Squid Game wins Emmys for best actor, director


2022-09-13 17:31 multilingual


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Monday was another big night for international entertainment with an Emmy win for Lee Jung-jae and Hwang Dong-hyuk of Squid Game. Lee, the star of Netflix’s South Korean international hit series, is the first Asian star to win best male actor in a drama series. Likewise, series creator Hwang took home the trophy for best director of a drama series, another Emmy first for an Asian director. “Thank you to the television academy, thank you to Netflix, thank you to director Hwang [Dong-hyuk] for making this realistic problem we all face come to life so creatively on the screen with a great script and amazing visuals,” Lee said. Hwang, meanwhile, appeared overwhelmed but nevertheless in good humor when he accepted his award. “I don’t think I can use my translator, because I have 45 — 41 seconds now,” he said to laughs in the audience. “I want to thank the TV academy for this honor, and a huge thank you to Netflix’s Ted Sarandos — I mentioned your name, OK?” he continued. “Since Squid Game got 14 nominations at the Emmys, people keep telling me I made history, but I don’t think I made history by myself. Because it was you who opened up the doors for Squid Game, inviting us here tonight at the Emmys. So I believe, I have to say, we all made history together.” “I truly hope Squid Game won’t be the last non-English series to be here at the Emmys, and I also hope this won’t be my last Emmy either,” he concluded. Squid Game is a dystopian thriller in which people desperate for money are forced to compete in increasingly deadly games in hopes of winning a huge cash prize. The series proved a surprise hit for Netflix, earning more and more viewers each week through positive word of mouth. Lee and Hwang’s Emmy victories are the latest in a trend that began with the success of the South Korean film Parasite, which won Best Picture, Best International Feature Film, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Director for Bong Joon-ho. Like Squid Game, Parasite is a twist-filled thriller that touches on modern themes of worsening income inequality.
周一是国际娱乐界的又一个重要夜晚,《鱿鱼游戏》的李正宰和黄东赫获得了艾美奖。 李安是Netflix韩国国际热播剧的主演,也是首位获得电视剧最佳男主角奖的亚洲明星。同样,剧集创作者黄禹锡捧回了剧集最佳导演奖,这是亚洲导演的又一个艾美奖第一。 “感谢电视学院,感谢Netflix,感谢黄东赫导演,感谢他用出色的剧本和惊人的视觉效果,创造性地将我们面临的这个现实问题搬上了银幕,”李说。 与此同时,黄禹锡在领奖时显得不知所措,但心情很好。 “我不认为我可以使用我的翻译,因为我现在有45 - 41秒,”他对观众笑着说。 我要感谢电视学院给我这个荣誉,也要非常感谢Netflix的Ted Sarandos --我提到了你的名字,好吗?他继续说道。自从Squid Game获得艾美奖14项提名后,人们一直告诉我我创造了历史,但我不认为我自己创造了历史。因为是你打开了鱿鱼游戏的大门,邀请我们今晚来到艾美奖。所以我相信,我不得不说,我们一起创造了历史。 “我真心希望《鱿鱼游戏》不会成为艾美奖最后一部非英语剧集,我也希望这不会是我最后一次获得艾美奖,”他总结道。 《乌贼游戏》是一部反乌托邦惊悚片,在这部电影中,渴望金钱的人们被迫在越来越致命的游戏中竞争,希望赢得巨额现金奖励。事实证明,这部电视剧对Netflix来说是一个意外的打击,通过积极的口碑每周赢得了越来越多的观众。 李安和黄禹锡获得艾美奖是韩国电影《寄生虫》获得最佳影片、最佳国际故事片、最佳原创剧本和奉俊浩最佳导演的成功之后,艾美奖的最新进展。像鱿鱼游戏,寄生虫是一个充满曲折的惊悚片,触及日益恶化的收入不平等的现代主题。