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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission. Want to get right to the point? My top picks for the best contact management software are definitely Salesforce and Hubspot.  In sales, your customers are your lifeblood. After all, a business without customers is just a hobby. That’s why you need to invest into a good contact management software. It helps you keep track of all of your leads and includes crucial information about them to help you land a sale.  But there are a TON of different contact management software out there. How are you supposed to pick the one that’s right for you? Luckily, we’ve taken a look at and analyzed dozens of the best ones out there. Below, we reviewed the six best contact management software we’ve found and think you’ll love too.  6 Best Contact Management Software The best six contact management software are: Salesforce Essentials – Best Overall HubSpot CRM – Best Free Software Insightly – Best Automation Affinity – Best for Building New Relationships Zoho – Most Easy-to-Use Bitrix24 – Best Reporting Features Keep reading for our in-depth reviews of each software.  #1. Salesforce Essentials – Best Overall Salesforce Essentials offers all you need to manage your contacts and make the sale.  Easy to setup and easy to use, their intuitive dashboard allows you to access any contact in a matter of clicks. Once you do, you’ll be able to see exactly where they are in the sales pipeline and any notes you need to keep in mind to sell to them. They also have an excellent support portal that allows you to address any issues or problems your customers might have. Doing so keeps them happy and more likely to come back to you with their business.  The really nice thing about Salesforce Essentials is that they give you absolutely everything you need to know about a customer or contact on a single screen. At a glance, you’ll be able to see exactly how much they’ve purchased from your company, important notes about their business, and where they are in the sales funnel. Pricing starts at $25 per user per month. It also comes with a free trial if you want to try it out first.  #2. Hubspot CRM – Best Free Software Hubspot is an industry leading when it comes to inbound marketing and customer service solutions. It’s no surprise then that they also offer a great contact management software to help you meet your client’s needs. With Hubspot, you’ll get a real-time look at your entire sales funnel in a single dashboard. You won’t have to rely on confusing spreadsheets ever again. Instead, their easy-to-use interface allows you to organize all your leads and current customers along with all the vital bits of information you need to know about them. You’ll also be able to track every interaction you’ve had with them whether it be phone calls, emails, or even the occasional in-person meetup.  Hubspot also integrates very nicely with apps you’re likely already using like Gmail or Outlook. A drawback: It can be a little difficult to use at first. But they offer plenty of video tutorials to help hold your hand through it all.   The best part: Hubspot’s contact management software is absolutely free. That’s right. It’s 100% free to use. That includes 1 million contacts and unlimited users. Of course, you’d get a lot more if you bundled it with their other services such as Marketing and Sales Hub. But you can’t beat getting a great service for free.  #3. Insightly – Best Automation Insightly is another contact management software that lets you manage most all aspects of a customer or lead’s sales information in one dashboard.  At a glance, you’ll be able to take a look at a customer’s contact information as well as how they’ve worked with your business in the past.  Where they really shine though is with their fully automated marketing feature. You’ll be able to create customer journeys and sales funnels that automatically moves your customers down the pipeline and, ultimately, towards a sale.  This allows your marketing team to coordinate and work seamlessly with your sales team. Each interaction you have with your prospective customers brings them closer to becoming a lifelong customer.  Insightly also allows you to create, send, and save emails to and from clients with just a few clicks. Having your correspondence with customers archived and saved is an invaluable resource to managing your relationship with them.  Pricing is obscured on the website. However, you can request a demo and try it out for free.  #4. Affinity – Best for Building New Relationships Affinity prides themselves as a “relationship management software” because that’s what they aim to do: Help you establish a strong relationship with your customers, clients, and more.  With their automated workflows, you’ll be able to trigger reminders on when to contact existing clients and prospects.  You’ll also be able to look any previous interactions your business has had with them. Since it updates in real-time, this helps you be able to communicate more effectively with your team members as well.  One really cool feature: Their powerful AI automatically analyzes the communications from your clients and furnishes a sentiment score for your team. That way, you know how warm a client or prospect is towards you — and therefore, how likely they are to buy.  They also have an interesting LinkedIn-like feature that identifies current contacts of yours who might be able to introduce you to prospects and leads.  One drawback: They don’t have the nice funnel/pipeline visualizations that some of the other contact management software on this list have. As such, it can get a little confusing as to where your contact is in the sales process.  Pricing is obscured on the site. But you can request to speak to a vendor in order to attain a quote. It comes with a free demo.   #5. Zoho Contact Manager – Most Easy-To-Use Zoho Contact Manager is a “refreshingly simple” software that allows you to keep track of all your contacts and follow ups on a single dashboard. It includes tools such as a great tagging feature to help you keep track of all your prospects and clients’ contact information.  Think of it as your parent’s old address book but on steroids.  This offering is probably the most pure contact management software. They focus on giving you everything you might want to know about your contacts, as well as any tasks you need to accomplish with them. As such they lack a few of the features you might like such as marketing integration and pipeline visualization. But if you’re looking for a fairly straightforward way to keep track of contact information, Zoho is the way to go.  Of course they also include some nice bells-and-whistles like smart templates, which allow you to create email templates for your team to use and send to clients. They also have fantastic integrations with MailChimp, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Outlook.  Pricing starts free. But that’s limited to just 500 contacts and a single user. If you want unlimited contacts, deals, and up to 25 users, it’ll cost you $20.82 per month. Not too bad since they don’t charge you per user.  #6. Bitrix24 – Best Reporting Features Bitrix24 is an absolutely free contact management software.  Aside from the undeniably great price, they also give you unlimited contacts, call logging, and invoices.  On a single dashboard, you’ll be able to keep up with day-to-day tasks with your clients and prospects. You’ll also be able to keep track of every interaction you have with them whether it be an email, phone call, or face-to-face conversation. Bitrix24 also allows you to send and receive emails from their dashboard. Their fields are also fully customizable which is fantastic for any business.  They also provide a great reporting feature. It’ll give you a good visualization of your sales funnel and pipeline. You are able to take a look at all your leads as well as unpaid invoices so you don’t have to go tracking them down.  Of course, there are some limitations with their free offering. For one, you only have 5 GB of online storage. That can get really limiting for bigger businesses and enterprises. It also doesn’t have any tools to assist with marketing campaigns.  For a little more robust features, prices start at $15.36 per month for all users, which is pretty pricey. But if you’re just looking for a solid contact management software without a bunch of fancy bells and whistles, their free option is a great choice.  What is a contact management software? A contact management software is a digital program that allows you to store contact information such as email, phone numbers, and addresses.  Think of your parent’s old Rolodex or black book filled with different names and numbers. But today, the very best contact management software goes above and beyond simply saving names and numbers. They help you store integral information about your customers to help you succeed in sales.  They also include things like notes on each time you interact with the customer, any issues they’ve had with your product or service in the past, and even what they’re looking for in your product.  This data is crucial for any sales team. As such, it’s a good idea that your business invest in one.  Methodology to find good contact management software Your business is unique. As such, what you’ll be looking for in a contact management software will be unique as well. After all, a massive Fortune 500 company isn’t going to be using the same software as a bootstrap startup in a garage somewhere.  But there are a few things that are very nice to have when it comes to a good contact management software: Automation When it comes to managing your relationship with your clients and prospects, you want to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. Automation allows you to do just that. When you complete an interaction such as a phone call or an email correspondence, it should be automatically recorded in your contact management system. That way you and your team can refer back to it later just in case. It should also automatically tell you of the tasks and to-dos you need to complete for the client or prospect.  Integrations Since you want one that automates tasks for you, it will also need to integrate nicely with your existing work infrastructure. You don’t want to invest in a contact management software only to find out later it doesn’t work with your email provider.  Take a close look at the contact management software’s integration list. Does it include the apps and software you already use? If it doesn’t, is there anyway you can change to the apps and software that do integrate with them? Ideally, you find a software that works with all the apps your team relies on already.  Customization Like we stated already, your business is unique and so are your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for contact management. As such, you’ll want a software that allows you to customize everything from the dashboard, tags, and fields to meet your needs. If you can’t do that, then the software will likely become more of a headache than a useful tool.  When looking for a contact management software, look for one that adapts and moulds to your business’s requirements. Summary Here’s our list of the best contact management software again: Salesforce Essentials – Best Overall HubSpot CRM – Best Free Software Insightly – Best Automation Affinity – Best for Building New Relationships Zoho – Most Easy-to-Use Bitrix24 – Best Reporting Features Looking for a good one? Look towards Salesforce Essentials and Insightly. They have the features you need to keep track of your prospects and clients with ease — while making sure that your team is keeping up with the ever-moving sales funnel.  However, the one you choose is ultimately up to you and your business’s needs. You can’t go wrong with any of the other one’s on the list.  Author Recent Posts Best Workflow Management Software - September 11, 2020 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs - September 10, 2020 Best Business Insurance - September 9, 2020
披露:此内容受读者支持,这意味着如果您点击一些链接,我们可能收取佣金。 想直奔主题吗?最好的联系人管理软件,我的首选绝对是Salesforce和Hubspot。 在销售中,客户就是命脉。毕竟没有客户的生意只当作一种爱好。 这就是您需要投资一个优质联系人管理软件的原因。该软件帮助您跟踪所有潜在客户,并包含有关潜在客户的重要信息以帮助您进行销售。 但是现在有各种各样的联系人管理软件。您该如何选择最适合自己的? 幸运的是,我们分析了数十种最佳示例。下面,我们回顾了所发现的六款最好的联系人管理软件,相信您也会喜欢的。 六款最佳联系人管理软件 六款最佳联系人管理软件是: Salesforce Essentials-整体最佳 HubSpot CRM-最佳免费软件 Insightly –最佳自动化 Affinity –最适合建立新关系 Zoho-最易使用 Bitrix24-最佳报告功能 请继续阅读,看看我们对每款软件的深入评论。 #1.Salesforce Essentials-整体最佳 Salesforce Essentials提供了管理联系人和进行销售所需的一切。 易于设置和易于使用,其直观的仪表板使您只需单击即可访问任何联系人。完成后,您就能准确地看到它们在销售渠道中的位置,以及您需要记住的向客户销售的任何注意事项。 Salesforce Essentials还提供了一个出色的支持门户,可让您解决客户可能遇到的任何问题。这样做不仅让顾客感到满意,还能带来更多的生意。 Salesforce Essentials的真正好处在于,可以在一个屏幕上为您提供所需要了解的关于客户或联系人的所有信息。一览无余,您可以准确知道他们从公司购买了多少商品,关于其业务的重要记录以及在销售渠道中的位置。 起价为每位用户每月25美元。如果您想先试用一下,还可以免费试用。 #2.Hubspot CRM-最佳免费软件 Hubspot在入站营销和客户服务解决方案方面处于行业领先地位。因此,Hubspot还提供了出色的联系人管理软件来帮助您满足客户的需求也就不足为奇了。 借助Hubspot,您可以在单个仪表板上实时查看整个销售渠道。 您将不必再依赖令人困惑的电子表格。相反,Hubspot易于使用的界面使您组织所有潜在客户和现有客户以及所需了解关于客户的所有重要信息。 您还可以跟踪与他们进行的每次互动,无论是电话、电子邮件,甚至是偶尔的面对面会谈。 Hubspot还可以很好地与您可能已经在使用的应用(例如Gmail或Outlook)集成在一起。 缺点:一开始可能有点难用。但他们提供了大量的视频教程来帮助您掌握一切。 最好的部分:HubSpot的联系人管理软件完全免费。这就对了。它是100%免费使用。其中包括100万联系人和无限用户。当然,如果将HubSpot与其他服务(如市场营销和销售中心)捆绑在一起,您将获得更多收益。但您将无法免费获得优质的服务。 #3. Insightly –最佳自动化 Insightly是另一款联系人管理软件,可以让您在一个仪表板中管理客户或潜在客户销售信息的几乎所有方面。 您将能一览无余地查看客户的联系信息以及过去与公司业务合作的方式。 然而,Insightly真正的亮点在于其全自动的营销功能。 您将能够创建客户旅程和销售渠道,从而自动将客户转移到销售渠道中,并最终推动销售。 Insightly还允许您的营销团队可以协调和与销售团队无缝协作。您与潜在客户的每一次互动都让他们更接近成为终身客户。 Insightly还使您只需单击几下即可创建、发送和保存与客户之间的电子邮件。存档和保存与客户的往来信件是管理您与客户之间关系的宝贵资源。 网站上的价格不明确。但是您可以请求一个演示并免费试用。 #4.Affinity –最适合建立新关系 Affinity自诩为“关系管理软件”,因为这正是他们的目标:帮助您与客户,客户等建立牢固的关系。 借助Affinity的自动化工作流程,您将能够触发有关何时与现有客户和潜在客户联系的提醒。 您还可以查看企业以前与他们的任何互动。由于它是实时更新的,这有助于您与团队成员更有效地沟通。 一项非常酷的功能是:强大的AI自动分析您与客户之间的交流,并为您的团队提供情感评分。这样,你就知道客户或潜在客户的热情度--因此得知他们购买的可能性有多大。 Affinity还具有类似LinkedIn的有趣功能,可识别您当前的联系人,这些联系人可能会向您介绍潜在客户和潜在客户。 一个缺点是:Affinity不具备此列表中某些其他联系人管理软件所具有的出色的渠道/管道可视化效果。因此,您的联系人在销售过程中的位置可能会有些混乱。 网站上的价格不明确。但是您可以请求一个演示并免费试用。 Zoho联系人管理器-最易使用 Zoho Contact Manager是一款“简单且令人耳目一新”软件,可让您在单个仪表板上跟踪所有联系人并进行跟踪。它包含强大的标记功能等工具,可帮助您跟踪所有潜在客户和客户的联系信息。 可以将其视为父母的旧通讯录,但它是类固醇。 这可能是最纯粹的联系人管理软件。Zoho专注于为您提供您可能想要了解有关联系人的所有信息,以及与联系人完成所需的所有任务。 因此,Zoho可能缺少一些您需要的功能,例如市场营销集成和管道可视化。 但是,如果您正在寻找一种非常简单的方式来跟踪联系信息,Zoho则是最佳选择。 当然,Zoho还包括一些不错的功能,例如智能模板,可让您为团队创建电子邮件模板,仅供使用并发送给客户。Zoho还与MailChimp,谷歌,脸书,推特和Outlook进行了出色的集成。 开始免费定价。但这仅限于500个联系人和一个用户。如果您想要无限的联系人、交易和最多25个用户,每月要花20.82美元。其实还不错,因为Zoho不会按用户收费。 #6.Bitrix24-最佳报告功能 Bitrix24是一款绝对免费的联系人管理软件。 除了不可否认高价外,Bitrix24还为您提供无限的联系人、通话记录和发票。 您将能够在单个仪表板上保持现有客户和潜在客户的日常任务。您还可以记录与他们的每一次互动,无论是电子邮件、电话还是面对面的对话。 Bitrix24还允许您从其仪表板发送和接收电子邮件。 它们的领域是完全可定制的,这对于任何企业来说都棒极了。 Bitrix24还提供了出色的报告功能。以使您很好地了解销售渠道和渠道。 你您可以查看所有潜在客户以及未付发票,因此不必进行跟踪。 当然,免费提供也有一些限制。首先,您只有5GB的在线存储。对于更大的商业和企业而言会受到限制。同时也没有任何工具来协助营销活动。 要获得更强大的功能,所有用户的起价为每月15.36美元,这非常昂贵。但是,如果您只是在寻找一款功能强大的联系人管理软件,而又没有花里胡哨的功能,那么免费功能是一个不错的选择。 什么是联系人管理软件? 联系人管理软件是一种数字程序,可让您存储联系人信息,例如电子邮件、电话号码和地址。 想想您父母的旧名片簿或者装满不同名字和号码的黑本子。但是今天,最好的联系人管理软件不仅仅是简单地保存姓名和号码。能够帮助您存储有关客户的完整信息,以帮助您成功实现销售。 联系人管理软件还包括您每次与客户互动时的记录,他们过去在产品或服务方面遇到的任何问题,甚至他们想从您的产品中寻找什么。 这些数据对于任何销售团队都是至关重要的。 因此,您的企业最好投资其中一个联系人管理软件。 寻找好的联系人管理软件的方法 您的业务独一无二。因此,您将在联系人管理软件中寻找的内容也将是唯一的。 毕竟,一家大型的《财富》 500强公司不会在某个车库中使用与自举创业公司相同的软件。 但是对于一个好的联系人管理软件来说,有一些非常不错的东西: 自动化 在管理与现有客户和潜在客户的关系时,您需要确保一切顺利进行。 自动化让您可以做到这一点。 当完成电话或电子邮件通信之类的互动,应将其自动记录在您的联系人管理系统中。为了 以防万一,您团队就可在以后进行参考。 自动化还会自动告知您需要为现有客户或潜在客户完成的任务和待办事项。 整合 由于您需要一个可以自动执行任务的工具,因此还需要与现有的工作基础架构很好地集成。你不想投资于联系人管理软件,结果发现其与您的电子邮件提供商不兼容。 仔细查看联系人管理软件的集成列表。看看包括您已经使用的应用程序和软件吗?如果美元,有您是否仍可以更改与之集成的应用程序和软件? 最理想的情况是,您会找到一个可以与团队中所有依赖的应用程序一起使用的软件。 自定义 如上所述,您的业务和需求都是独一无二的。联系人管理没有万能的解决方案。 因此,您将需要一个允许您自定义仪表板、标记和字段等一切内容以满足您需要的软件。如果无法做到这一点,那么该软件可能会变得更麻烦,而不是一个有用的工具。 当寻找联系人管理软件,请寻找一种能够适应并模压到您业务需求的软件。 总结 下面是我们列出的最好的联系人管理软件: Salesforce Essentials-整体最佳 HubSpot CRM-最佳免费软件 Insightly –最佳自动化 Affinity –最适合建立新关系 Zoho-最易使用 Bitrix24-最佳报告功能 正在寻找一个好的联系人管理软件吗?请着眼于Salesforce Essentials和Insightly。两者具有您所需要的功能,可轻松跟踪您的潜在客户和现有客户-同时确保您的团队跟上不断变化的销售渠道。 然而,您的选择最终取决于自身和业务需求。选择列表上的其他任何一个都不会错。 作者 最近的推文 最佳工作流管理软件-2020年9月11日 最佳WordPress博客主题-2020年9月10日 最佳商业保险-2020年9月9日