18 Best Free Email Signature Templates (Download HTML + PSD for 2020)


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The email signature area is an excellent place to promote your business and give recipients another way to interact with you. But with millions of emails sent and received daily, it's important to make sure your email signature gets attention.  That's where an email signature template comes in. A well-designed email signature template helps you share resources and information with recipients without having to design the look and feel of it yourself. In this guide, I'll share some of the best paid and free email signature templates you can use to make your emails more memorable and more effective. You'll also find attractive premium email signature templates on Envato Elements. There are also eye-catching premium responsive email signature templates on GraphicRiver.  Best Premium Email Signature Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use) If you're looking for premium email signature templates, Envato Elements has a great offer you won't want to miss. Download as many of the best email signature templates as you want, all for one low price.  Wondering why it makes sense to use a premium template for your email signature? Here are a couple of good reasons: It can be fiddly to add all the information you want to share to a small area at the bottom of your email. Using a premium design makes this a simple process.   You know your email signature area will look great, without the hassle of having to design it yourself.  That's why it makes sense to check out the premium email signature templates on Envato Elements. To find the perfect email signature template on Envato Elements, select Graphic Templates to the right on the on-screen search box. Type email signature into the search box.  There are thousands of PSD and HTML email signature templates for you to choose from. When you find the right one, click Download, then you can start customizing your email signature straight away.  5 Best Premium PSD/HTML Email Signature Templates From Envato Elements For 2020 Here are some of the best email signature templates available from Envato Elements: 1. Email Signature v.1 This modern email signature template includes three different email signature layouts. The PSD files are easy to customize. The professional design includes free fonts, smart objects, and vector shapes. The green and black color scheme is easy on the eyes. 2. SRTP Email Signature.v1 This attractive email signature template has an eye-catching color scheme. Edit it in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. It uses free fonts, has well-organized layers, and is quick and easy to customize. This is better than any email signature template you may find that's free to download. 3. SRTP Email Signature.v2 You'll be in the pink—pardon the pun—with this bright email signature PSD template. This bright, bold email signature design will make your emails stand out. The template is easy to edit in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. 4. SRTP Email Signature.v3 This is another bold email signature template PSD design, which is easy to edit in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. It'll help your emails attract attention and showcase your important links in a well-designed template.  5. Email Signature v.2 This crisp, modern email signature template includes three designs and three sizes, so you can have the precise email signature you want.  It uses free fonts, vector graphics, and smart objects for even more customization. Edit it in Adobe Photoshop to make it your own. 5 Attractive Premium PSD/HTML Email Signature Templates From GraphicRiver If you're creating multiple email signatures for different uses, such as business and personal signatures, then you can't beat the unlimited downloads from Envato Elements.  But if you want a single PSD or HTML email signature template for one-off use, then check out the templates on GraphicRiver. To find email signature templates on GraphicRiver, visit the Graphics section of the site.  Type email signature into the search box, and you'll get dozens of email signature templates. Here are some of the best ones to help you get started: 1. 301 Email Signatures There are a lot of email signature designs to choose from in this template file from GraphicRiver. Change colors and layout with ease, and quickly add social and website links to achieve a unique signature block for your emails. The template set includes both PSD and HTML files.  2. 1000 Email Signatures With this email signature template set, more is most definitely more. There are 1,000 designs and layouts to choose from. You can have responsive or fixed signatures, and change colors and fonts with ease. You'll be able to achieve a completely unique email signature with this template set.  3. Email Signature (20 Colors) The color choice is one of the standout features of this email signature template download. The PSD email signature template set also includes 40 different layouts, and social media icons in different colors, shapes and sizes. This is a clear choice over email signature templates available for free download. 4. Email Signature Template The blue color scheme of this fresh, clean email signature design is easy on the eyes. It's easy to edit and includes vector shapes and smart objects so you can quickly make it your own. 5. Business/Corporate Email Signature This email signature template is meant for corporate use. It's a crisp, clean design which you can edit in Adobe Photoshop. It includes smart objects and well-ordered layers for easy customization. 18 Email Signature Templates Free to Download Before you start looking for a free HTML email signature template, remember the advantages of premium templates. They're usually easy to customize and use, well-designed, and well-supported by their designers.  That's why it makes sense to check out freebies from Envato Elements first. These are premium templates available free of charge, and not just for email.  (Note: the type of files offered vary from month to month.) Here's how it works:  Every month Envato Elements offers 12 handpicked files (including fonts, web templates, presentations and more). Create a free account and download this month's free premium files today.  You can also try Envato Market for free to get seven hand-selected freebies each month.  Log in with your Envato Market account to get this month's handpicked premium freebies.  But if you're on a tight budget, and you're wondering how to create a free email signature, the following free HTML email signature templates will help you get started: 1. Opensense Free Email Signature Templates Opensense has an HTML email signature template free to download. The set includes several modern designs, which you can easily customize with web and social links. 2. Hubspot Free Email Signature Generator Plug your details into this free tool from Hubspot and you'll soon have an email signature for free. It's one-page form that'll give you a simple email signature. 3. Blocks This free email signature template is from Mail Signatures. It features Windows-style color blocks and the HTML is simple to customize. 4. Free Responsive Email Signature Looking for a free responsive email signature template? This attractive free HTML email signature template includes three variants and 15 icons for easy customization.  5. Pad Box Pad Box, from Mail Signatures, is a two-column email signature template. There's room to include an image or GIF to make your email signature stand out. 6. CloudHQ Free Email Signature Generator If you're a Google Chrome user, you can use this email signature generator from CloudHQ to add a signature to your emails. This email signature tool integrates with GSuite. 7.  Black Friday Wondering how to create a free email signature and promote a sale? This Black Friday email signature template includes a promo box, so it's easy to do.  8. Sky Sky, from Mail Signatures, is an attractive free email signature template, with a sky background image. It also includes room for a call to action. 9. Exclaimer Email Signature Generator The Exclaimer free email signature generator creates email signatures that work on all email clients. Just plug your details into an on-screen form to get started.  10. Email Signature Design Get some inspiration for your next email signature with this Urban Focus design on Behance. It's a clean, crisp, mobile responsive design. 11. WiseStamp Email Signature Generator It only takes a couple of minutes to get a free HTML email signature from WiseStamp. There are several templates to choose from, and it's easy to integrate social media channels into your emails. 12. Email Signature Gallery This Microsoft Office email signature gallery includes 20 accessible templates. You can easily customize them with web and social links, and more. 13. Convertful Email Signature Template Generator Convertful says it takes just five minutes to create a professional email signature with this generator. Plug your details into the on-screen form and check it out for yourself. 14. Honeybook Email Signature Generator This free email signature generator creates your signature when you type your details into an online form. There are several designs to choose from.  15. Stream Watch Stream Watch, from Mail Signatures, includes an animated GIF logo so you can really make your free email signature stand out.   16. BotClock BotClock, from Mail Signatures, is a free email signature template with a promotional banner so you can highlight marketing offers.  17. Bease Fox This orange and black email signature template from Mail Signatures is eye-catching. You can customize it with an animated GIF logo. 18. Elegant This monochromatic template has a simple, professional look. You can customize it online or download it as an HTML file. 5 Quick Tips to Make Great Email Signatures Found the perfect free or premium email signature templates PSD or HTML files? Here are some tips on using them to create an outstanding email signature: 1. Keep It Simple  In design, simplicity is often best, and your email signature is no exception. Avoid the temptation to clutter it with unnecessary information, and just include the essentials to really get attention.  2. Include Your NAP NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. This is essential information for any email signature, so be sure to include it. It makes it easy for people who get your email to contact you by phone or visit your business.  Find your NAP information on your business card. Here's an article with some great business card options: Business Cards 18 Free Unique Business Card Designs (Top Templates to Download 2019) Andrew Childress 3. Add Social Links These days, everyone checks businesses out on social media, so these aren't optional. Add them to your email signature to show that you're a legitimate, trustworthy business.  4. Share a Recent Resource  While you don't have to do this with every email, if you've got something new to highlight, add a link in your email signature. That can bring you attention and traffic, so it's worth doing. 5. Add a Call to Action  If you don't ask, you don't get. So, if you want people to visit your website, subscribe to your email newsletter, or check out your social media profiles, use a call to action to ask them to do so.  Discover More Email Signature Templates We've shared some of our most popular email signature templates in this article. But if you want even more choice, check out the roundups below: Email 20+ Best Free & Premium Email Footer Signature Template Designs to Download for 2020 Sharon Hurley Hall Communication 18+ Creative Modern Email Signature Templates With Beautiful Designs (2019) Sharon Hurley Hall Email 22+ Professional (HTML + PSD) Email Signature Templates: With Unique Designs Sean Hodge Learn More About Using Email Professionally in 2020 To learn more about using email in your business, check out the tutorials below: Email Marketing How to Boost Email Conversions With Personalization and Dynamic Content Justin Khoo Microsoft 15+ Quick Outlook Email Tips & Time-Saving Tricks for 2019 Laura Spencer Microsoft Outlook How to Add a Professional Outlook Email Signature Quickly Laura Spencer Create Your Next Email Signature Template With Envato Elements Now, it's your turn to update your email signature. Remember, professional email signatures get the attention you need.  While we've included several free email signature PSD and HTML templates in this roundup, remember that you'll find some of the best email signature templates on Envato Elements. There are also more attractive email signature templates on GraphicRiver. Why not download one today?
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