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阅读模式 切换至中文

This year’s most requested language, Ukrainian, is now live on DeepL Translator, bringing our total number of languages to 29. Our team of researchers and engineers accelerated Ukrainian’s release to ensure high-quality translation as soon as possible. We hope this release can support Ukrainians forced to relocate abroad and those currently navigating challenging communication issues. As always, DeepL’s development of neural network technology leads the way in producing nuanced and natural-sounding AI translations. We will be making continuous qualitative improvements to our translations in Ukrainian and in all other languages we offer. Ukrainian is now available on the web translator, desktop and mobile apps, and the API. When translating text, you can choose alternative translations for words. We also offer document translation that retains the original formatting. For more information, visit our Help Center. DeepL Pro subscriptions are now available in Mexico, home to many of DeepL’s most loyal users! In fact, translator usage in Mexico is among the top 10 countries worldwide. Most of our users in Mexico translate Spanish to English and Spanish to French — facilitating personal and professional communication globally. With Pro subscription capability, we’re opening premium features to 129 million people, and millions of businesses alike. DeepL Pro and DeepL Pro for Business offer individuals and organizations more tools at their fingertips, including: ♾️ Unlimited text translation ➕ Increased number of document translations ? Increased file size for document translations ? Maximum data security ? Additional glossaries ? Formal and informal tone ? CAT tool integration A DeepL Pro subscription is perfect for individual users, particularly professional translators or freelancers, to unlock DeepL's full potential through unlimited translations and customization options. If you want to enable your entire team to use translation tools, DeepL Pro for Teams will help expand communication with global partners, while ensuring tone and brand consistency across borders. Teams of 35 or more members can also utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) for maximum organizational security. For software developers and organizations who want to build their own DeepL-powered products, using the DeepL API makes it possible to integrate high-quality translations directly into websites, applications, and more. Mexico joins the growing number of countries offering DeepL Pro, including the EU, UK, Canada, the USA, Japan, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. To find the plan that’s best for you or your team, visit the DeepL Pro page and get started today. We are pleased to say hoş geldiniz and selamat datang to our Turkish and Indonesian-speaking users! DeepL continues to make breakthroughs in neural network technology with the addition of two new languages: Turkish and Indonesian. Together they have nearly 300 million speakers, opening the translator to many new users worldwide! These additions bring our language count to 28, with more than 650 possible translation combinations. During the development of our translation neural networks for these new languages, we conducted numerous blind tests to asses the quality. For both Turkish and Indonesian, DeepL’s translation system emerged as the favorite among translators compared to the competition. Coming on the heels of our launch of 13 languages last year, the addition of Turkish and Indonesian is yet another milestone for DeepL in pushing technological boundaries in AI translation, and furthers our mission to break down language barriers worldwide. We are excited to announce that the DeepL for Chrome extension is now live, bringing the quality of our web translator and desktop apps to your browser. Whether you are corresponding with clients abroad or conducting multilingual research, you can enjoy any page in your own language without ever leaving Chrome. The Chrome extension offers three important tools for you as you browse the web: As a free or Pro user, you can efficiently translate your writing by choosing your target language in the extension settings. Click the DeepL icon next to your text or paragraph for an instant translation. Free users can translate selected texts while browsing the web. Highlight the desired section and instantly translate it into your desired language. Once you highlight the text, the DeepL icon will appear. Choose your desired language to see the translation.“Show more” will open the web translator in a new tab. DeepL Pro users also enjoy full-page translation. Simply log in to your DeepL Pro account on the extension and set all or specific sites to instant translation. As with our web translator and desktop apps, Pro customers are guaranteed maximum data security and an encrypted connection, and all texts are deleted after translation. Full-page translation will be available for free users soon. DeepL for Chrome ensures a fast and efficient translation experience that builds on and complements our existing apps. Add the DeepL for Chrome extension to your repertoire and enjoy a more efficient translation experience! May 19 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The GAAD foundation strives to ensure accessibility is integral in the development of digital products. At DeepL, accessibility is not a project, but rather an ongoing process and commitment to increasing our product usability for billions worldwide. DeepL follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) from the Web Accessibility Initiative to improve accessibility on its site pages. Some of the most pertinent guidelines we follow include: A significant step toward a fully accessible digital product is optimizing the web translator for keyboard usage, with no mouse required. Users can tab through navigation links and conduct translations using only keystrokes. We also focus heavily on visual accessibility, optimizing for the use of screen readers. Screen readers such as NVDA and VoiceOver recite words from web pages to assist users in following the text and in navigating the site. Lastly, we pay close attention to copy across product descriptions, navigation menus, and blog posts on our site. We value clear and concise language, with uncomplicated sentence structures. Our style guide includes rules such as: Recent website changes have come on the heels of an important partnership with Fable, whose testing platform identified problem areas we have improved upon. Fable Engage enables teams to connect with people with disabilities remotely and on-demand to accelerate user research, design, and development. Feedback from accessibility testers provides invaluable information for companies looking to identify problems and to improve accessibility. Fable rates digital products using the Accessible Usability Scale (AUS). The score is calculated through a series of questions answered by accessibility testers, who assess sites on compatibility with accessibility technologies, complexity of site navigation, and ease of use without outside assistance. The AUS uses a 1–100 scale, with 100 as the top rating. Since partnering with Fable, DeepL has dramatically improved its accessibility metrics. During our first test, we scored a 70. Using the test results, we got to work to improve the site, namely changing the tab order on the web translator, and clarifying button labels... in our subsequent Fable tests, we scored 90. First, we improved the “focus-visible state” to make it easier for users who navigate via keyboard to see which element they are interacting with. The new focus state meets the AAA standards from the WCAG: We then improved the labeling of all the translator components, both visually and for screen readers, so that anyone can identify the element they are interacting with: Finally, we enabled translator usage at a higher zoom setting, so people who need a larger text size can have a quality translation experience: After making these vital improvements to the site, we received promising feedback from an accessibility tester who spent time with the web translator: “I really like this website. I’ve never used it before, but it worked really well. It was easy to tell which language was selected as a source language and which language was selected as a target language. It was really easy to find the different languages, and then change them. So, I really enjoyed this, it is an awesome website.” These improvements are carried over into our new mobile web release, which scored an 80. We’re continuing to partner with Fable to ensure improvements over time, and that we keep raising the bar among AI companies when it comes to digital accessibility. DeepL is continuously making site and app improvements, with the goal of achieving a global WCAG 2 standard. This standard sets specific accessibility guidelines we’ll comply with as we further develop our products. We’re currently focusing on optimizing the desktop and mobile websites for keyboard and screen reader usage. To learn more about Global Accessibility Day and its commitment to accessibility in the digital realm, visit the GAAD foundation’s official website. DeepL will continue to update its users on accessibility improvements. DeepL users value precision and customizability, which is why our glossary feature is so popular among visitors worldwide. You can specify how your words and phrases are translated, saving editing time and ensuring consistency in written communication. DeepL instantly adapts grammar and syntax to your glossary specifications, and you can toggle the feature on and off at any time. Glossary usage The glossary is perfect for using industry or company-specific jargon and gives you customization and control of the translation experience. For example, transportation giant Deutsche Bahn leverages the glossary feature for the DeepL API to standardize terms and phrases across a multinational workforce, ensuring smooth travel for millions of riders year-round. No matter your industry, the glossary feature keeps your translations consistent. As the most requested asset among our business customers, we've set our sights on improving the language availability of the feature by adding 8 new language pairs: The new language pairs join our already established list: How does it work? On the web translator or desktop apps, click on any word or phrase in the translation you wish to change, and choose from a list of alternatives. DeepL will ask if you'd like to save this translation to always replace the original source word or phrase for the future. You can also manually enter glossary additions by clicking the Glossary button at the top of the target language box, or upload your own file (only available for Advanced and Ultimate plans). How many entries are possible? Free users have access to 1 glossary with 10 entries, but if you’re aiming for maximum adaptability, consider a Pro account to access more. Starter accounts have 1 glossary with 5,000 entries, while Advanced and Ultimate users get 2,000 glossaries with 5,000 entries each. The maximum size limit for an API glossary is 10MB, and a total of 1,000 glossaries are allowed per API account. The use of multiple glossaries is perfect for those working in several markets, in an international team or agency, or those with a global clientele requiring multilingual communication. You can use the glossary on the web translator, desktop apps, and the API. Glossary for document translations will be available on the web translator and Mac app soon. DeepL Translate for Android is now live, bringing best-in-class, on-the-go translation to millions more users worldwide. Joining its iOS counterpart, DeepL for Android maintains the accuracy users enjoy on our web translator and desktop apps. The Android operating system currently holds the largest global market share, making the app an important step in bringing DeepL further into the world. Android is consistently one of our top Help Center inquiries—and when our users ask, we listen. App features DeepL for Android automatically detects the source language, and you can choose from one of 26 target languages. The translation populates as you type, making access to information instantaneous. Copy your translations with the Copy icon below the translation window. You can also see additional suggestions for short sentences. Once you type a short sentence in your source language, you will see the alternatives populate under the translation window. An exciting new feature of the Android app is OCR (optical character recognition) capability. Select the camera icon and take a picture of the text you wish to translate. DeepL will automatically identify the source language and translate it into your target language. The OCR feature is perfect for those restaurant menus you encounter on holiday! Translate your voice to the language of your choice. Simply tap on the microphone icon and begin talking—the speech-to-text feature allows you to translate your own words to one of 24 target languages and 2 locales. Want to practice pronunciation in your target language? By clicking the Speaker icon below the text, the text-to-speech feature reads the translation back to you. You can also share your translations to external apps via the Share icon. The new Android extension also offers Favorite translations. You can save frequent translations and easily access old translations to work on or to master as you learn a new language. In addition, you can share text from external apps to DeepL itself, allowing you to translate sentences from web pages or emails. In an external app, highlight the desired sentence, long press, choose either DeepL or Share, and select DeepL. It will then take you straight to the app with the translation completed. You can also enable dark mode in your phone settings to avoid eye strain and battery drain. New features, including DeepL Pro login capability, are coming soon! Join millions of users already translating on the go by downloading DeepL for Android. If you have any questions about the app, check out our Help Center. Companies and their teams are learning how to balance cyber security with productivity and user experience. How can they improve usability and productivity for employees, while keeping their systems safe and their costs low? Single sign-on (SSO) authentication helps companies and employees alike to address these challenges. What is SSO? SSO allows employees to log in to all company applications with one set of user credentials. Users can switch easily between corporate apps without having to generate and remember multiple passwords. SSO setup via Self-Service is now available for DeepL Pro Advanced or Ultimate users with 35+ licenses. Look at what our current customers are saying – and learn how SSO improves security, user experience and productivity. Enhance security and compliance There is a seemingly endless array of apps we use daily. With so much to keep track of, it’s no wonder that most users choose the same or similar passwords for each application (yes, we’re all guilty of it!) While a weak password might make life easier for an employee, it puts companies at risk of cyber-attacks. Hackers can break down defenses app by app if login credentials are weak. With SSO, the team administrator has a central login directory, with complete control over user permissions and access to resources. SSO also helps IT to ensure regulatory compliance by documenting user activity from this central location. Improve user experience SSO is an antidote to password fatigue. With a single login to remember, employees can spend more time focusing on important tasks and less time stressing over yet another new password. Employees can easily request access to new apps in the corporate suite and, if they do forget their master login, they can reset their password quickly and easily. Reduce cost SSO unburdens the IT department from having to constantly reset passwords for multiple apps, reducing overall cost and increasing productivity in other areas of the business. Set up SSO SSO setup via Self-Service is available for our Advanced and Ultimate accounts with 35+ licenses. Administrators can consult our Help Center instructions to set up SSO in less than ten minutes, making it easier than ever to manage their team’s access to DeepL translation products. Interested in SSO but don’t quite meet the threshold? Upgrade your subscription in your team’s Account Dashboard, or reach out to your dedicated DeepL Pro Sales representative. With a few days left before the holiday season begins, we want to reflect on our journey over the past 12 months. Our 230-strong team, spread across four different countries, worked extremely hard to realize our mission—breaking down language barriers and bringing cultures closer together. By adding 13 new languages to DeepL Translator earlier this year, we reached 105 million more native speakers worldwide and provided them with natural-sounding, high-quality translations. All thirteen languages are now available on, via the DeepL API, and in our desktop and mobile apps. We also enhanced the file translation feature by adding PDF as a file format. Over 70% of DeepL Pro users requested it in early 2021. And when our users ask, we listen! After releasing it to the public, PDF is now the most popular file format translated on DeepL. Whether you use DeepL in a professional setting or after hours, we want to ensure you can always access our high-quality translations. With the release of our first mobile app for iOS, you can now use DeepL's core functionality on the go. Download the app for free here. Android users shouldn't feel left behind. Our team is currently developing the Android app, which is scheduled for release in Q1 2022. As we grow and welcome more new users year over year, we continuously strive to add new languages and further improve the translation quality provided by our neural networks. This includes advances in the architecture, training methodology and efficiency of the neural networks as well as the intelligent usage of the data that is used in the networks’ training. Last but not least, we continued to invest in our API products this year to enable developers with advanced features. With the recent release of glossary support for the DeepL API, users can specify their translations for words or phrases and customize their translations consistently and at scale. Furthermore, to make it easier for developers to build with the DeepL API, we also released official client libraries in Python and .NET. Read more in the API documentation. On this note, we'd like to thank you for using DeepL. If there's something you've always wanted to see in our product, click here to let us know. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a great start into the new year! Our real-time file translation feature now supports PDF as a file format. As we continue to provide a best-in-class translation experience for over half a billion people globally, adding the PDF format was important for our community. Over 70% of DeepL Pro users requested it in early 2021. And when our users ask, we listen! Whether it’s an eBook or a document from an international client, you can now translate entire PDF files with just a few clicks. All fonts, images, and formatting remain in place so you can enjoy unbeatable translation quality and increase your efficiency in one go. The number of document translations available to you per month depends on your plan. Free users can translate up to three documents per month (5 MB file size, 100K character limit), while DeepL Pro subscribers have more flexible options. The PDF translation feature is also available for API users who want to build this feature directly into their custom business applications. DeepL uses an Adobe API to convert PDF content to formatted text and then to convert the translated document back to a PDF. It only takes a few seconds, but it’s important to note that your PDF file and the translated document will be sent to Adobe Inc., located in the US, to be converted. The translation will, of course, be performed by DeepL. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy. If you use one of DeepL’s desktop apps, you’ll soon have two options for translating PDF files: Real-time PDF translation is now available via the web translator, the DeepL API, and will soon be available via the desktop apps, DeepL for Windows and DeepL for Mac. Please keep in mind that custom fonts and large image sizes might impact the quality of your translation. If possible, use documents with fewer visual elements to ensure the highest standards of translation. If you need more information, please refer to this Help Center article. Have a PDF you’ve been waiting to translate? You can try it out now on DeepL Translator.
今年最受欢迎的语言-乌克兰语,现在已经在DeepL Translator上上线,使我们的语言总数达到29种。 我们的研究人员和工程师团队加快了乌克兰语的发布,以确保尽快获得高质量的翻译。我们希望这一释放可以支持被迫搬迁到国外的乌克兰人和那些目前正在解决具有挑战性的沟通问题的人。 DeepL开发的神经网络技术一如既往地引领着人工智能翻译的发展方向。我们将不断提高质量,我们的翻译在乌克兰语和所有其他语言,我们提供。 乌克兰语现在可以在网络翻译器、桌面和移动应用程序以及API上使用。翻译文本时,您可以为单词选取备选翻译。我们还提供保留原始格式的文档翻译。 有关详细信息,请访问我们的帮助中心。 DeepL Pro订阅现在可在墨西哥,许多DeepL的最忠实的用户的家园!事实上,墨西哥的译者使用率在全球排名前十。我们的大多数墨西哥用户都可以将西班牙语翻译成英语和法语,方便全球范围内的个人和专业交流。 凭借Pro订阅功能,我们向1.29亿用户和数百万企业开放了高级功能。DeepL Pro和DeepL Pro for Business为个人和组织提供了更多触手可及的工具,包括: 无️限制的文本翻译 增加文件翻译数量 ?增加文件翻译的档案大小 ?最高的数据安全性 ?其他词汇表 ?正式和非正式的语气 ?CAT工具集成 DeepL Pro订阅非常适合个人用户,特别是专业翻译或自由职业者,通过无限的翻译和定制选项来释放DeepL的全部潜力。 如果您想让整个团队都能使用翻译工具,DeepL Pro for Teams将帮助您扩大与全球合作伙伴的沟通,同时确保跨国界的语气和品牌一致性。由35名或更多成员组成的团队还可以利用单点登录(SSO)来实现最大的组织安全性。 对于希望构建自己的DeepL产品的软件开发人员和组织来说,使用DeepL API可以将高质量的翻译直接集成到网站、应用程序等中。 墨西哥加入了越来越多提供DeepL Pro的国家,包括欧盟、英国、加拿大、美国、日本、瑞士和列支敦士登。要找到最适合您或您的团队的计划,请访问DeepL Pro页面并立即开始。 我们很高兴向我们的土耳其语和印度尼西亚语用户说hoš geldiniz and selamat datang! DeepL继续在神经网络技术方面取得突破,增加了两种新语言:土耳其和印度尼西亚。他们总共拥有近3亿个发言者,为全球众多新用户打开了翻译器的大门!这些新增功能使我们的语言数量达到28种,可能的翻译组合超过650种。 在我们为这些新语言开发翻译神经网络的过程中,我们进行了大量的盲测试来评估质量。对于土耳其语和印度尼西亚语,DeepL的翻译系统在翻译者中成为最受欢迎的系统。 继我们去年推出13种语言之后,土耳其语和印度尼西亚语的加入是DeepL在推动人工智能翻译技术边界方面的又一个里程碑,并进一步推动了我们在全球范围内打破语言障碍的使命。 我们很高兴地宣布,DeepL for Chrome扩展现已上线,为您的浏览器带来高质量的网页翻译和桌面应用。无论您是在与国外客户通信还是进行多语言研究,您都可以在不离开Chrome的情况下使用自己的语言浏览任何页面。 Chrome扩展程序为您浏览Web提供了三个重要工具: 作为免费或专业用户,您可以通过在扩展设置中选择您的目标语言来高效地翻译您的写作。点击文本或段落旁边的DeepL图标即可进行即时翻译。 免费用户可以在浏览网页时翻译选定的文本。突出显示所需的部分,并立即将其翻译成您所需的语言。 突出显示文本后,将出现DeepL图标。选择所需的语言以查看翻译。显示更多将在新选项卡中打开网络翻译器。 DeepL Pro用户还可以享受整页翻译。只需在扩展上登录您的DeepL Pro帐户,并将所有或特定网站设置为即时翻译。与我们的网络翻译和桌面应用程序一样,专业版客户可以获得最大的数据安全性和加密连接,并且所有文本在翻译后都会被删除。整页翻译将很快免费提供给用户。 DeepL for Chrome可确保快速高效的翻译体验,该体验基于并补充我们现有的应用程序。将DeepL for Chrome扩展功能添加到您的全部功能中,享受更高效的翻译体验! 5月19日是全球无障碍意识日(GAAD)。GAAD基金会致力于确保可访问性是数字产品开发中不可或缺的一部分。在DeepL,可访问性不是一个项目,而是一个持续的过程和承诺,以提高我们的产品可用性,为全球数十亿。 DeepL遵循Web Accessibility Initiative的Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG)来提高其网站页面的可访问性。我们遵循的一些最相关的准则包括: 向完全可访问的数字产品迈出的重要一步是优化Web Translator的键盘使用,而无需使用鼠标。用户可以通过导航链接切换标签,并仅使用按键进行翻译。 我们还非常注重视觉可访问性,针对屏幕阅读器的使用进行优化。屏幕阅读器(如NVDA和VoiceOver)朗读网页中的单词,以帮助用户跟随文本和导航站点。 最后,我们会密切关注我们网站上产品描述、导航菜单和博客文章的复制。我们重视简洁明了的语言和不复杂的句子结构。我们的风格指南包括以下规则: 最近的网站变化是在与Fable建立了重要的合作关系之后进行的,Fable的测试平台发现了我们已经改进的问题领域。 Fable Engage使团队能够按需远程与残障人士联系,以加快用户研究、设计和开发。来自辅助功能测试人员的反馈为希望发现问题并改进辅助功能的公司提供了宝贵的信息。 Fable使用可访问可用性量表(AUS)对数字产品进行评级。评分是通过辅助功能测试人员回答的一系列问题计算出来的,这些测试人员评估网站与辅助功能技术的兼容性、网站导航的复杂性以及在没有外部帮助的情况下使用的方便性。澳大利亚采用1 100的评分标准,100为最高评分。 自从与Fable合作以来,DeepL显著提高了其可访问性指标。在我们的第一次测试中,我们得了70分。根据测试结果,我们开始改进网站,即改变网页翻译器上的标签顺序,并澄清按钮标签...在接下来的寓言测试中,我们得了90分。 首先,我们改进了"focus-visible state“,使通过键盘导航的用户更容易看到他们正在与哪个元素交互。新的焦点状态符合WCAG的AAA标准: 然后,我们改进了所有翻译器组件的标记,无论是视觉上的还是屏幕阅读器上的,以便任何人都可以识别他们正在交互的元素: 最后,我们启用了更高缩放设置的翻译器,因此需要更大文本大小的用户可以获得高质量的翻译体验: 在对站点进行了这些重要的改进之后,我们从一位与Web翻译人员一起工作的可访问性测试人员那里收到了令人满意的反馈: 我真的很喜欢这个网站。我以前从未用过,但效果很好。很容易分辨出哪种语言被选为源语言,哪种语言被选为目标语言。找到不同的语言,然后改变它们真的很容易。我真的很喜欢这个,这是一个真棒网站. 这些改进被带到了我们新的移动网络版本中,它得到了80分。我们将继续与Fable合作,以确保随着时间的推移不断改进,并且我们将不断提高人工智能公司在数字可访问性方面的标准。 DeepL不断改进网站和应用程序,目标是达到全球WCAG 2标准。该标准规定了我们在进一步开发产品时将遵守的特定可访问性准则。我们目前正专注于优化桌面和移动网站的键盘和屏幕阅读器的使用。 要了解更多关于全球无障碍日及其对数字领域无障碍的承诺,请访问GAAD基金会的官方网站。DeepL将继续更新其用户的可访问性改进。 DeepL用户重视精确性和可定制性,这就是为什么我们的词汇表功能在世界各地的访问者中如此受欢迎。 您可以指定如何翻译字词和短语,从而节省编辑时间并确保书面交流的一致性。DeepL可以根据您的术语表规范即时调整语法和句法,您可以随时打开和关闭该功能。 词汇表用法 该词汇表非常适合使用行业或公司特定的术语,并为您提供定制和控制翻译体验的功能。例如,运输巨头德国铁路公司利用DeepL API的词汇表功能,在跨国员工中标准化术语和短语,确保数百万乘客全年顺畅出行。 无论您从事何种行业,词汇表功能都能使您的翻译保持一致。作为我们企业客户中要求最多的资产,我们已通过添加8种新的语言对来提高该功能的语言可用性: 新的语言对加入我们已经建立的列表: 它是如何工作的? 在网络翻译器或桌面应用程序上,单击翻译中您要更改的任何单词或短语,然后从备选项列表中进行选择。DeepL将询问您是否要保存此翻译,以便将来始终替换原始的源单词或短语。 您还可以通过单击目标语言框顶部的“词汇表”按钮手动输入词汇表添加项,或上传您自己的文件(仅适用于高级和旗舰版计划)。 可能有多少个条目? 免费用户可以访问1个词汇表,其中包含10个词条,但如果您的目标是最大的适应性,请考虑使用专业帐户访问更多词条。入门级帐户有1个词汇表,其中包含5,000个条目,而高级和终极用户则有2,000个词汇表,每个词汇表包含5,000个条目。API词汇表的最大大小限制为10MB,每个API帐户总共允许1,000个词汇表。使用多个词汇表非常适合在多个市场工作的人员、在国际团队或机构工作的人员,或者需要多语言交流的全球客户的人员。 您可以在Web翻译器、桌面应用程序和API上使用词汇表。文档翻译的词汇表将很快在网络翻译器和Mac应用程序上提供。 DeepL Translate for Android现已上线,为全球数百万用户带来一流的移动翻译。DeepL for Android与iOS版本一样,保持了用户在我们的网络翻译器和桌面应用程序上享受的准确性。 Android操作系统目前占据着全球最大的市场份额,这使得该应用程序成为将DeepL进一步推向世界的重要一步。Android一直是我们帮助中心的首要问题之一,当我们的用户询问时,我们会倾听。 应用程序功能 DeepL for Android会自动检测源语言,您可以从26种目标语言中选择一种。翻译会在您键入时填充,使您可以即时访问信息。使用翻译窗口下方的“复制”图标复制您的翻译。 您还可以查看有关短句的其他建议。当您以源语言键入一个短句后,您将看到替代项填充在翻译窗口下。 Android应用程序的一个令人兴奋的新功能是OCR(光学字符识别)功能。选择照相机图标并为您要翻译的文本拍照。DeepL将自动识别源语言并将其翻译成您的目标语言。OCR功能是完美的那些餐厅菜单,你遇到的假期! 将您的声音翻译成您选择的语言。只需点击麦克风图标即可开始讲话-语音转文本功能允许您将自己的话翻译为24种目标语言和2种语言环境中的一种。 想练习目标语言的发音吗?通过点按文本下方的扬声器图标,文本到语音转换功能会将翻译读回给您听。您还可以通过“共享”图标将翻译共享到外部应用程序。 新的Android扩展还提供了收藏夹翻译。您可以保存常用的翻译,并轻松访问旧的翻译,以便在学习新语言时使用或掌握。 此外,你可以将外部应用程序中的文本共享到DeepL本身,允许你翻译网页或电子邮件中的句子。在外部应用程序中,突出显示所需的句子,长按,选择DeepL或Share,然后选择DeepL。然后,它会直接带你到应用程序与翻译完成。 您也可以在手机设置中启用黑暗模式,以避免眼睛疲劳和电池耗尽。 包括DeepL Pro登录功能在内的新功能即将推出!通过下载DeepL for Android,加入数百万已经在移动中进行翻译的用户。如果您对该应用程序有任何疑问,请查看我们的帮助中心。 公司及其团队正在学习如何平衡网络安全与生产力和用户体验。他们如何提高员工的可用性和工作效率,同时保持系统安全和低成本?单点登录(SSO)身份验证可帮助公司和员工解决这些难题。 什么是SSO? SSO允许员工使用一组用户凭据登录到所有公司应用程序。用户可以在企业应用程序之间轻松切换,而无需生成和记住多个密码。现在,拥有35个以上许可证的DeepL Pro Advanced或Ultimate用户可以通过自助服务进行SSO设置。 了解我们当前客户的看法并了解SSO如何提高安全性、用户体验和工作效率。 增强安全性和合规性 我们每天使用的应用程序似乎无穷无尽。有这么多需要跟踪的信息,难怪大多数用户会为每个应用程序选择相同或相似的密码(是的,我们都犯了这样的错误!) 虽然弱密码可能会让员工的生活更轻松,但它会让公司面临网络攻击的风险。如果登录凭据薄弱,黑客可以逐个应用程序地破坏防御。通过SSO,团队管理员拥有一个中央登录目录,可以完全控制用户权限和对资源的访问。SSO还通过从该中心位置记录用户活动,帮助IT部门确保法规遵从性。 改善用户体验 SSO是密码疲劳的解药。只需记住一个登录名,员工就可以将更多时间集中在重要任务上,而不必为另一个新密码而烦恼。员工可以轻松请求访问企业套件中的新应用程序,如果忘记了主登录名,还可以快速轻松地重置密码。 降低成本 单点登录可减轻IT部门的负担,使其不必不断为多个应用程序重置密码,从而降低总体成本并提高其他业务领域的工作效率。 设置SSO 通过自助服务进行SSO设置适用于我们拥有35个以上许可证的高级版和旗舰版帐户。管理员可以参考我们的帮助中心说明,在不到十分钟的时间内设置SSO,从而比以往任何时候都更容易管理其团队对DeepL翻译产品的访问。 对SSO感兴趣,但还没有达到门槛?在您团队的帐户仪表板中升级您的订阅,或联系您的专属DeepL Pro销售代表。 离假期开始还有几天,我们想回顾一下过去12个月的旅程。我们的230人团队分布在四个不同的国家,他们为实现我们的使命付出了极大的努力--打破语言障碍,拉近文化距离。 今年早些时候,我们为DeepL Translator添加了13种新语言,使全球的母语使用者增加了1.05亿,并为他们提供了听起来自然、高质量的翻译。所有13种语言现在都可以在www.example.com上DeepL.com通过DeepL API以及在我们的桌面和移动应用程序中使用。 我们还通过添加PDF作为文件格式增强了文件翻译功能。超过70%的DeepL Pro用户在2021年初提出了请求。当我们的用户询问时,我们会倾听!在向公众发布之后,PDF现在是在DeepL上翻译的最流行的文件格式。 无论您是在专业环境中还是在工作时间之外使用DeepL,我们都希望确保您始终可以访问我们的高质量翻译。随着我们的首款iOS移动应用程序的发布,您现在可以随时随地使用DeepL的核心功能。点击此处免费下载该应用程序。 Android用户不应该感到落后。我们的团队目前正在开发Android应用程序,计划于2022年第一季度发布。 随着我们的成长和欢迎更多的新用户年复一年,我们不断努力增加新的语言,并进一步提高我们的神经网络提供的翻译质量。这包括在神经网络的结构、训练方法和效率方面的进步,以及在网络训练中使用的数据的智能使用。 最后但同样重要的是,我们今年继续投资于我们的API产品,以使开发人员能够使用高级功能。随着最近发布的DeepL API的词汇表支持,用户可以指定单词或短语的翻译,并一致地、大规模地定制翻译。此外,为了让开发人员更容易使用DeepL API进行构建,我们还发布了Python和. NET的官方客户端库。请参阅API文档中的详细信息。 在此,我们要感谢您使用DeepL。如果您一直想在我们的产品中看到什么,请单击此处让我们知道。 我们祝您有一个美好的假期和一个伟大的开始进入新的一年! 我们的实时文件翻译功能现在支持PDF作为文件格式。 由于我们将继续为全球超过5亿人提供一流的翻译体验,因此添加PDF格式对我们的社区非常重要。超过70%的DeepL Pro用户在2021年初提出了请求。当我们的用户询问时,我们会倾听! 无论是电子书还是来自国际客户的文档,您现在只需点击几下就可以翻译整个PDF文件。所有字体、图像和格式都保持不变,因此您可以享受无与伦比的翻译质量,并一次性提高效率。 每月可供您使用的文档翻译数量取决于您的计划。免费用户每月最多可以翻译三个文档(5 MB文件大小,10万字符限制),而DeepL Pro订阅者有更灵活的选择。PDF翻译功能也适用于希望将此功能直接构建到其自定义业务应用程序中的API用户。 DeepL使用Adobe API将PDF内容转换为格式化文本,然后将翻译后的文档转换回PDF。这只需要几秒钟的时间,但需要注意的是,您的PDF文件和翻译后的文档将被发送到Adobe Inc.。位于美国,要进行转换。当然,翻译将由DeepL执行。您可以在我们的隐私政策中找到更多信息。 如果您使用DeepL的桌面应用程序之一,您很快就会有两种翻译PDF文件的选择: 实时PDF翻译现在可通过网页翻译器DeepL API提供,并将很快通过桌面应用程序DeepL for Windows和DeepL for Mac提供。 请记住,自定义字体和大尺寸图像可能会影响翻译的质量。如果可能,请使用视觉元素较少的文件,以确保达到最高的翻译标准。 如果您需要更多信息,请参阅此帮助中心文章。 您是否有一个PDF文件等待翻译?您现在可以在DeepL Translator上试用它。