Association of Language Companies in Africa (ALCA) Announces Pre-Launch Event


2023-11-15 16:43 multilingual


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The Association of Language Companies in Africa (ALCA) is thrilled to announce its upcoming unveiling event to be held online on Friday, November 17 from 3pm to 4:30pm GMT. This event marks a significant milestone in the journey toward fostering collaboration, setting industry standards, and creating opportunities for language service providers (LSPs) across the continent. The event promises engaging sessions, including a keynote address by renowned industry expert Renato Beninatto from Nimdzi Insights on the role of associations in advancing the language industry. Founding board members Ady Namaran Coulibaly of Bolingo Consult, Christian Elongue of Kabod Group, Johan Botha of Folio Online, and Alfred Mtawali of Can Translators will share insights into ALCA’s mission, values, and vision while addressing its expected impact on the language industry. These industry leaders will also discuss the current state and future of language services in Africa. The virtual event is open to language companies in Africa, language professionals, language enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the language industry’s development in Africa. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the ALCA journey — register for free here.
非洲语言公司协会(ALCA)很高兴地宣布其即将于11月17日星期五下午3点至下午4点30分在网上举行的揭幕活动。此次活动标志着非洲大陆促进合作、制定行业标准和为语言服务提供商(LSP)创造机会的重要里程碑。 该活动承诺举办引人入胜的会议,包括来自Nimdzi Insights的知名行业专家Renato Beninatto就协会在推进语言行业中的作用发表主题演讲。创始董事会成员Bolingo Consult的Ady Namaran Coulibaly、Kabod Group的Christian Elongue、Folio Online的Johan Botha和Can Translators的Alfred Mtawali将分享对ALCA使命、价值观和愿景的见解,同时讨论其对语言行业的预期影响。这些行业领袖还将讨论非洲语言服务的现状和未来。 该虚拟活动向非洲的语言公司、语言专业人士、语言爱好者以及任何对非洲语言行业发展感兴趣的人开放。不要错过这个独特的机会,成为ALCA之旅的一部分-在这里免费注册。