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As a translation professional, you’re probably aware of the fact that the language services space is extremely crowded, which makes it difficult for many to set themselves apart from the competition. For translation professionals to thrive, they need an out-of-the-box approach to marketing. Mikhal Heffer, founder of Lichi Translations, is a translation professional with a career path that’s as varied as the number of languages that her agency supports. In addition to mastering multiple languages, Heffer leverages multiple marketing methods to set herself apart from the crowd. At the age of 18, Heffer moved to Paris to learn French, after which she decided to pursue studies in languages that would allow her to live in other countries and explore new cultures. While living in Israel and studying East Asian culture at the Hebrew University, Heffer decided to learn Chinese. She also spent a few months in Taiwan to immerse herself in the language, and, after completing formal studies, is continuing her education at Beijing university. Throughout this journey, Heffer was following her passion for linguistics, even though she didn’t have a clear career direction. That changed when Heffer realized that she would be great as a language services professional. In the early 90s Heffer broke into the field while working as a freelance interpreter for Chinese delegations visiting Israel. At the early stage she outsourced all written translations to Israeli and later, as the Internet became mainstream, to professionals in China. After developing a reputation for delivering quality translation and interpretation services as a freelancer, Heffer founded Lichi Translations in 1997, which was the first company in Israel to specialize in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. Leveraging technology to increase capacity without reducing quality Although Heffer successfully grew Lichi Translations organically without sacrificing quality, she realized that manual translation processes limited the number of projects her team could handle. Her agency was also managing hundreds of translators and projects had to be assigned based on their language pairs and domains of expertise. This is partly why she began looking into leveraging computer-aided translation (CAT) tools and machine translation technology. Heffer chose Smartcat for her agency because of its comprehensive onboarding processes, approachable support staff, and robust translator marketplace. The Smartcat WordPress Connector is a favorite feature of the Lichi Translations team as it enables them to pull content from client websites directly into Smartcat for processing. When translations are finished, the content is piped back into the website. Additionally, the Smartcat Marketplace is indispensable to Lichi Translations as it’s designed with transparency in mind. It features comprehensive translator profiles so agencies can view details such as the language pairs and pricing upfront, to save time in the recruiting process. The art of growing a language services agency Going back to the topic of organic growth, Heffer attributes much of her agency’s success to four methods: Joining business networking organizations Running a blog and producing a newsletter Helping clients succeed in global markets Leveraging name cards. Business networking organizations Heffer has been a member of BNI (Business Networking International) for over 11 years. BNI helps members grow their businesses by providing a structured channel to share and receive referrals and build relationships with other professionals. BNI chapters generally hold weekly meetings where members gather to connect and share updates on their business and ideal connections. The organization has over 240,000 members in 9,500 chapters across the globe making it one of the largest business networking organizations in the world. You can find a BNI chapter in your region via this page. Heffer reports that one of her connections through BNI has been a Lichi Translations client for over five years. Creating a blog and a newsletter Given that effective business networking requires professionals to add value, Heffer runs a blog and sends out a newsletter on a regular basis. The Lichi Translations blog features client stories and stories inspired by the news, cinema, personal life that are all related to the translation industry. This content is then featured in the Lichi Translations newsletter, sent to thousands of readers, and shared through social media. Although blogs and newsletters don’t guarantee immediate business, these forms of communication increase the likelihood that the reader will reach out when they need these services. Helping clients succeed in global markets The main motto of Lichi Translations is “to assist clients to do business in the global market.” That’s why Heffer created the Lichi Business Forum which is a networking platform for companies that conduct business internationally. The event takes place every few months and caters to a different market (e.g. China, Russia, Africa, Italy, Latin America) each time. By hosting these events, Lichi Translations increases its brand visibility, plus the team can interact with clients and prospects. More important is the fact that the agency enables business professionals to meet and develop valuable business connections — a level of value that few other agencies provide. The Lichi name card — a memorable giveaway The final technique Heffer uses to foster business relationships is providing a memorable giveaway to connections. These don’t have to be elaborate. Just something simple to show that you’re thinking of them. Client quote What I really like about Smartcat, and this is my goal for 2020, is how easy they make website translation. Since I learned about the option to connect Smartcat to websites, I’ve translated a few websites and I find it’s an incredible advantage for the client because it works automatically. I push the content into the project, and once I finish the translation, it goes back into the client website with graphics and text. So, this is a wonderful product.
作为翻译专家,您可能已经意识到语言服务空间非常拥挤的事实,这使得许多人很难在竞争中脱颖而出。 为了使翻译专业人员蓬勃发展,他们需要一种开箱即用的营销方法。 Lichi Translations的创始人Mikhal Heffer是一名翻译专业人士,其职业发展道路与其代理机构所支持的语言数量一样多变。 除掌握多种语言外,Heffer还利用多种营销方法使自己与众不同。 18岁时,赫弗(Heffer)移居巴黎学习法语,此后,她决定以可以使她在其他国家生活和探索新文化的语言进行学习。 在以色列生活并在希伯来大学学习东亚文化时,赫弗决定学习中文。 她还花了几个月的时间在台湾沉迷于该语言,并在完成正规学习后继续在北京大学接受教育。 在整个旅程中,Heffer一直遵循她对语言学的热情,即使她没有明确的职业方向。 当赫弗意识到自己将成为一名语言服务专家时,这种情况发生了变化。 在90年代初,赫弗(Heffer)进入该领域,当时是作为中国代表团访问以色列的自由译员。 在早期,她将所有书面翻译工作外包给以色列人,后来随着互联网成为主流,外包给了中国的专业人士。 在以自由职业者的身份提供高质量的翻译和口译服务而享誉全球之后,Heffer于1997年创立了Lichi Translations,这是以色列第一家专门研究亚洲语言(如中文,日语,韩语和泰语)的公司。 利用技术来增加容量而不降低质量 尽管Heffer在不牺牲质量的前提下成功地成功地完成了Lichi Translations的有机发展,但她意识到手动翻译流程会限制其团队可以处理的项目数量。 她的代理机构还管理着数百名翻译,必须根据他们的语言对和专业领域来分配项目。 这就是为什么她开始研究利用计算机辅助翻译(CAT)工具和机器翻译技术的部分原因。 Heffer之所以选择Smartcat为她的代理机构,是因为其全面的入职流程,可信赖的支持人员以及强大的翻译器市场。 Smartcat WordPress Connector是Lichi Translations团队最喜欢的功能,因为它使他们能够将客户端网站中的内容直接拉入Smartcat进行处理。 翻译完成后,内容将通过管道传输回网站。 此外,Smartchi Marketplace对于Lichi Translations而言是必不可少的,因为它的设计考虑了透明度。 它具有全面的翻译人员资料,因此代理商可以查看详细信息,例如语言对和预先定价,以节省招聘过程中的时间。 发展语言服务机构的艺术 回到有机增长的话题,Heffer将其代理机构的成功归功于以下四种方法: 加入商业网络组织 管理博客和制作通讯 帮助客户在全球市场获取成功 利用名片 商业网络组织 Heffer担任BNI(国际商业网络)的成员已有11年以上。 BNI通过提供结构化的渠道来共享和接收推荐并与其他专业人员建立关系,从而帮助会员发展业务。 BNI分会通常每周举行一次会议,成员在这里聚会以建立联系并分享其业务和理想联系的最新信息。 该组织在全球9,500个分支中拥有超过240,000个成员,使其成为世界上最大的商业网络组织之一。 您可以通过此页面在您所在地区找到BNI章节。 Heffer报告说,她通过BNI的人脉之一是Lichi Translations客户超过五年。 创建博客和时事通讯 鉴于有效的业务网络需要专业人员增加价值,Heffer会运行一个博客并定期发送时事通讯。 Lichi Translations博客的特色是客户故事以及受新闻,电影,个人生活启发的故事,这些都与翻译行业有关。 然后,此内容在Lichi Translations时事通讯中进行介绍,发送给成千上万的读者,并通过社交媒体进行共享。 尽管博客和新闻通讯无法保证立即开展业务,但是这些交流形式增加了读者在需要这些服务时会伸出手的可能性。 帮助客户在全球市场取得成功 Lichi Translations的主要座右铭是“协助客户在全球市场开展业务”。 因此,Heffer创立了Lichi商业论坛,该平台是为从事国际业务的公司提供的网络平台。 该活动每隔几个月举行一次,每次迎合不同的市场(例如中国,俄罗斯,非洲,意大利,拉丁美洲)。 通过举办这些活动,Lichi Translations可以提高品牌知名度,并且团队可以与客户和潜在客户进行互动。 更重要的是,该机构使业务专业人员能够结识并发展有价值的业务联系,这是其他机构所无法提供的价值水平。 荔枝名片--难忘赠品 Heffer建立业务关系所使用的最终技术是为联系提供难忘的赠品。 这些不必赘述。 只是简单的表明您正在考虑它们。 客户报价 我真的很喜欢Smartcat,这是我到2020年的目标,那就是他们如何轻松进行网站翻译。 自从我了解了将Smartcat连接到网站的选项以来,我已经翻译了一些网站,并且发现它对客户端来说具有不可思议的优势,因为它可以自动运行。 我将内容推送到项目中,完成翻译后,它将以图形和文本形式返回客户网站。 因此,这是一个了不起的产品。