3 Ways to Get Microsoft Project Online

获取Microsoft Project Online的3种方法

2020-09-16 07:20 project manager


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You need to manage your projects online, so you’re considering the options, including all the Microsoft Project online options. So how do you choose? If you’ve worked with Microsoft Project before, then you are familiar with its powerful planning capabilities but also its many, well… frustrations. For one thing, it’s hard to share files, which are too large for email and only viewable if you have MS Project installed (and not many people do.) Also, it’s quite expensive and usually requires using alongside Microsoft Server and/or Sharepoint, which require license renewals, large installation costs and the cost of upkeep and management. Finally, even though there are a myriad of new Microsoft Project Online versions, you still need the desktop license! Confusing. What you need is to be able to use the features of Microsoft Project Online, without all its frustrations. In this article, we’ll show you how to do that. What Is MS Project Online? You know MS Project, but Microsoft Project Online is a different animal. It’s a web-based version of the desktop software that can do some of what the desktop version can do. But there’s a catch. Microsoft Project Online was designed to complement the desktop version of the software. Which means you need to also have the desktop version of Microsoft Project, and so does the person you want to share plans with online. You also need Sharepoint integrations, which is the sharing portal for Microsoft files of all kinds because the file sizes are so large. Pros and Cons of MS Project Online Microsoft made great gains with their MS Project Online versions, but if you still need the $1100 desktop license on top of the monthly subscription fee for the online access, then… well, you’re not really managing your projects completely online. The online tool is very powerful and is a great option for teams already set up within a Microsoft ecosystem, such as MS Project Server and Sharepoint. For these teams, adding a minor cost for online additions of their desktop tools is a great way to get their Microsoft Project plans online. The problems with Microsoft Project and its sister product, MS Project Online, is that there are many confusing plans and pricing structures. There are a number of different types of products, too. Do you need MS Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 or Project Lite or just Planner which is yet another Office add-on? On top of all that, you may have a Mac computer, which just doesn’t seem to be compatible with any version of Microsoft Project Online. Microsoft Project Online for Mac If you visited Microsoft’s website, you’d believe there are no alternatives for Mac. It’s like they’ve imagined a world without Apple and hope that we accept their story despite the iPhone, iPad and Macbook we or our team might be using. Related: How to Run Microsoft Project on Mac As much as Microsoft would like to think of itself as a monolith dominating the world of computers, it’s not. Projects are complicated and often have various teams, including IT, designers, graphic people and more. Some use PCs, others Macs. What’s needed is a bridge software that can carry the work seamlessly between teams. Thankfully, there are Microsoft Project alternatives. Alternatives to MS Project Online Microsoft Project has long been the standard for project managers, that many are incredulous that there are viable alternatives. Yes, there really are affordable alternatives with all the power of MS Project and without all the frustrations. Microsoft Project Online Viewer Even with three tiers of pricing plans, the licensing fees add up if you want your whole team to get onboard. That’s why there are workarounds for MS Project Online, such as a Microsoft Project Viewer, which is a tool that allows those who don’t have a contract with MS Project Online to still open and view MPP files online. You can see the value of such a tool, which is often free and provides a sort of hack for organizations that are wedded to the MS suite of products, but don’t want that to send them to the poorhouse. The problem with a view-only tool is that while it allows you to open MPP files, there is little you can do with them other than see the plan. If you want to change something, you’re stuck. Microsoft has built a wall around its software that makes it increasingly difficult for people to efficiently manage their projects. MS Project Online vs. ProjectManager.com To get more out of your MPP files than a viewer can offer, try ProjectManager.com. Our cloud-based project management software has the total planning power of the MS Project Gantt, plus the resource management features, but it’s faster and easier to use. And, because it’s always online, it has team collaboration features and the ability to share plans with anyone. No Sharepoint required. ProjectManager.com is also completely compatible with Microsoft Project, for teams who have Project Server and Sharepoint, but need to be able to share their plans online. This tool allows you the flexibility to work on your MPP files online and more. There’s a significant cost savings, as well, as you don’t need desktop versions of the software. But most importantly, ProjectManager.com offers seamless import & export of MS Project and Excel files, with no data loss. Take Microsoft Project Online with ProjectManager.com Some teams require the ability to continue to use their MPP files or still prefer to use the desktop version of Microsoft Project. ProjectManager.com gives you the power to not only view your MPP files online, but also manage them online, and export them back to MPP format with complete data integrity. This lets you share your plans with team members, clients and clients online freely and securely, while still using Microsoft Project. So, how do you import and export MPP files with ProjectManager.com? There are five simple steps to importing and exporting MS Project plans. One-click Import: Just click a button to import the whole plan. You can also import select parts of the plan like just the task list or resource data that you want to see View Plan Online: The MPP file is immediately opened, so you see your columns, task & resource data in the Gantt chart online. See Plan Progress on Dashboard: The moment you import your MS Project plans they populate the real-time dashboard, showing plan progress, team productivity, task status, budgets and more. Update Plan Online: Not only can you view your plan, but you can update tasks, columns and resources online. You can even invite your team to collaborate with you on the plan and update their tasks in auto-populated task lists. Easy Export: just as seamless as importing, you can easily export your data back to MS Project at the click of a button, with all your online updates saved back to your MPP plan. How to Import MS Project Files into ProjectManager.com Start by setting up a 30-day free account with us. You’ll see that we have multiple project views, such as kanban boards, task lists and a calendar view. Choose the online Gantt chart and follow this walkthrough. It’s that simple. Import MPP File Click the import button on the top right-hand side of the Gantt chart page. It’s the one with the box icon that has an arrow pointing down on top of it. This will let you get your Microsoft Project file online, so you can share it with others. Select MPP File Choose the select file button on the popup window. Once you’ve picked the file you want to import, just hit next. Make Import Options Pick what options you want before importing the file. The popup menu offers you such choices as to create a new project or add to an existing one, keep or replace the existing data, etc. Import Everything or Just Task List? Use the final popup window to determine if you want to get all the data from the MPP file or just the task list. Finish Up & See Your Microsoft Project Plan Online Get a notice that says, “Success!” and you’ve completed the import process. Yes, it’s that easy and quick. Close that alert and you’re ready to edit your file within our tool. You’ll be presented with your final product in the Gantt chart form. Congrats, you’ve moved your Microsoft Project file into an online interface. (This post was updated September 15, 2020) ProjectManager.com is an award-winning tool that organizes teams and projects. Our cloud-based software has all the features of MS Project Online, without the expense and unnecessary complexities. See how we can make your teams work more productively with our one-stop PM tool. Take our free 30-day trial today.  How to Run Microsoft Project on Mac 4 Must-Have Project Dashboard Tools Project Management for Startups & Entrepreneurs: A Quick Start Guide
您需要在线管理项目,所以正在考虑各种选项,包括所有的Microsoft Project Online选项。那么该如何选择呢? 如果您以前使用过Microsoft Project,那应该对其强大的规划功能很熟悉,但也有很多令人不满意的地方。 一方面,很难共享文件,因为文件太大导致无法通过电子邮件发送,而且只有在安装MS Project的情况下才可以查看(而且安装的人并不多),另一方面,Microsoft Project相当昂贵,通常需要与Microsoft Server和/或Sharepoint一起使用,这需要许可证续签、大量的安装成本以及维护和管理成本。 最后,即使有无数新的Microsoft Project Online版本,您仍然需要桌面授权!真是令人困惑的操作。 您需要的是能够在线使用Microsoft Project Online的功能,而不会遇到任何问题。我们将在本文中向您展示如何做到这一点。 什么是Microsoft Project Online? 您对Microsoft Project早有耳闻,但其实Microsoft Project Online是另一种版本。这是一个基于Web的桌面软件版本,可以执行桌面版本可执行的操作。 但这里有个问题。 Microsoft Project Online旨在补充该软件的桌面版本。这意味着您还需要Microsoft Project的桌面版本,并且要与在线共享计划的人也需要。 因为文件太大,您还需要Sharepoint集成,这是各种Microsoft文件的共享门户。 Microsoft Project Online的利弊 Microsoft通过其Microsoft Project Online版本获得巨大的收益,但如果你仍然需要1100美元的桌面许可,再加上每月的在线订阅费用,那么…嗯,您并不是完全在线管理项目。 该在线工具非常强大,对于已经在Microsoft生态系统建立的团队(例如MS Project Server和Sharepoint)来说是一个不错的选择。 对于这些团队来说,为在线添加桌面工具添加少量成本是使他们的Microsoft Project Online计划的一个好方法。 Microsoft Project及其姊妹产品Microsoft Project Online的问题在于有许多令人困惑的计划和定价结构。还有许多不同类型的产品。您是否需要Microsoft Project Online与Project Pro for Office365或Project Lite或只是Planner(另一个Office插件)一起使用?最重要的是,您可能有一台Mac电脑,但似乎与任何版本的Microsoft Project Online都不兼容。 Mac版本的Microsoft Project Online 如果你访问了微软的网站,就会相信Mac是无可替代的。就好像他们想象了一个没有iPhone的世界,并希望我们会接受Mac,尽管我们自身或团队可能正在使用iPhone、iPad和Macbook。 相关内容:如何在Mac上运行Microsoft Project 尽管Microsoft想将自己视为控制计算机世界的整体,但事实并非如此。项目具有复杂性,通常会有各种团队,包括IT、设计师、图形人员等等。有些使用PCs,另一些使用Macs。我们需要的是一种能够在团队之间无缝地进行工作的桥梁软件。 值得庆幸的是,还有其他Microsoft Project可供选择。 MS Project Online的替代方案 Microsoft Project长期以来作为项目经理的标准,许多人对可行的替代方案持有怀疑态度。是的,确实有负担得起的替代方案,不仅具有MS Project的所有功能,使用过程还不会出现问题。 Microsoft Project Online查看器 即使有三层定价计划,如果您希望整个团队都参与,则授权费用也会增加。 因此,有一些针对MS Project Online的解决方法,例如Microsoft Project Viewer,该工具允许那些没有与MS Project Online签订合同的人仍然可以在线打开和查看MPP文件。 您会看到这种工具的价值所在,不仅免费使用,而且为那些沉迷于MS套装产品的组织提供了一种黑客手段,但不想平白无故送出去。 使用仅查看工具的问题在于虽然它允许您打开MPP文件,但除了查看计划之外,您几乎无法使用它们。如果您要更改某些内容,则会遇到麻烦。Microsoft在其软件设置了屏障,使得人们越来越难以高效地管理项目。 MS Project Online与ProjectManager.com 要从MPP文件中获得比查看器所能提供的更多内容,请尝试projectmanager.com。我们基于云的项目管理软件拥有MS project Gantt的总体规划能力以及资源管理功能,但使用起来更快捷、更容易。而且projectmanager.com始终在线,所以具有团队协作功能,并且能够与任何人共享计划。 无需Sharepoint。 ProjectManager.com还与Microsoft Project完全兼容,适用于那些拥有Project Server和Sharepoint但需要能够在线共享其计划的团队。该工具使您可以灵活地在线处理MPP文件等。 另外,由于您不需要桌面版本的软件,因此也可以节省大量成本。 但最重要的是,ProjectManager.com可无缝导入和导出MS Project和Excel文件,而不会丢失数据。 将Microsoft Project Online与ProjectManager.com结合使用 一些团队要求能够继续使用MPP文件,或者仍然倾向于使用Microsoft Project的桌面版本。 ProjectManager.com让您不仅可以在线查看MPP文件,还可以进行在线管理,并以完全的数据完整性将它们导出回MPP格式。这样,这使您可以在线自由安全地与团队成员、客户和客户共享计划,同时仍然使用Microsoft Project。 那么,如何使用ProjectManager.com导入和导出MPP文件?导入和导出MS Project有五个简单步骤。 一键导入:只需点击一个按钮即可导入整个计划。您还可以导入计划的选定部分,例如仅要查看的任务列表或资源数据 在线查看计划:MPP文件会立即打开,因此您可以在线查看甘特图中的列、任务和资源数据。 请参阅仪表板上的计划进度:导入MS Project计划的瞬间,它们会填充实时仪表板、显示计划进度、团队工作效率、任务状态、预算等。 在线更新计划:您不仅可以查看计划,还可以在线更新任务、列和资源。您甚至可以邀请团队与您协作制定计划,并在自动填充的任务列表中更新他们的任务。 轻松导出:与无缝导入一样,只需单击一个按钮,即可轻松将数据导出回MS Project,所有在线更新都保存回MPP计划。 如何将MS Project文件导入ProjectManager.com 首先与我们建立30天的免费帐户。您将看到我们有多个项目视图,例如看板试图、任务列表和日历视图。选择在线甘特图,然后按照此演练进行操作。就这么简单。 导入MPP文件 单击“甘特图”页面右上方的“导入”按钮。是带有方框图标的图标,上面有一个向下的箭头。这样,您就可以在线获取Microsoft Project文件,以便与他人共享。 选择MPP文件 在弹出窗口中选择“选择文件”按钮。选择要导入的文件后,单击下一步。 制作导入选项 在导入文件之前选择所需的选项。弹出菜单为您提供了以下选择:创建新项目或添加到现有项目、保留或替换现有数据等。 导入所有内容还是只导入任务列表? 使用最后的弹出窗口来确定自己是要从MPP文件还是从任务列表中获取所有数据。 完成并在线查看Microsoft Project计划 获得一个通知写着“成功!”,意味着您已经完成了导入过程。是的,就是这么简单快捷。关闭该提示,即可在工具中编辑文件。您将以甘特图的形式展示最终产品。恭喜,您已将Microsoft Project文件移至在线界面。 (此推文更新于2020年9月15号) ProjectManager.com是组织团队和项目屡获殊荣的工具。我们基于云的软件具有MS Project Online的所有功能,无需花费和减少不必要的复杂性。了解我们如何使用一站式PM工具使您的团队更高效地工作。 即日起立即免费试用30天。 如何在Mac上运行Microsoft Project 四个必备项目仪表盘工具 初创企业和企业家的项目管理:快速入门指南