COVID-19 Language Guide


2022-09-14 18:25 terminology Coordination


阅读模式 切换至中文

How to get through the corona crisis in English The language service of Criminal Intelligence Service Austria/Federal Ministry of the Interior compiled this language guide for Austrian-German speakers to help them to put the new realities that the pandemic had created into words and to provide them with English equivalents. It reflects the terminology used in Austria and provides an overview of the most common COVID-19-related terms and phrases.
如何用英语度过电晕危机 奥地利刑事情报局/联邦内政部语言服务处为说奥地利-德语的人编写了这份语言指南,以帮助他们将大流行造成的新现实用文字表达出来,并向他们提供英语等价物。它反映了奥地利使用的术语,并概述了最常见的COVID-19-related术语和短语。