Centre news vol. 61 - November 2023


2023-11-10 03:00 CLARIN


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CLARIN technical open hour, Monday 13 November at 11:00 CET The third edition of the CLARIN technology open hour is planned for next Monday at 11:00 CET. You can join virtually and ask our developers and infrastructure specialists anything. Anyone is welcome to join! There will be another open hour on 11 December. New on the CLARIN forum DataCite: discussion on multilingual resources Aligning Parlamint with Video data Corpus of Australian and New Zealand Spoken English now available via federated login New software releases The Switchboard version 2.4.3 has been released. This is a maintenance release, please check the changelog for details.
BETWEIN技术开放时间,11月13日星期一11:00 CET 第三届WEBIN技术开放时间计划于下周一11:00 CET举行。您可以虚拟加入并向我们的开发人员和基础设施专家咨询任何问题。欢迎任何人加入! 12月11日将有另一个开放时间。 新上的论坛 DataCite:多语言资源讨论 将Parlamint与视频数据对齐 澳大利亚和新西兰英语口语语料库现已通过联邦登录提供 新软件版本 Switchboard 2.4.3版本已经发布。这是一个维护版本,请查看更新日志了解详细信息。