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Correctly pronouncing someone’s name instantly builds a connection, especially if they have a difficult name to pronounce. LinkedIn has very recently given us the ability to add a voice recording of our names to our profiles. Next time, before you meet with someone over the phone or in person, take a look at their profile and listen to their name’s pronunciation. It’s a powerful tool for connecting with others. And don’t forget to return the favor and add a recording of your name to your profile. LinkedIn recently raised the limit of characters allowed in the About and Headline sections. In the About section, use every character that you can. It explains who you are, and the more information and keywords you provide, the higher you’ll pull up in LinkedIn searches. In the Headline, you now have more room to add those extra words you might not have been able to fit before. LinkedIn has removed Media from the About section and turned it into its own Featured section. The amazing thing about the Featured section is that it’s basically a call-to-action section. You can add images with links that go directly to the webpage you’re promoting. You can add multiple images and links in the Featured section, but it’s best to keep it down to two. Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/131 Introducing this episode’s topic (2:19) How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a money tree (4:08) Add a voice recording of your name on LinkedIn (4:46) Increased characters in About and Headline (8:51) The LinkedIn Featured section (12:11) Episode recap (17:55) Join the Free LinkedIn Workshop Sign up for the She’s LinkedUp Masterclass Join my free Facebook Group if you have any questions about today’s episode Click here to subscribe via Apple Podcasts Click here to subscribe via PlayerFM You can also subscribe via Stitcher Good Girls Get Rich is also on Spotify Take a listen on Podcast Addict
正确地读出一个人的名字会让人们立刻建立起一种联系,尤其是当他们的名字很难发音时。LinkedIn最近新增了一项功能,我们可以在个人资料中添加名字的语音记录。在下次与对方通话或会面前,你可以看看他们的个人资料,听听他们名字的发音。个人资料是与他人联系的有力工具。别忘了给他人方便,在你的个人资料中添加一段你名字的录音。 LinkedIn最近提高了“关于”和“标题”部分的字符上限。用户在填写“关于”部分时要尽可能地使用每个字符。该部分介绍了你的个人情况,你提供的信息和关键词越多,你在LinkedIn搜索中的排名就越高。现在,用户在“标题”部分有了更多的空间来添加那些以前可能放不下的额外单词。 LinkedIn已经从“关于”部分中删除了媒体,并将其变成了自己的特色部分。该部分的特色在于,它基本上是一个行为召唤的部分。你可以添加带有链接的图像,这些链接能直接跳转到你正在推广的网页。你可以在特色部分添加多个图像和链接,但最好不要超过两个。 点击下方链接找到本周节目的所有内容:karenyankovich.com/131 介绍本集主题(2:19) 如何将你的LinkedIn个人资料变成摇钱树(4:08) 在LinkedIn上添加你名字的语音录音(4:46) 增加“关于”和“标题”的字符数(8:51) LinkedIn特色部分(12:11) 插曲回顾(17:55) 加入免费的LinkedIn研讨会 报名参加She's LinkedUp大师班 如果您对今天的节目有任何疑问,请加入我的免费Facebook群组 点击这里通过Apple Podcast订阅 单击此处通过PlayerFM订阅 您也可以通过Stitcher订阅 Good Girls Get Rich也在Spotify上播放 来Podcast Addict收听节目吧