XTM International releases XTM Cloud v12.2

英国XTM International公司发布XTM Cloud v12.2

2020-03-09 20:11 XTM Cloud


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XTM International releases XTM Cloud v12.2 London, January 19, 2020 — XTM International has released a new version of its innovative translation management system. XTM Cloud v12.2 sees enhancements in XTM Workbench as well as greater interoperability. Enhanced XTM Visual Editor one click away XTM Cloud v12.2 brings two major changes: the brand-new XTM Visual Mode and the LQA functionality as part of XTM Workbench. The visual mode is a full in-context ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ environment which comes with all key segment information. It allows linguists to translate HTML, XML and InDesign files in context and with greater efficiency, as the preview of the target file is instantly updated. Importantly, users are free to activate or deactivate the visual mode at the click of a button. The new LQA module is now available within the XTM Workbench docked panel, allowing reviewers to score the translation quality by identifying, and classifying error types in a document. LQA scores are stored to be able to monitor the vendor’s performance. The new release introduces interactive PDF previews for Adobe InDesign files and HTML previews for MS Word files to help linguists correct translations in real-time. Users can now filter comments thanks to a new dropdown with filtering options placed at the bottom panel. Finally, the new version enables users to create penalty profiles to penalize TM matches based on the segment ID. Bob Willans, CEO of XTM International, notes: “We are proud to deliver this update to XTM, to enhance the most feature-rich online translation environment. Adding the brand-new Visual mode to the linguist’s toolset will result in increased quality and productivity. XTM v12.2 is a compelling choice for enterprises and LSPs seeking an efficient, connected, and versatile translation management system.” Increased connectivity In response to increasing demand for integrations with third-party systems, XTM Cloud v12.2 provides connectors for Microsoft Excel 365 and Microsoft Excel Online as well as improvements to XTM Connect for WordPress and GIT. Support for Google AutoML has also been added. This integration helps enterprise organizations customize neural machine translation engines for specific domains resulting in unrivalled accuracy, and translation quality. XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has been enhanced to support AEM v 6.4 and 6.5 in XTM Visual mode. Furthermore, SDL BeGlobal MT has been improved with the option of selecting models and dictionaries per language pair. Lastly, XTM v12.2 comes out with enriched APIs. If you wish to find out more about the new features, visit XTM release notes or sign up for our free webinars on XTM Cloud v12.2. You can also find us on social media channels and contact us via phone or email. About XTM International International develops XTM, the world’s leading cloud-based translation management solution (TMS) with an integrated computer aided translation (CAT) tool. It is designed to be scalable, flexible and agile, with industry open standards at its core. Focused on streamlining complex localization processes and supply chains, XTM centralises TM assets for real-time collaboration, maximising translation reuse. The system incorporates in-context WYSIWYG reviews, LQA tests, alternative translations for transcreation, a mobile app for project managers and a REST API with off the shelf connectors for most CMSs. XTM’s customers include many of the world’s largest LSPs and leading enterprises in a variety of industries. More information is available at XTM website and XTM free trial.
英国XTM International公司发布XTM Cloud v12.2 2020年1月19日,伦敦— XTM International公司已发布其创新翻译管理系统的新版本XTM Cloud v12.2。这一版本的XTM Workbench性能有所提高,且互操作性更强。 单击鼠标,体验XTM Visual Editor增强效果 XTM Cloud v12.2有两个主要变化:全新的XTM可视模式和所属XTM Workbench的语言质量保证(LQA)功能。可视模式是一个完整的上下文内“所见即所得”环境,它提供所有关键的片段信息。当目标文件的预览实时更新时,语言学家可以在上下文中更高效地转换HTML,XML和InDesign文件。重要的是,用户可以通过单击鼠标,自由激活或停用可视模式。 现在,在XTM Workbench固定面板中可使用新的LQA模块,允许审阅者通过识别和分类文档中的错误类型来对翻译质量进行评分。还可保存LQA分数,从而监控供应商的绩效。 新版本引入了针对Adobe InDesign文件的交互式PDF预览和针对MS Word文件的HTML预览,以帮助语言学家实时纠正翻译。归功于新的下拉菜单,用户现在可以过滤注释,该下拉菜单位于底部面板。除此之外,新版本的用户能够创建惩罚配置文件,以实现基于片段ID的惩罚机器翻译(TM)匹配。 XTM International公司的首席执行官Bob Willans说道:“我们很荣幸能更新XTM系统,以增强功能最丰富的在线翻译环境。在语言学家的工具集中添加全新的可视模式将提高翻译质量和效率。企业和语言服务提供商若想寻求高效,互联且通用的翻译管理系统,XTM v12.2是不二的选择。” 连接性增强 为响应日益增长的与第三方系统集成的需求,XTM Cloud v12.2为提供了Microsoft Excel 365和Microsoft Excel Online连接器,并改进了WordPress和GIT的XTM Connect。 XTM Cloud v12.2还可支持Google AutoML。这种一体化帮助企业组织针对特定领域定制神经机器翻译引擎,从而获得无与伦比的准确性和翻译质量。新版本增强了 XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager(AEM)功能,可以在XTM 可视模式下支持AEM v 6.4和6.5。此外,该版本还改进了SDL BeGlobal MT,可以选择每个语言对的模型和词典。最后,XTM v12.2还有丰富的应用程序接口(API)。 如果您想了解新版本的更多信息,请访问XTM发行说明或在XTM Cloud v12.2上注册,参加免费的在线研讨会。您还可在社交媒体上找到我们,或通过电话或电子邮件与我们联系。 关于XTM International公司 XTM International公司开发了XTM云翻译系统,该系统在世界上具有领先地位,是基于云端的在线翻译管理系统(TMS),具有集成计算机辅助翻译(CAT)工具。它的设计具有可扩展性,灵活性和敏捷性,并以行业开放标准为核心。 XTM专注于简化复杂的本地化流程和供应链,实现TM资产集中以进行实时协作,从而最大程度地提高了翻译复用率。该系统包含上下文内所见即所得的评论、LQA测试、用于转译的替代翻译、为项目经理提供的移动应用程序以及可供大多数内容管理系统(CMS)使用的带有现成连接器的REST API。 XTM的客户包括世界上顶尖的语言服务提供商(LSP)和各个行业的龙头企业。了解更多信息,请访问XTM官方网站和XTM免费试用版。 译后编译:吴晨昱(中山大学)