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2022-09-13 23:50 terminology Coordination


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As you may know, the EU’s interinstitutional terminology database IATE was fully redesigned in 2018. Since then, many new useful features have been added for internal and external users – different possibilities to access, filter and download IATE. Check out our tailor-made tutorials here if you want to know more about them. Now you have even the chance to give your say about IATE: in their ongoing efforts to provide a user-friendly tool for everyone, the IATE team has launched a SURVEY to help them better understand your user experience. We invite you to seize the opportunity to express your opinion about IATE, responding to the survey here: The survey is available in English and French and is completely anonymous. Please use the ‘Comments’ section available for most of the questions to allow the team to collect comprehensive feedback. You can also share this link with friends or peers who want to provide feedback about their experiences. Thank you very much in advance for your contribution!
你可能知道,欧盟机构间术语数据库IATE在2018年进行了全面重新设计。从那时起,为内部和外部用户添加了许多新的有用的特性--访问、筛选和下载IATE的不同可能性。如果你想了解更多,请在这里查看我们量身定制的教程。 现在,您甚至有机会对IATE发表意见:IATE团队正在努力为每个人提供一个用户友好的工具,他们发起了一项调查,以帮助他们更好地了解您的用户体验。我们邀请您抓住机会表达您对IATE的看法,并在此回应调查: 该调查有英文和法文版本,完全匿名。请使用大部分问题的“评论”部分,以便团队收集全面的反馈。 您也可以与希望提供经验反馈的朋友或同行分享此链接。 事先非常感谢您的贡献!