Content Management System Integration: Is it Right for Your Business?


2020-03-05 02:50 lionbridge


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First, Assess Your Current Needs Does your content management system (CMS) support multilingual web content management and publishing? Do you require rapid time-to-market translations with frequent updates and fast turnarounds? Does your team have multiple content owners? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to automate your translation workflows within your CMS. By connecting directly with your translation provider, you simplify your localization process. A CMS integration solution: Decreases time-to-market Boosts efficiencies Reduces costs Lionbridge offers a CMS integration solution that ensures secure, reliable content delivery in one seamless flow—with proven software that has been tested and implemented in all leading CMSs. Download our e-book to learn more.
首先,评估你当前的需求 您的内容管理系统( CMS )是否支持多语言 Web 内容管理和发布? 您是否需要快速的时间到市场的翻译,频繁的更新和快速的周转? 您的团队有多个内容所有者吗? 如果您回答了这些问题中的任何一个,可能是时候在 CMS 中自动化您的翻译工作流了。通过直接与您的翻译提供商连接,您可以简化本地化过程。 CMS 集成解决方案: 缩短上市时间 提高效率 降低成本 Lionbridge 提供了一种 CMS 集成解决方案,可确保在一个无缝流程中提供安全、可靠的内容交付—并提供了经过测试并在所有领先的 CMS 中实施的经过验证的软件。 下载我们的电子书以了解更多。