让每个人都能用任何语言交流。iTranslate允许用户翻译100多种语言的文本、页面、照片或语音对话。自2009年推出以来,iTranslate已使旅行者、学生、商业人士、雇主和医务人员能够在世界任何地方阅读、书写和使用各种语言。iTranslate是IAC(纳斯达克:IAC)公司Mosaic Group的一员。 查看原始内容下载多媒体: -for-health - care-professionals-world301033502.html 来源:iTranslate