Centre news vol. 55 - September 2022


2022-09-14 22:25 CLARIN


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Upcoming assessment deadline The deadline for the upcoming B-centre assessment round is 31 October 2022. New B-centre The CLARIN:EL National Infrastructure for Language Resources & Technologies in Greece has successfully concluded the CLARIN B-centre assessment. Congratulations! New CoreTrustSeal requirements as of 2023 The CoreTrustSeal assessment, which is a prerequisite for B-centre certification, is transitioning to a new version: from the current (2020-2022) requirements to the 2023-2025 version. On 31 October the submission system will close for an upgrade, until early 2023. More details about these versions, including a Changelog, are available at the CoreTrustSeal, successor of the Data Seal of Approval See: https://www.coretrustseal.org read more website. Please note that this transition fits nicely with the B-centre assessment rounds: centres can participate in the upcoming round by 31 October (using the CTS requirements 2020-2022) or in the round afterwards (in spring 2023, using the 2023-2025 CTS requirements). Centre Meeting 2022 presentations The slides of the 2022 Centre Meeting have been published on the event page.
即将到来的评估截止日期 即将到来的B中心评估回合的截止日期为2022年10月31日。 新B中心 希腊CLARIN:EL国家语言资源和技术基础设施已成功完成CLARIN B中心评估。恭喜你啊! 自2023年起的新CoreTrustSeal要求 CoreTrustSeal评估是B中心认证的先决条件,正在过渡到新版本:从目前的(2020-2022年)所需资源调整为2023-2025年版本。10月31日,提交系统将关闭升级,直至2023年初。 有关这些版本的详细信息(包括更改日志),请访问 CoreTrustSeal,批准资料章的继承人 请访问:https://www.coretrustseal.org 阅读更多 网站上。 请注意,这一转变与B中心评估回合非常吻合:各中心可在10月31日前参加下一轮(使用2020-2022年CTS要求)或之后的一轮(2023年春季,使用2023-2025年CTS要求)。 2022年中心会议报告 2022年中心会议的幻灯片已在活动页面发布。