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Microsoft Project查看器-查看和编辑MPP文件

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If you’re using and more importantly sharing MS Project files, there are going to be problems. But those hurdles can be easily cleared if you have a Microsoft Project Viewer. What Is a Microsoft Project Viewer? A Microsoft Project viewer is a piece of software that gives users the ability to open, export and print MS Project files without a Microsoft Project license. It’s a life-saver for anyone using or receiving Microsoft Project files because of the many obstacles MS Project presents when it comes to sharing MPP files. An MS Project Viewer allows users to view tasks and task details, as well as resources that are associated with the tasks. You can use the viewer to export to an Excel spreadsheet and print, too. If you don’t have a Microsoft Project viewer, you can’t open an MPP file unless you have one of the following tools instead: A Microsoft Project alternative A dedicated Microsoft Project license Microsoft Project Server SharePoint Email capable of receiving very large files And while viewers are helpful for, well, viewing the files, what you really need is way to integrate Microsoft Project (MPP) files into your project management solution so you can also update and collaborate on project data seamlessly from one person to another. Why else are you sharing the files? Why You Need a Microsoft Project Viewer Microsoft Project is expensive, and it doesn’t share well with others who don’t have a copy of the software, which is generally clunky. Therefore, a Microsoft Project Viewer can save a lot of time, money and effort. MS Project Is Expensive The price point is one of the difficulties that one encounters immediately with MS Project. While the new MS Project 2019 has a $10/month/user plan, you don’t get a lot of bells and whistles with it. The more advanced cloud-based subscription will set you back $55 month/user. The on-premise solution is even pricier: the price range is $629 to over $1,000. and there’s no price listed for the project server. Why MS Project Is Difficult The new version of the online MS Project does add more flexibility to the product and is certainly an improvement over the desktop version, the learning curve is still steep. It’s not a user-friendly interface and, again, sharing files is not easy. Microsoft offers its Sharepoint as a means to share files, but even their solution is expensive and not easy to use. Add to that the lack of a real-time dashboard and you can see why people complain. For those projects that are being managed on a Mac, the problems are much worse. Microsoft Project doesn’t support Apple products. That ignores huge industries, such as publishing and design. Many Versions of MSP There are two main versions of Microsoft Project, standard and professional. These are available as 32 or 64 bit options. There is also the aforementioned cloud and desktop version. There is a new 2019 version of Microsoft Project, as well as ones from 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. Which is the right one for you can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, can be used as a Microsoft Project Viewer that is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Project. How to View & Edit MPP Files Without MS Project How do you use a Microsoft Project Viewer to seamlessly import and export MPP files so you can actually edit the files, and support data updates when you share & view files online? With, you can import and export Microsoft Project files without losing any data. Plus, you can view and edit MPP files before exporting your changes and sharing with your colleagues. Best of all, our software works on both Windows and Mac computers, without requiring any downloads. Start a Free 30-Day Trial In order to view and edit MS Project files on your computer (Windows or Mac), you must first sign up for a free trial. Choose any plan you like, as they are all compatible with Microsoft Project, and each plan lets you seamlessly import, export, view and edit MPP files. Once you’ve selected a plan, is free for 30 days and can be cancelled at any time—no strings attached! Follow the walkthrough below to view and edit your MPP files in Use the Gantt Chart to Import Your MPP File Launch the Gantt chart tool and click on the import button. You can find it on the top right of your screen. It’s the one with the symbol that looks like a box with an arrow piercing it on top. Once you import your file, you can use as an MPP editor. Get Your MPP File Find the MPP file you want to work on. A popup window will ask which project you wish to import. Once you’ve selected it, hit next. Pick Your Options Follow the choices listed on the new popup menu. You can now add the imported file to an existing project or open it as a new one, as well as replacing the data or keeping it. Import What You Want Choose how you want to import the Microsoft Project file. You can get all the data from it or just the task list. It’s up to you. Choose whichever option gives you more options when it comes to efficiently viewing and editing your MPP file. Get Started Viewing & Editing Your MPP File! See that window that says success? That means you’ve imported the file and now you can share it, edit it and, if you want, export it back to MS Project, without any hassles. Your project will appear on the Gantt chart at first, but you can manage it in any of our project views. 3 Ways to Use as Your MS Project Viewer When you have imported your MS Project File into an online Microsoft Project viewer that has the capacity to edit files, like, you’re given free rein to work. The files are fully imported into your online project viewer. Now that you’re in the MPP file, there are different view options available to you when you work. Let’s take a short look at some innovative ways to use an MS Project Viewer with roundtripping, like, and see how this tool can help you work more efficiently. 1. Online Gantt Planning  When you import an MPP file to, the project plan and Gantt chart is immediately populated online, preserving all your custom columns and settings, like color-coding, WBS and task dependencies, as well as importing resources and assignments. You can then immediately view your project plans online and manage them easily with your team once invited to the online project. This includes collaborating with your team on tasks directly on the Gantt, which enables you to also receive alerts when your team has updated their tasks with comments or file attachments. And you can also manage projects in a portfolio, creating project groups and manage task dependencies across projects. 2. Online Timesheets & Resource Management  When you import MPP plans online to, you get more than a project viewer. You can manage your projects online, including managing resource time, costs and updates. Since your resource data is imported, you can share the online plans with your team and invite them to update timesheets. This is perfect for teams in the field. They can update tasks and timesheets anytime, anywhere, and you get email alerts when their timesheets are ready for your approval. All this by importing one project plan! 3. Populate Real-time Dashboards When you import a MPP file into, for example, your real-time dashboard is instantly populated, showing you instant views of your project data. You might wonder, if you’ve never seen a real-time view of your project data, why you would need a project dashboard? Well the benefits are clear upon import. You can see at-a-glance: Project Health Task Status Team Workload Status Track Costs Risks, Issues & Changes And more… With, your MPP files are super-powered. Now they can reflect real-time changes in your project. You can easily share documents that were too big to email. Import and export is a breeze, the viewer can do all the formatting for you, and best of all, your project data instantly populates your dashboard with colorful charts and graphs. Project Viewers with MS Project Roundtripping has MS Project roundtripping. What is roundtripping? Think of it as the difference between a read-only file and one that gives you complete editorial control. When you import and export MS Project plans, you want to have ability to work on them, too. With data roundtripping, your imported data columns don’t have to be “mapped,” like in other project viewers. The data immediately and seamlessly is imported in the right places, so you can continue your project planning and scheduling right there online! With MS Project Roundtripping, you can: Manage files online View planned, baselines and WBS See & update task dependencies Merge resources & their rates Merge assignments Collaborate with your team online View real-time dashboard data Export updated data as XML into MS Project Once your files are seamlessly imported online, you can manage and share your projects 100% online, safely and securely, so you can collaborate with your team. Basically, everything from MS Project transfers over, including formatting such as color-coding. Team members can update tasks on the Gantt, add attachments and comments. So you can continue planning in just a few clicks. Plus, if you need to export the data back to MS Project, you can simply click “export,” and it will open in MS Project with all the data updates intact. Benefits of Using a Microsoft Project Viewer Most MS Project viewers allow you to view and share MPP files online, which, as we’ve established, is pretty hard to do in a Microsoft eco-system. Even with the new Microsoft Project Online versions, sharing files requires the recipient party to have MS Project desktop installed, and it costs extra money, to boot! A Microsoft Project Viewer, however, lets you: View MS Project files online Share MS Project files with non-MS Project license holders Instantly populate a real-time dashboard with your project data Create and share reports Collaborate with your team on the project plan But not all Project Viewers let you do all that. It’s important to consider all the potential benefits of certain viewers, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. How to Open MS Project Files with a Viewer There are many options for online project viewers, as I mentioned, but they all share basically the same three steps to open files in the system, once you’ve chosen a viewer that has the features you need: Log in to your viewer Import the MS Project file Map the data columns And it’s open. It’s that easy. Now you can view the MPP file online and share it with someone who doesn’t currently have MS Project. But what if you want to do more? There’s a difference between simply importing and exporting files and roundtripping data so you can work online, too. (This post was updated September 16, 2020) If you’re using Microsoft Project, then look for alternatives to help you share your work with your team and stakeholders. With an online Project viewer and cloud-based project management software tool like, you can do more than just view your files. You can seamlessly manage your MPP files online, update and collaborate on plans online, manage timesheets with your team, view real-time project data, and so much more. See for yourself with this free 30-day trial! How to Run Microsoft Project on Mac 4 Must-Have Project Dashboard Tools 5 Lifesaving Project Reports
如果您正在使用并且共享重要的MS Project文件,那么就会出现问题。但是如果您有Microsoft Project查看器,则可以轻松消除这些障碍。 什么是Microsoft Project查看器? Microsoft Project viewer是一款允许用户在没有Microsoft Project许可证的情况下打开、导出和打印MS Project文件的软件。由于使用MS Project共享MPP文件时会遇到许多障碍,因此对于使用或接收Microsoft Project文件的任何人来说简直是救星。 MS Project Viewer允许用户查看任务、任务详细信息以及与任务关联的资源。您还可以使用查看器导出到Excel电子表格并进行打印。 如果您没有Microsoft Project查看器,则无法打开MPP文件,除非您有以下工具之一可替代: Microsoft Project备选方案 专用Microsoft Project许可证 Microsoft Project服务器 SharePoint 能够接收非常大文件的电子邮件 虽然查看器有助于查看文件,但您真正需要的是将Microsoft Project(MPP)文件集成到项目管理解决方案中的方法,这样您就可以在人与人之间无缝地更新和协作项目数据。 为什么要共享这些文件? 为什么需要Microsoft Project查看器 Microsoft Project价格昂贵,而且无法很好地与没有软件副本的人共享,该做法通常很笨拙。因此,Microsoft Project查看器可以节省大量时间、金钱和精力。 MS项目昂贵 使用MS Project立即遇到的困难之一是价格点。虽然新的MS Project 2019有10美元/月/用户计划,但您并没有得到太多附加功能。更高级的基于云的订阅将花费您每月55美元/用户。内部解决方案的价格甚至更高:价格范围从629美元到超过1,000美元以上不等。而且没有列出项目服务器的价格。 为什么MS Project很难 在线MS Project的新版本确实为产品增加了更多的灵活性,并且肯定比桌面版更有改进,但学习曲线仍然很陡峭。这不是一个用户友好的界面,而且共享文件也不容易。Microsoft提供了Sharepoint作为共享文件的方式,但即使是他们的解决方案也昂贵且不易使用。再加上缺乏实时仪表板,您就能明白为什么人们会抱怨了。 对于在Mac上管理的项目来说,问题要严重得多。Microsoft Project不支持苹果产品。这就忽略了一些巨大的产业,比如出版和设计。 MSP的多个版本 Microsoft Project有两个主要版本,标准版和专业版。这些是32位或64位选项。还有上述的云和桌面版本。Microsoft Project有一个2019年的新版本,还有2016年、2013年、2010年和2007年的版本。哪一个版本最适合您? 如同大海捞针。 值得庆幸的是,ProjectManager.com可以用作与所有版本的Microsoft Project兼容的Microsoft Project查看器。 如何在没有MS Project的情况下查看和编辑MPP文件 如何使用Microsoft Project 查看器无缝导入和导出MPP文件,以便在在线共享和查看文件时能够实际编辑文件并支持数据更新? 使用,您可以导入和导出Microsoft Project文件,而不会丢失任何数据。另外,在导出更改并与同事共享之前可以查看和编辑MPP文件。最重要的是,我们的软件可以在Windows和Mac计算机上运行,无需任何下载。 开始30天免费试用 为了在计算机(Windows或Mac)上查看和编辑MS Project文件,您必须首先注册免费试用版。选择您喜欢的任何计划,这些计划都与Microsoft Project兼容,并且每个计划都允许您无缝导入、导出、查看和编辑MPP文件。选择计划后,ProjectManager.com可以免费使用30天,并且可以随时取消-不附带任何条件! 按照下面的步骤在ProjectManager.com中查看和编辑MPP文件。 使用甘特图导入MPP文件 启动“甘特图”工具,然后单击“导入”按钮。您可以在屏幕的右上方找到它。它的符号看起来像一个盒子,上面有一个箭头。导入文件后,就可以使用ProjectManager.com作为MPP编辑器。 获取MPP文件 找到要处理的MPP文件。弹出窗口将询问您希望导入哪个项目。请选择,点击下一步。 选择您的选项 按照“新建”弹出菜单上列出的选项。您现在可以将导入的文件添加到现有项目中,或将其作为新项目打开,还可以替换数据或保留数据。 导入所需内容 选择导入Microsoft Project文件的方式。您可以从中获取所有数据,也可以从任务列表中获取所有数据。选择任何一个选项都可以为您提供更多选择,以便有效地查看和编辑MPP文件。 开始查看和编辑MPP文件! 看到显示成功的窗口吗?这意味着您已经导入了文件,现在就可以进行共享和编辑,并根据需要将其导出回MS Project,而无任何麻烦。您的项目最初将显示在甘特图上,但是您可以在我们的任何项目视图中进行管理。 使用ProjectManager.com作为MS Project查看器的3种方法 将MS Project文件导入具有编辑功能的在线Microsoft Project查看器(如后,您就可以自由工作了。文件将完全导入到在线项目查看器中。 现在您已经进入到MPP文件中,在工作时可以使用不同的视图选项。 让我们简要介绍一下使用Project Project.com之类具有往返功能的MS Project Viewer的一些创新方法,并了解该工具如何帮助您更有效地工作。 1.在线甘特图规划 当您将MPP文件导入ProjectManager.com时,项目计划和甘特图会立即在线填充,保留所有自定义列和设置,比如颜色编码、WBS和任务依赖项,以及导入资源和分配。然后,您可以立即在线查看项目计划,并在被邀请参加在线项目后与您的团队一起轻松进行地管理。 这包括团队直接在甘特图上协作执行任务,还可以在团队使用注释或文件附件更新其任务时收到警报。并且您还可以管理项目组合中的项目、创建项目组并管理跨项目的任务依赖项。 2.在线时间表和资源管理 将MPP计划在线导入到ProjectManager.com时,您可获得的不仅仅是一个项目查看器。还可以在线管理项目,包括管理资源时间、成本和更新。 由于您的资源数据已导入,因此可以与团队共享在线计划,并邀请他们更新时间表。这是该领域团队的理想选择。团队成员可以随时随地更新任务和时间表,并且在准备审批时间表时会收到电子邮件提醒。 所有这些只需导入一个项目计划即可! 3.填充实时仪表板 例如,当您将MPP文件导入到ProjectManager.com时,实时仪表板将立即填充,从而向您显示项目数据的即时视图。您可能想知道,如果您从未见过项目数据的实时视图,为什么需要项目仪表板?导入后的好处显而易见。 您可以一目了然: 项目运行状况 任务状态 团队工作负载状态 跟踪成本 风险、问题和变更 还有更多… 有了,您的MPP文件将具有超强功能。现在它们可以反映项目中的实时变化。您可以轻松地共享太大而无法通过电子邮件发送的文档。导入和导出轻而易举,查看器可以为您完成所有格式化,最重要的是,您的项目数据会立即用彩色图表和图形填充仪表板。 使用具有往返功能的MS Project项目查看器 ProjectManager.com具有MS项目往返功能。什么是往返?可以将其视为只读文件与可以完全编辑的文件之间的区别。导入和导出MS Project计划时,您也需要有处理它们的能力。 借助数据往返,导入的数据列不必像在其他项目查看器中那样进行“映射”。数据立即无缝地被导入到正确的位置,因此您可以在线继续进行项目计划和调度! 借助MS Project往返功能,您可以: 在线管理文件 查看计划、基线和WBS 参见&更新任务依赖关系 合并资源及其费率 合并分配 与团队在线协作 查看实时仪表板数据 将更新的数据作为XML导出到MS Project 在线无缝导入文件后,您就可以100%地在线、安全和可靠地管理和共享项目,从而可以与团队合作。基本上,MS Project的所有内容都会转移,包括格式化(例如颜色编码)。 团队成员可以更新甘特图上的任务、添加附件和注释。因此,您只需单击几下即可继续进行规划。另外,如果您需要将数据导出回MS Project,只需单击“导出”,数据将在MS Project中打开,所有数据更新完好无损。 使用Microsoft Project查看器的好处 大多数MS Project查看器允许您在线查看和共享MPP文件,正如我们所建立的那样,在Microsoft生态系统中难以做到这一点。即使有了新的Microsoft Project Online版本,共享文件也需要接收方安装MS Project桌面,并且要花费额外的钱才能启动! 但是,Microsoft Project查看器可允许进行以下操作: 在线查看MS Project文件 与非MS项目许可证持有者共享MS项目文件 立即用项目数据填充实时仪表板 创建和共享报告 与团队合作制定项目计划 但是,并非所有的项目查看器都允许您执行所有操作。考虑特定群体所有潜在利益至关重要,这样才能选择适合自己的。 如何使用查看器打开MS Project文件 正如我所提到的,在线项目查看器有许多选项,但是一旦选择了具有所需功能的查看器,那么基本上都使用相同的三个步骤来打开系统中的文件: 登录查看器 导入MS项目文件 映射数据列 很简单,它随时开放。现在您可以在线查看MPP文件,并与当前没有MS Project的人共享该文件。 但如果您想执行更多操作呢?简单地导入和导出文件和往返数据之间有所区别,因此您也可以在线工作。 (此推文更新于2020年9月16号) 如果您使用的是Microsoft Project,请寻找替代方案,以帮助您与团队和涉众共享工作。使用在线项目查看器和基于云的项目管理软件工具(如,您不仅可以查看文件,还能执行更多操作。您可以无缝地在线管理MPP文件、在线更新和协作计划、与团队管理时间表、查看实时项目数据等等。免费试用30天! 如何在Mac上运行Microsoft Project 四个必需的项目仪表板工具 五份拯救项目报告