Interpreters Unlimited to Host Webinar on Language Services in Schools


2023-11-10 13:04 multilingual


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Interpreters Unlimited, a leading authority in language services, is excited to announce an upcoming webinar titled, “Empowering Education Through Language Services: A Key to Inclusive Learning.” This exclusive online event is tailored to education professionals, administrators, and decision-makers who understand the significance of inclusive education and the transformative power of language services in schools. Interpreters Unlimited has built a reputation for excellence in the language services industry, and this webinar is a testament to their commitment to sharing knowledge and promoting inclusion in education. The company handles “English as a Second Language” (ESL) programs and “Individualized Education Programs” (IEPs) serving the smallest to largest school districts as well as universities across the US and globally. Catering programs to In-Person On-Site, through Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), or Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), there is a solution for almost every school need. Whether it’s document translation, day-to-day in-classroom education, parent-teacher meetings, staff meetings, orientation, commencement, graduation, or any other special event, Interpreters Unlimited delivers first-class language services. Title: Empowering Education Through Language Services: A Key to Inclusive Learning Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST Duration: Scheduled for 1 hour but will most likely be 30 minutes with the remainder of the time for Q&A Registration: What to Expect: Unlock New Opportunities for Your Students: Discover how language services can create equitable educational opportunities for students with diverse linguistic backgrounds. Learn about success stories and insights that can help you ensure no student is left behind. Boost Parental Engagement: Explore the advantages of extending language services to families of students. Effective communication builds trust and engagement, leading to better educational outcomes. Choose the Right Partner: Find out why partnering with Interpreters Unlimited is the best decision you can make. Learn about the wide array of language services Interpreters Unlimited offers — from interpretation and document translation to localization and transcription — and how these tailored solutions can align with your institution’s unique needs. Topics include: Translation – Translation Memory – Types of documents Interpreting – On-Site / VRI / Phone / AS Localization Our Mobile Scheduling Application How to Sign Up / Agreement / Pricing
语言服务领域的领先权威机构Interpreters Unlimited很高兴地宣布即将举办名为“通过语言服务增强教育能力:包容性学习的关键”的网络研讨会这一独家在线活动专为了解全纳教育的重要性和学校语言服务的变革力量的教育专业人士、管理人员和决策者量身定制。 Interpreters Unlimited在语言服务行业建立了卓越的声誉,本次网络研讨会证明了他们致力于分享知识和促进教育包容性。该公司处理“英语作为第二语言”(ESL)项目和“个性化教育项目”(IEP),服务于美国和全球最小到最大的学区以及大学。通过视频远程口译(VRI)或电话口译(OPI),为现场的项目提供餐饮服务,几乎每个学校都有一个解决方案。无论是文件翻译、日常课堂教育、家长会、员工会议、迎新会、毕业典礼、毕业典礼,还是任何其他特殊活动,口译员无限都能提供一流的语言服务。 题目:通过语言服务增强教育能力:包容性学习的关键 日期:2023年11月14日星期二太平洋标准时间上午10:00/美国东部时间下午1:00 持续时间:安排1小时,但最有可能是30分钟,其余时间用于问答 注册: 预期结果: 为您的学生开启新的机会:了解语言服务如何为具有不同语言背景的学生创造公平的教育机会。了解成功案例和见解,帮助您确保不让任何学生掉队。 促进家长参与:探索将语言服务扩展到学生家庭的优势。有效的沟通可以建立信任和参与,从而带来更好的教育成果。 选择合适的合作伙伴:了解为什么与无限口译员合作是你能做出的最佳决定。了解口译员无限提供的各种语言服务——从口译和文件翻译到本地化和转录——以及这些量身定制的解决方案如何满足您所在机构的独特需求。 主题包括: 翻译。翻译记忆库。文档类型 现场口译/VRI/电话/AS 本地化 我们的移动调度应用程序 如何签约/协议/定价